Background Story of 3D Crosswalk

3D Crosswalk!

Are you driving a car and listening to rock music? And suddenly you see there are some obstacles in the middle of the road and few pedestrians are crossing the street by jumping there.

Assume that in a moment of time, a group of terrorists embark your way, and I am not joking at all hahaha.

Infect, you are in a visual hallucination and whatever you see in front of you, which slows down your car is a 3D zebra crossing.

It is an excellent technique indeed.

India took the first attempt to change 2D zebra crossing into 3D. Rajaji Marge from New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) designed 3D zebra crossing for the first time In 2016 9th July.

Before that, the average speed was 50 km/h, but after that, the average speed reduce up to 30 km/h however, India was not successful by this procedure.

Afterward, in Ireland, Irish people successfully designed 3D zebra crossing in their countryside area, where they catch small fishes.

Then Germany and France started to use the 3D zebra crossing. Nowadays, many in the country’s people are eager to examine the effectivity of 3D zebra crossing.

3D zebra crossing has been designed instead of 2D design In an ordinary road nearby a theatre and two restaurants In the cubic province of Montreal city, and there was a much response achieved by this design. People became very excited about this.

At first,

Ireland painted 3D Crosswalk Successfully in the Era

3D Road

The reason to design zebra crossing in Iceland is to slow down the motor racer, and they inspire from India. This zebra crossing also introduced in the Chinese capital of Beijing as well.

Zebra crossing in 3d is an optical illusion that is painted to appear in 3D.

It is intended to make drivers slow down and pay them and hopefully any pedestrians using it more subtle attention, and they find it fun.

Zebra crossing looks odd to the driver, but it seems fantastic to the foot travelers which is good for the traffic.

It’s expensive I’ve read the news that in Australia Cairns Regional Council signed off on $30,000 of taxpayer’s money to paint a three-dimensional zebra crossing.

Zebra crossing is very eye catchy, and when it is 3D, then it is fascinating. If you never knew about this, then I must say watch it on youtube.

You will find 3d zebra so much fun and, play with this. You can take very fantastic photos of it, and when you post it on Facebook, it may go viral.

The outstanding sides of a 3D Zebra Crosswalk

∗ It takes extra attention to the drivers

∗ For the foot travelers, they seem that they are floating on the zebra bar.

∗ This zebra crossing can easily attract people if they see it for the first time.

∗ It may be the reason for the beautification of any city.

The main objectives of the 3D Zebra Crossing

• Slow down the vehicles.

• Reduce unwanted accidents.

• The safe road crossing of the pedestrian

• Building awareness of traffic laws

So, what is your recommendation regarding this 3d zebra crossing? Do you want this design in the most bustling and essential roads in your cities?

If it then shares these articles with your nearest Commission.

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