What is Hypoid Gear Oil: Can I Explain!

Those days are long gone when automotive owners use to rely on regular gear systems only. As an upgrade, there is a new type of gear system which has the name of hypoid gear system.

Now, to keep this hypoid gear system operating in full swing, you have to assist it with proper lubrication. And that’s where the role of the hypoid gear oil comes in. 

However, this article is crafted around this very topic. We have discussed what a hypoid gear system and a hypoid gear oil are, and what roles they play for each other. If you’ve got a couple of minutes to check out, we’re sure that it will be informative for you. 

Let’s get going-

What is Hypoid Gear System?

Before looking up for the definition of hypoid gear oil, we have to understand what a hypoid gear is. So, we’re starting with that definition now. 

What is Hypoid Gear System?

You might remember how we have an image of flat, face to face gear teeth in our mind whenever we think of gears. Especially in our childhood, cartoon movies and marketing images had led us towards such an imagination. 

Well, that was the idea of the automotive gear system, until recent times. As these structures of gears were quite inefficient and loud while running, engineers have found out alternatives to the typical face-to-face gear teeth. And that’s what we call the hypoid gear system. 

What Does a Hypoid Gear System Look Like?

The hybrid design of the gear system of a car includes basically two gears who have a shape like a Christmas tree mesh. Both of these gears were arranged at an angle of 90 degrees to each other. 

Benefits and Drawbacks of Hypoid Gear System

As we’ve been familiar with what a hypoid gear system is, here goes the benefits of such a gear system design-

  1. The hypoid approach towards gear design reduces gear meshing noise. 
  2. It allows us to achieve greater torque pressure and eventually, a stronger drive. 
  3. It’s compatible with every kind of automotive devices nowadays. 
  4. These gear system doesn’t deconstruct or collapse under high pressure. 

Keeping the shiny sides apart, we have got a single problem with hypoid gear system as well. Instead of a problem, we can also name it as an issue that has to be taken care of anyway. Here is- 

  • Comparing to the regular gear systems, hypoid gear system requires more lubrication. 

This particular point brings the name ‘hypoid gear system lubricant’ on the table. And that’s what the context of today’s article is. Let’s learn about that now- 

What is Hypoid Gear Oil?

Long story short- a hypoid gear oil is a lubricant that is designed to lubricate a hypoid gear system. The criteria to be a good quality hypoid gear oil is- it has to contain a high percentage of EP(Extreme Pressure) additives in order to make sure that the gear system can survive the pressure. 

Nowadays, every kind of automotive vehicles that come up with a gear system. And wherever this gear system is being used, you need to equip it with a hypoid gear oil for the sake of lubrication and heat management.

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Benefits of Hypoid Gear Oil

As we’ve knows what is hypoid gear oil and what purpose it serves, now we will know them in detail. Here is a list of benefits that a gear oil serves to the hypoid gear system of an automotive- 

It’s a price lubricator

The word ‘lubrication’ is not just mean to prevent friction between the metal parts of a gear system. It has, perhaps, some other things to do as long as the features are concerned. 

As a lubricator, hypoid gear oil serves these many purposes- 

  1. Reduces the friction between metal parts of the gear system. 
  2. Decreases the probability of chipping.
  3. It also reduces the chance of breaking or grinding parts of the system. 
  4. This oil basically prevents every possible mishap that may take part under such a high pressure as a hypoid gear system.

It Catches the specks of dirt

Around a gear system, there are many specks of dirt, metallic shavings and other similar particles that generate a lot. A gear oil does the duty of catching up these dust particles. This also prevents these dust particles from entering into the active area of the engine. 

To keep the gear oil performing, you have to flush off the gear oil regularly. Otherwise, it will be saturated with those specks of dirt and eventually lose the ability to catch up with new dust and dirt that come along on its way. 

It Prevents Sediment Build Up

Another minor, but important part of this liquid is to prevent any kind of sediment buildup on the gear chamber of your car. As a property of this gear fluid, it catches up all the metal specks of dust and powders that can form a buildup if not taken care of. 

So, preventing the metal power sediment buildup is another of the tasks that this hypoid gear oil does. 

It lasts longer with better performance

When it comes to longevity, it’s almost impossible to beat the quality of this gear oil. If you be more specific, some synthetic oils offer more long-lasting and stronger performance than other petroleum-based regular gear oils. 

Now you can be served both ways. One- it will provide you with the features that we have stated so far. And two- it will last longer and be more cost-effective for you.

So, that was everything we had to discuss what is hypoid gear oil and how it can make your day if you get to use it properly on your gear system. Hopefully, it had been helpful so far.

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