What Year Ford Fusion Parts are Interchangeable

What Year Ford Fusion Parts are Interchangeable

Parts from the Ford Fusion model years 2013 to 2020 are mostly interchangeable. These years represent the second generation of the Fusion, where parts compatibility is highest.

Owners of the Ford Fusion often seek to maintain or enhance their vehicles with interchangeable parts, making knowledge of compatibility crucial for repairs and upgrades.

The Ford Fusion, a popular mid-size sedan, has undergone various changes through its production years, but the second-generation models share numerous similar components.

This compatibility span includes a variety of parts such as suspension components, interior fittings, and even some engine parts.

For Fusion enthusiasts and repair shops alike, this interchangeability simplifies the search for spare parts and potentially reduces repair costs.

It’s important to verify specifics with each component, as slight variations can exist between model years and trims.

Remember, understanding the nuances of your Ford Fusion’s year and model is key to a successful parts replacement or upgrade.

What Year Ford Fusion Parts are Interchangeable

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Compatibility Across Generations

Compatibility Across Generations is crucial when considering repairs or upgrades to your Ford Fusion. Knowing which parts can interchange with different years of the model can save money and time.

The Ford Fusion, spanning two significant generations, has developed a reputation for reliability and style. But are parts from a 2009 Fusion compatible with a 2015 model?

Let’s explore the commonalities and changes between these generations.

First Generation Fusion (2006-2012): Commonalities

Owners of a first-generation Ford Fusion may rejoice in the interchangeability of many components within this era.

Produced from 2006 to 2012, this generation retained a stable design, enabling seamless part swaps.

  • Engine components are often swappable.
  • Suspension parts typically match.
  • Brake components can be interchanged.
  • Interior features like seats and dashboard elements fit across these years.

The table below presents parts shared among all years within this generation.

Part TypeCompatibility
Exterior Door Handles2006-2012

Second Generation Fusion (2013-2020): What Changed?

The second generation ushered in a new wave of design and technology. Spanning 2013-2020, alterations affect parts compatibility.

Engines and transmissions saw substantial overhauls, leading to a reduced interchange potential. Body parts evolved with the redesign, impacting compatibility.

  1. 2013 and newer models cannot swap engines with the first generation.
  2. Exterior body panels and lights feature unique designs post-2012.
  3. Interior electronics and infotainment systems underwent advancements.

Certain parts remain compatible within the second generation despite advancements. Below is a table outlining these parts.

Part TypeCompatibility
Interior Trim Pieces2013-2020
Certain Suspension Components2013-2020
Wheels (with similar bolt patterns)2013-2020
What Year Ford Fusion Parts are Interchangeable

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Mechanical Components Sharing

Welcome to the fascinating world of auto mechanics and the quest for compatible parts!

Ford Fusion models share many mechanical components, making repairs a breeze with interchangeable parts.

Powertrain Parts: Engine And Transmission

Understanding which powertrain parts work across different Fusion years is vital.

Here’s a quick look at interchangeable engines and transmissions:

  • 2010 to 2012 models have many shared engine parts.
  • 2013 to 2020 Fusions often feature parts that fit across these years.


  • Automatic transmissions from 2013 to 2016 often interchange with little issue.
  • Manual gearboxes in 2006 to 2009 models show high interchangeability.

Always check specific part numbers for the best match.

Suspension Systems: Struts And Springs

Compatible suspension parts ensure a smooth ride and proper handling.

Below is a breakdown of struts and springs compatibility:

PartInterchangeable Years
Struts2006 to 2009, 2010 to 2012
Springs2013 to 2020

Struts and springs from 2013 to 2016 Fusions can often fit earlier or later models, but verify fitment.

Interiors And Exteriors Interchangeability

Many car enthusiasts and Ford Fusion owners often explore upgrade options. Interiors and exterior interchangeability present a chance to customize and rejuvenate their rides.

Factors like compatibility, model year, and trim levels play crucial roles.

In the case of the Ford Fusion, several parts from different model years can be exchanged, lending versatility to maintenance and customization.

Seats And Upholstery Swap Options

Swapping seats and changing upholstery can give your Fusion a new feel. Most models from the same generation offer high compatibility.

Here is what to consider:

  • Match the generation: Ford Fusion 2006-2012 (first gen) parts differ from the 2013-2020 (second gen).
  • Trim level matters: Higher trims offer features like leather and heating options.
  • Electronics: Ensure wiring harnesses align for power seats and airbag sensors.

Body Panels And Bumpers: A Closer Look

All cars wear over time. Body panels and bumpers might need replacements. Understanding compatibility ensures a smooth swap.

Front BumpersGenerally fits across same-gen models
HoodInterchangeable within gen, but watch for facelift changes
DoorsMostly the same, but ensure electronic and trim features match

Always verify the specifics with a compatibility chart or an expert to avoid mismatches.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) guarantees a precise fit, while aftermarket parts may require modifications.

