24 Automotive Solutions Tips For Your Car 2019

Repair one car is as essential as to go to Doctors for your health checkup. Therefore, automotive solutions are inevitable.

You need to check your car as the same you need the checkup for your health. Sometimes, you can able to asses the problem and sometimes you might not be able to assess the issues in your car.

Hence, the maintenance expert will let you know why your car is not working correctly. There is a lot of things we need to know before going to the repair shop.  For a newbie car owner, I’ll give you some tips about automotive solutions.

The first and foremost thing about repairing your car, you need to know what problem you’re facing and part of your vehicle need to fix up. The most common issues of Automobile solutions are given below.  

Battery Issue

Exterior Lights


Brake Rotors


Above are the most common issue that a car owner is facing problem to solve. Otherwise, one can meet a challenge with headlight components, and he or she needs to change that part very frequently.

Now here are 24 Tips for you

When the engine is running, it is too hot so do not lift the radiator. Another thing, check your radiator fluid and remind of mixing the water with coolant before filling your radiator.

Tips 1: You should not neglect the radiator in your car. I do believe like others you warm up your car a little, shut back off and pop the hood. Always pay heed to the referrals from experienced car owner when you search for a trustworthy mechanic. You may learn from the overall quality of a person’s work and the level of customer satisfaction.

Remember, every car owner has a reliable mechanic.

Tips 2: When you give the key to your car to the service department, make it clear that you know what the cost of repairment is.

You should remind to make it clear all the little details regarding your car to the service adviser.

Tips 3: Your car might be in trouble any time so that, keep a spare tire and a jack. It’s essential items to stay in your trunk.

So many newer vehicles are already equipped with these things.

You should never forget about your windshield wiper blades. When it does not work correctly then replace it with a new one.

Last but not least, once in a year or later a year you should change wiper blades. It depends, where you live in and drive your car in case of changing the wiper blades.

Tips 4: Charge Attack!

When you discharge car batteries, it may take longer, because their internal resistance is high. Therefore, use the lowest amp setting, stand back and if you see the battery starts to get hot then cease immediately.

Tips 5: Liquor Fix!

Instead of Windshield-washer fluid alcohol, methyl or isopropyl works fine, and it will save your money. Remember the cheap vodka which works fine too.

Tips 6: Pipes!

when you got a busted pipe, you might be able to connect the surviving pieces with an empty Pringles can and some duct tape.

Tips 7: Belt!

In case of sudden need. Why not you cut a leg from a pair of pantyhose to replace a broken fan belt? yes, it works

And, twist a strip of duct tape several times which fasten the ends together, and you’ve got an interim belt.

Tips 8: Lights!

You can clean your dim headlights with toothpaste. Put the paste on a clean cloth and rub it thoroughly.

For temporarily, you can repair a crack in a headlight or taillights casing with clear or red tape.

Tips 9: Doors!

When you fail to open frozen door lock, then squeeze hand sanitizer into it. On the other hand, the alcohol in the cleaner helps clear the lock.

If you door frozen after using this tips, then prevent this from happening again by spraying the door edges with cooking spray.

Tips 10: Tire!

If your tires are a little worn and if it faces a problem with sudden slippery snowfall then lower your tires pressure a bit.

You will get better traction.

When you get stuck in the snow lay pieces of cardboard down and drive over them for extra traction.

Tips 11: Body!

A common plunger can be very useful. You can seal the plunger over the spot without any question and then pull up.


Tips 12: Always try to keep a good battery charger for your car and when you hold it, you may avoid the common cause of breakdowns.

Tips 13: Always check your coolant levels frequently. Run your car for a bit and then turn it off and then pop open the hood. You should not lift the radiator lid when the engine is running or if it is too hot. Remember to check your radiator fluid and remember to mix water with coolant before filling your radiator.

Tips 14: The professional auto shop always wants records of your car and keep good records of your car history.

Tips 15: You can read the online review of customers so that, you can go to the better and reputable auto shop.

Tips 16: Each time, you repair your vehicle, record every detail because, in future, this records will be so useful.

Tips 17: Make sure, and your mechanic has sound knowledge of your car model whether he worked before with it or not.

Tips 18: Find an auto repair person, who works in their home garage. For basic repairs, he can charge far less, and you can be happy.

From him, you may ask how often the oil needs changing. It is a big part of how well it functions and when your car does not get its oil changed on schedule, its lifespan can be shortened.

Tips 19: Your dashboard lights warn you when you might be under threat of potential problems. So, you need to learn to recognize the several types of warning lights on your dashboard.

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Keep Patience, Have Something!

Tips 20: Remember that DIY repairs for your car are risky. Always have someone to help you. Invest in good quality tools that won’t break on you. Another thing about your spark jack which you need to hold your car up very securely, especially if you’re lying down of the car.

Tips 21: Your mechanics should have ASE certification when you hire them. You will be confirmed that this mechanics has a lot of experience in cars.

Tips 22: Make sure, and you regularly inspect your radiator. Run your car and then shut the engine for a couple of minutes before opening the hood.

Some repairs are not necessary.

There is some unnecessary stuff regarding your car, and you may get this stuff free. Just look over at least three auto shop repair garage where you may get this.

You should always avoid a mechanic who performs unnecessary repairs.

Tips 23: Always, look for the warning signs what the repair mechanics may give off. If they tend to ignore your questions, then skip that mechanic.

Tips 24: Never try to attach a heavy keychain or detach the keys while driving. Your car can’t withstand so much weight, even if the weight doesn’t seem so much to you.

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