Xenon vs Bi-Xenon

There has been a debate about Xenon Vs. Bi-xenon headlights in the automotive space. Many automobile enthusiasts have argued that both headlights are similar. Others have argued against the first party, standing on the ground that both headlights differ. Do you think Xenon and Bi-xenon

Low Beam vs High Beam Headlights

Every component of a vehicle has specific functions they perform. In the case of highlights, their functions are to help the drivers see better in poor weather conditions. Talking of components, this is where the low beam vs high beam argument comes in. What is

9005 vs H11 vs 9006 vs 9007

9005 vs h11

If you ever get into the 9005 vs H11 LED bulbs, talk with vehicle pros or your mechanic, you’d understand that each LED bulb is unique as much as they function differently. The 9005 and H11 are two quality bulbs often found in vehicle headlights,

Projector vs Reflector Headlights

All the early generation vehicles contained similar headlights housing until recently when manufacturers began to explore their creativity in producing different designs and styles of headlights. Some of the most common recent headlights designs and styles are projector and reflector headlights. However, reflector headlights were

LED vs Halogen vs Xenon

LED vs Halogen vs Xenon

The headlight market is evolving with the continuous invention of different vehicle headlights that better improve night visibility, and illuminate the way for safe night driving. This is where the LED vs Halogen vs Xenon headlights competition comes in. Have you ever been curious about