Top 5 Best Oil For Honda Civic 2024

Motor oil is an essential prerequisite to getting an optimum functioning engine. An engine will not function properly or might even knock without an adequate level of oil in it.

There are several brands of motor oil in the market, which can be used for most vehicles, but there are some that do more harm than good if you use the wrong type of oil in an engine, and that is something you need to avoid, so you don’t get caught up in a web of persistent engine problems.

So getting not just any oil but the right motor synthetic oil for your vehicle is very important.

When you have good quality oil in your system, your engine performs better and lasts longer, along with numerous benefits…

This article is focused on picking out the best oil for Honda Civic. Here are,

Top 5 Picks on Best Oil for Honda Civic

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1. Mobil 1 Synthetic Motor Oil

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  • Engine wear protection
  • Technologically advanced oil formulations
  • Effectively manages extreme weather conditions
  • Keeps the engine cleaner
  • Up to 20,000 miles
  • Passes ILSAC GF-6 standards

The first pick is the Mobil 1 High-performance Oil, America’s No. 1 synthetic oil,  designed to elongate the lifespan of your engine, increasing its durability.

This motor oil can be used for all vehicles irrespective of the model or year of manufacture, and it has a unique blend that safeguards your engine for up to 20,000 miles after the last oil change. Its synthetic oil molecules effectively reduce friction, which prevents the accumulation of sludge and deposits. 

This is no random oil. It is a technologically advanced motor oil that offers heat protection of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit to your internal engine and low-temperature protection of about -40 degrees Fahrenheit. These protections support sudden cold weather and super fast safety. 

Mobil 1 Fully Synthetic Motor Oil meets the standards of ILSAC GF-6 to offer low-speed LPSI (pre-ignition) and protect the timing chain from wearing out while improving gas mileage and keeping the engine at an optimum state. This motor oil controls oxidation to eliminate the chances of oil breakdown occurring. 

ExxonMobil highly advises this oil for several modern vehicles; light trucks, SUVs, and light vans included, whether it has a turbocharged, supercharged, diesel or fuel-injected engine. 

This synthetic oil is also recommended by many veteran mechanics and automobile manufacturing companies. You should also know that Mobil 1 oil is the official motor synthetic oil of NASCAR. This is precisely what you need. 


  • Considering the oil quality, the price is fair. 
  • Lasts way more than most synthetic oil on the market.
  • You can use this oil for all car brands or models. It works great. 
  • Suitable for Honda Civic.


  • It is good but could be better. 

2. Valvoline Synthetic Motor Oil

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  • Seal conditioners
  • Extra detergents
  • Full synthetic base oil
  • Enhanced wear protection

If you haven’t come across the Valvoline Full Synthetic Oil, then you are depriving your engine of a whole lot.

Valvoline Synthetic Motor Oil is produced with MaxLife technology uniquely manufactured for high mileage engines to increase the fuel mileage for most of these engines, creating room for better fuel economy. 

This synthetic high-mileage oil is produced with the best quality synthetic base oils and special additives to prevent early aging by increasing the lifespan of an engine. It contains seal conditioners that rejuvenate your engine seals’ aging to stop and avoid oil leakage in the system.

Amongst its best features is that Valvoline oil is made with extra detergents to maintain the cleanliness of older engines. It also helps in the removal of deposits and sludge from your engine system. In addition to that, it has extra wear protection to prevent the wearing of your engine. 


  • There’s no need to debate the quality and durability of Valvoline Motor oil. It has consistently remained among the best synthetic oil for decades. 
  • This is an API (American Petroleum Institute) certified oil. 
  • Valvoline oil has all the needed additives, and you don’t need extra seafoam or any other garbage. 
  • Perfect for most vehicles. 
  • It has a very clear appearance, unlike some new synthetic oils that look like they have been used. 


  • Not really good for a 3.7L Acura.

3. Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Motor Oil

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  • Extreme temperature performance
  • Advanced engine protection
  • Made from natural gas
  • Horsepower protection
  • Ultra Platinum Synthetic Oil

This is another motor oil used by most car manufacturers and mechanics. Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Motor Oil isn’t made from crude but natural gas, and it is amongst the best full synthetic motor oil in America.

Manufactured for high performance. Pennzoil oil beats your random motor oils in volatility control and low-temp performance. This motor oil is engineered from PurePlus technology, a unique process that converts natural gas into a full-synthetic base motor oil of very high quality.

