Motor Vehicle Service Notification: Legit or Scam?

motor vehicle service notification

You are probably reading this article because you have received a motor vehicle notification informing you that your factory warranty is aging off and telling you to call their toll-free number for an extended warranty. This notification also warns you that once you reach the

License Plate Screw Size: Pick the Best One!

license plate screw size

One of the most important components of every vehicle is the license plate which is held in place with at least two screws. The license plate is part of your authorization to use your car within a locality, usually a country. If you just bought

Craftsman vs Snap on: Which tool Brand is better?

craftsman vs snap on

If you are a DIYer, I believe you will agree that one thing that makes your work on your vehicle go smoothly is when you have strong and efficient tools. It is quite frustrating to buy tools to enable you to fix your vehicle when

Muffler Repair and Replacement Cost Estimate Guide 2021

muffler repair cost estimate

Muffler plays a vital role in a car as it helps reduce exhaust noises and filter exhaust fumes from the engine. But over time, it may get worn out due to several factors. When this happens, so many things will go wrong with the overall

Bull Bar vs Grille Guard: What’s the Difference?

bull bar vs grille guard

Accidents are almost inevitable as you drive on the road daily. Even while you try as much as possible to be careful and comply with all safety measures to prevent an accident from occurring, there are other road users out there whose driving ability and