How to Charge a Car Battery without a Charger

how to charge a car battery without a charger

It’s not every day you charge car battery without a charger. You might not have access to a charger or your kid broke the charger. But relax, this can happen to anyone.  That’s why it’s always better to know the proper way to do this.

Optima vs Interstate: Which car battery is better?

optima vs interstate battery

When replacing batteries, what you want is a battery to meet your needs, works seamlessly and is durable. It won’t be nice that your car suddenly comes to a halt because of a bad battery. Let’s take a look at two battery brands. Optima vs

Duralast Gold vs Platinum: Which one is right for you?

duralast gold vs platinum battery

There is no smooth engine startup without a good battery, as it plays a significant role in starting the vehicle. There are many options to choose from on the market shelves. Nevertheless, Duralast has proven to be one of the best options that provide maximum

How do I know if my battery is AGM

how do i know if my battery is agm

Have you been using your car for a while, yet you don’t know what type of battery it operates, and you have been wondering, “How do I know if my battery is AGM?” Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries are a unique battery type that contains

Who makes Napa Batteries in 2021

who makes napa batteries

Maybe you own a baby ride, or you have a company that requires maintaining many cars. When it comes to the automotive space, we often switch batteries on our trucks and cars to see how well they perform. Suppose you have already visited NAPA Auto