Since this oil was produced from natural gas, it has little or no impurities compared to other synthetic oil from crude. The manufacturers combine this formula with advanced technology to create the best formulations. 

Most car manufacturers are satisfied with the Pennzoil Ultra Platinum oil as it exceeds most of their requirements, with protection and cleanliness included.

It is suitable for all light trucks, SUVs, turbocharged or gasoline engines under most driving conditions.

With Pennzoil Motor Oil, you are getting cleaner pistons, and much better fuel economy; you will be able to drive on an average an extra 550 miles annually, horsepower protection; Pennzoil oil protects loss of horsepower by preventing deposit buildup and wearing out of the engine, advanced wear protection; this offers a better engine wear protection than most oils and an outstanding temperature performance; great for extreme hot or cold weather conditions.

Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Motor Oil also meets several OEM standards and exceeds all essential requirements. It’s always available in most online and offline stores. 


  • After many tests and research, this oil turns out to be extremely high-quality motor oil. 
  • It does a remarkable job of keeping the internal engine area clean.
  • This oil produces a good analysis report. 
  • You can use it for all vehicles models
  • Top-notch quality oil, the best. 


  • There is some residue at the bottom, which might seem like the oil contains some chemicals or additives breaking down.
  • It is not manufactured as an extended drain interval motor oil. 

4. K & N Motor Oil Ultra Premium Protection

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  • Superior engine protection
  • Advanced synthamax technology
  • Wear and tear reduction
  • Enhanced formula with unique additives

The K&N Motor Oil is formulated with a fine combination of additives using advanced synthamax technology. This helps to protect your engine from wear and tear, increasing the engine’s performance. 

K&N Engineering Inc. came up with this premium full synthetic motor oil to keep your engine running at an optimum level and help protect your engine from wear. The K & N Advanced Motor Oil helps your engine run smoothly during very hot and cold temperature conditions. 

With the use of advanced synthamax technology, this oil is designed to drastically reduce dangerous contaminants and sludge accumulation in your engine system. So with this, you are getting fully synthetic, higher engine protection, advanced synthamax technology and all-weather protection motor oil. 


  • With this, you don’t need to change to any other motor oil. 
  • Superb motor oil for all vehicles. 
  • Very effective. There’s no hyping this oil. It speaks for itself. 
  • This oil reduces engine sounds and keeps the engine running smoothly
  • It can handle harsh weather conditions.


  • Not always available in stores. 

5. Royal Purple 51020 High Performance Synthetic Oil

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  • Corrosion protection
  • Enhanced fuel efficiency
  • Protection against LSPI
  • Advanced additive technology
  • Wear protection

Royal Purple Synthetic Oil is a licensed motor oil manufactured from the combination of base oil and additives technology to create high-performance synthetic motor oil that optimizes the performance of your engine. The Royal Purple Synthetic Oil provides high protection and enhances diesel performance and gasoline engines. 

This motor oil Meets ILSAC GF-5 and Dexos 1 requirements. If you want to upgrade to this, you don’t need any particular procedure, but for new engines, diesel, and gasoline, Royal Purple always advises you to remain patient till your car manufacturer’s first scheduled change of oil.

Royal purple synthetic oil is compatible with conventional and synthetic oil, which makes upgrading easy.

It also offers mono-grade oils of weight SAE 30, 40, and 50, enhanced wear protection, high engine performance, a unique additive technology that avoids the rough contact of metal parts, better fuel efficiency, improved compatibility with gas that contains ethanol, fuel corrosion protection,  good protection for vehicle exhaust equipment, advanced additive technology that prevents inadequate lubrication and sludge accumulation in your engine system.


  • This is the perfect oil, and you can use it for almost 200,000 miles.
  • Reduces the sound of any motor. Good stuff.
  • It makes acceleration smoother and quieter.
  • Thoroughly cleans an engine out.
  • Quality motor oil.
  • Significantly increases fuel economy, and it also has good lubrication.


  • Not really good for old or worn-out engines. It might cause a leak.


Please do not underestimate the function of motor oil in an engine. Every car owner should know that the oil is as important as the engine itself, it’s vital you get it right.

Make an effort to ensure your vehicle is getting the best from motor oil to spare parts.  Don’t settle for less. Oil is cheap, but engines are not.