Coolant Reservoir Cap Missing: You should know it!

coolant reservoir cap missing

Is your car’s engine overheating? Do you always experience coolant leaks in your car? Is your vehicle consistently low on coolant? If you experience any of the challenges outlined by the preceding questions, it is either a result of a bad coolant reservoir or a

What size Cam is in a Stock Chevy 350

what is the biggest cam for stock 350

Knowing what size cam is in a stock Chevy 350 would enhance your ability to choose the best camshaft for your vehicle’s engine. While the engine is in the similitude of a human heart, the camshaft is in the similitude of the veins because of

How to Read a Boost Gauge: 3 Easy Steps in 2021

how to read a boost gauge

Facing problems reading that boost gauge in your car? But, you still want peak performance from your car engine, don’t you? Well, here’s the catch: You’ll find a lot of articles and forum posts talking about this. But they don’t actually give you a detailed

How to Reset GM Instrument Cluster

how to reset gm instrument cluster

Not knowing how to reset GM instrument cluster in your vehicle may cause you unexpected unpleasant experiences. You could get stranded when your gas gets exhausted due to your inability to track your vehicle’s gas level as a result of an inaccurate reading of the

Why is my Car AC not blowing cold air?

why is my car ac not blowing cold air

Vehicles are part of the many inventions that have made life easy for humans on the earth. The migration from one place to another has been highly made easy through the availability of cars. A car can be a very nice asset to own. But