5 Best CVT Transmission Fluid 2021

best cvt transmission fluid

Cars owners continuously face the challenge of maintaining their cars to ensure that the vehicle does not break down suddenly, resulting in unexpected repairs. As the famous saying reads, “Prevention is better than cure.” It is cheaper to maintain a car from going bad than

Supertech high mileage Motor oil Review 2021

supertech oil reviews

Having that whirling and humming sound into your ears from the driving seat is just peace for the mind. All you are assured of is- your car engine is in good hands.  By hands, we mean not the hand of yours. To be technically specific,

Who makes Motorcraft oil in 2021

who makes motorcraft oil

If you’re a motorist or mechanic, you must have heard of Motorcraft, a Ford motor company division. And they are known for producing auto parts and equipment such as; Motorcraft oil, oil filters, brake pads, brake rotors, spark plugs, fuel filters, to name just a

Can I use Motor Oil for Transmission Fluid?

can i use motor oil for transmission fluid

Often, people have this misconception about substituting motor oil for transmission fluid.  Yes! Both Fluids are similar. They are important for seamless vehicle performance but are designed to function uniquely. So you may ask. Can I use motor oil for transmission fluid? The answer is

7 Best Oil for Cummins 6.7 in 2021

best oil for cummins 6.7

If you own a Dodge Ram with a 6.7 Cummins engine, then you will have to agree with me that your baby truck has tons of torque, lots of horsepower, and great towing capacity. Just like every vehicle on the road, regardless of how powerful