What Credit Score Do You Need to Buy a Car?

When you will buy a car, but you have the insufficient fund, you may think about a car loan. The range of FICO credit score is 300-850 and the standard score to buy a car is 700.

If you are going to buy a car, you may need to order a copy of your credit score at least 3-6 months in advance. Through this process, if you come to know that there are changes to make, you will have time to update your information which will reflect on your credit report before applying for the loan.

Credit Scores and Buying a Car

It depends on the lender when you need to qualify your credit score. You may experience that different lenders have their different criteria to evaluate your score.

It depends you are dealing with in which company and car are going to buy.
In most cases, the Ideal score is not below 700 but when the score is going below then
It then the interest rate will increase dramatically.
You don’t need to be worried about your credit score to buy a car. Because of the car dealers want to sell you one. But you’ll undoubtedly get privilege with your higher credit score, and you will get a lower interest rate. Now the average credit score for a new-car loan is 713, and for a used car is 656.
But around 20% car loans are going to borrowers with credit scores below 600 and almost 4% scores below 500.


If you won’t qualify for an attractive rate, it doesn’t mean you won’t get a car.

How to approve one’s finance with a low score?

So many people are concerned about approval; therefore, they may focus on the positives in their financial life. Remember, maybe you have some blemish on your credit, but it is still ok.
For an example, if you have a low score from your business debt but you haven’t missed a car payment for the last 20 years may be approved. On the other hand, if you have a stable job you also more likely to get financing.

Keep in Mind

Your substantial down payment tends to be more, like 25%

You may need to come up with your pay stubs, proof of residence, cell phone bills and your proof of current full-coverage auto insurance. In case of a low score, your substantial down payment would be increased like 5%, but generally, it is 20%

Tips & Tricks

We talked to Alex Jones, a finance manager at a car dealership in Orion, about the relationship between car financing and credit.
It will be a wise decision for a low credit score person if he or she buy a used car. Because of the average down payment is like 12%.
Don’t worry about your low credit score because you can buy your FICO automotive score through the company website. Therefore, you can have more weight.
Some so many lenders use the auto-specific credit score, and that weigh your past car-loan payments more heavily.

Always, Pay your bill on time.

keep your credit card balances low which is relative to the credit limits

Before your car loan do not apply for other credit within six month

Buy Gap insurance for your new car if you want to save your money in case of, after damage or accident of your vehicle.

Remember, there are no such financial significant differences between buying or leasing a car.

Already buy a car? Don’t worry refinance your auto loan.

Refinancing a car is a very effective way to reduce your monthly payment and boost your total savings on interest. You need a good history of time payments like six to twelve months. If you can do so, then you can refinance. Besides that, the new rate would be volatile and depends on multiple factors, including your credit history and score.

Newbies can get approvals. Don’t worry if you have no previous history to buy a car. It can be tough, but when your income is stable with good credit, you can easily get approval.

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