Electronics And Infotainment Systems

The Ford Fusion remains a popular model for its blend of style and technology. The Electronics and Infotainment Systems in Ford Fusions are vital.

Owners often ask about part interchangeability. This is especially true for tech-focused components.

Navigating Through Entertainment Features

Modern car journeys are about enjoyment, not just travel. Ford Fusion models from 2013 to 2020 share similar entertainment systems.

This similarity allows for swapping out certain modules. Here are key facts:

  • SYNC versions: Owners should match SYNC 1, 2, or 3 systems for compatibility.
  • Touchscreen displays: Size and connections must align for a successful exchange.
  • Software updates may be needed after installation.

Instrument Clusters And Controls: Compatibility Insights

The heart of a vehicle’s interaction lies within its instrument cluster. Fusion drivers focus on these controls daily.

Here’s what to know about interchangeability:

2013 – 2016Clusters and controls are often swappable
2017+Enhanced features may limit cross-year compatibility

Always compare the part numbers. This ensures accurate matching. Steering wheel controls and instrument displays are key focus points.

Trim Levels And Special Editions

When exploring Ford Fusion parts, different trims play a big role. Each model year brought new trim levels and special editions.

These variations mean specific parts for each exclusive design. Understanding these differences is key for successful part exchanges.

Unique Parts In Sports And Hybrid Models

Sports and Hybrid models of the Ford Fusion stand out. They boast unique features. Sports models often have enhanced engines and suspensions.

Hybrid models run on combined gas-electric systems. Because of these differences, certain parts are not interchangeable with standard models.

  • Sport model: special shocks, springs, and brake components
  • Hybrid model: distinct battery systems and electric motors

Accessorizing With Standard Versions

The standard Ford Fusion offers a foundation for interchangeability. Most parts from the base model fit other trims.

It’s perfect for upgrades or replacements. Listed below are areas with high interchangeability:

Part TypeInterchangeable Models
Interior AccessoriesSE, SEL, and Titanium trims
Exterior Body PartsS, SE, and SEL trims
WheelsMost non-Sport models
What Year Ford Fusion Parts are Interchangeable

Credit: fordfusionca.com

Identifying The Right Parts: Tips And Tricks

Welcome to the crucial step of restoring or upgrading your Ford Fusion: Identifying the Right Parts.

Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a seasoned mechanic, pinpointing compatible components ensures a seamless repair process.

Let’s dive into savvy tips and tricks to simplify the part identification journey for various Ford Fusion models.

Utilizing Vins And Part Numbers

Each Ford Fusion has a unique Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

This code is the key to unlocking a treasure trove of information about the specific vehicle, including compatible parts. Here’s how to use it effectively:

  • Locate the VIN: Find it on the dashboard, driver’s side door, or registration documents.
  • Decode the VIN: Use online tools or contact a Ford dealer for a breakdown of the encoded data.
  • Match part numbers: Compare the OEM part numbers derived from the VIN with those on potential replacement parts to ensure compatibility.

By cross-referencing part numbers, you can prevent mismatches. For instance, a 2013 headlight may look similar to a 2015 model, but subtle differences can make it a poor fit.

Online Forums And Communities: A Resource Pool

Internet forums and social media groups dedicated to the Ford Fusion offer a wealth of knowledge.

Seasoned owners and experts frequently discuss parts interchangeability.

  • Join popular Ford Fusion forums and social platforms.
  • Search existing threads for insights into parts shared between years and models.
  • Ask questions: If you can’t find existing information, start a new discussion.
  • Learn from others’ experiences: Engage with members who have performed similar part swaps.

Remember to verify any information from these sources with a professional to ensure accuracy before making any purchases.

FAQs Of What Year Ford Fusion Parts Are Interchangeable

What Cars Are The Same As The Ford Fusion?

The Ford Fusion shares similarities with its corporate cousin, the Lincoln MKZ, and its platform-mate, the Mazda 6.

Is Ford Fusion And Mercury Milan The Same?

The Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan share platforms and engines, but feature distinct styling and interior designs.

When Did Ford Fusion Change Body Style?

The Ford Fusion underwent a major body style change in 2013 for the 2013 model year.

What Cars Share The Same Parts?

Many cars share identical parts due to platform sharing, where manufacturers use the same chassis or components across different models or brands within their corporate family. This is common among vehicles by General Motors, Volkswagen Group, Toyota, and Ford, to name a few.


Understanding the interchangeability of Ford Fusion parts across different years helps ensure repairs and upgrades are cost-effective and efficient.

By doing your research, you can easily find compatible components from various model years. We’ve explored key aspects to guide you in this quest.

Remember, compatibility ranges from engine parts to interior fixtures, making your Fusion maintenance a smooth ride. Keep this resource handy for your next repair project.

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