Who Makes Motorcraft Oil in 2023

If you’re a motorist or mechanic, you must have heard of Motorcraft, a Ford motor company division.

And they are known for producing auto parts and equipment such as; Motorcraft oil, oil filters, brake pads, brake rotors, spark plugs, and fuel filters, to name just a few.

The company produces 12 individual oil types. And they have been producing quality oils since they came into the game.

Interestingly, most Motorcraft product users don’t know the manufacturers of these products.

So, in this article, we’ll reveal who makes Motorcraft oil, where the products are made, and a brief history of the manufacturers.

Is Motorcraft Oil Good?

Motorcraft oils are majorly blended synthetic or full synthetic concentrations. Both blended and full synthetics are superior to their conventional motor oils.

Motorcraft oils are excellent choices if you’re after low-emission and long-lasting execution.

And non-synthetic Motorcraft oils are perfect choices for diesel engines. Motorcraft synthetic blend concentration closes the gap between fully synthetic and blended concentration.

If you need higher performance from your engine and want to switch from conventional oil, blended concentration is always a better option.

The amazing side of using Motorcraft oil is, you get premium quality at a cheaper rate. If you’re looking for an oil with advanced wear protection, Motorcraft is the right choice.

Who makes Motorcraft oil?

As we mentioned above, Motorcraft is a division of Ford motor company. Ford motor company started the production of Motorcraft oils in the 1950s.

And in 1963, they paused their oil production until they were bound to sell their products through Autolite brands in 1973.

Unlike many oil manufacturing companies, Motorcraft produces its premium oil using hydrocracking. They also manufacture high-quality oil filters that usually go alongside their oil.

Finding the manufacturers behind the high-performance oil filter isn’t easy.

Our In-depth research has proven that Purolator from OE suppliers is behind the production.

According to our research, some users also said Purolator is in charge of Ford oil and oil filter production.

Where are Motorcraft oils made?

Ever since Motorcraft started producing oil in the 1950s, they are known for producing quality motor oil. They have never compromised their quality.

All Motorcraft oils are manufactured for automotive use. Their products are available on their web page and in many online and offline stores.

You can get various oil viscosity and weight from this company. There has not been a clear picture of where Motorcraft oils and oil filters are produced. Some said it is a product of ConocoPhillips.

However, the container states Motorcraft are produced in Korea. It could be that ConocoPhillips is behind the production. Some of the oil filters are made in Korea, while others are made in the US.

Regardless of where Motorcraft produces its quality oil and impressive filters, they have never compromised their quality.

A brief history of the manufacturers

You must have seen above that some of the products are manufactured in Korea while others are produced in the United States.

So, speaking of the Manufacturers, we have to look into two companies. One is the ConocoPhillips of the United States, and the other is the S-oil company of South Korea.

S-Oil is a mother company based in South Korea, partnering with ConocoPhillips in the United States, distributing Motorcraft oils and other products in the United States.

S-Oil company is into petroleum and refinery. It was listed as Fortune 500 company in 2009.

On the flip side, ConocoPhillips is a multinational corporation with its headquarters in the US.

ConocoPhillips is operating in over 30 countries. They are the largest independent hydrocarbon exploration company in the world.

What are the best Motorcraft oils available?

The company has up to 12 oil products available on its web page. They mainly produce full synthetic blend motor oils. Let’s review the top 3 out of the 12 oils available on their web page.

1. Motorcraft SAE 5W30 Synthetic Blend Motor Oil

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Motor SAE 5w30 synthetic blend motor oil is manufactured with premium, high-viscosity index, and synthetic base oil that provides peak performance and temperature tolerance. It fights against turbocharger deposits, high-temp oxidation, rust corrosion, low-temperature gelling, and foaming.

It also helps minimize metal-to-metal contact and engine wear. It has a friction-reducing technology that offers advanced wear protection and energy-conserving features. It also offers significant fuel efficiency.


Item weight: 24.1 pounds

Manufacturer’s part number: XO-5w30-QSP

Viscosity: SAE 5W30

Brand: Motorcraft (Ford)

Functional blend performance

There is a huge gap between full synthetic and synthetic blend oils. But Motorcraft SAE 5w30 synthetic blend makes a key difference. It closes the gap between fully synthetic and synthetic blend oils. It works like a fully synthetic concentration.

Advanced engine protection

Motorcraft SAE 5w30 synthetic blend provides fuel efficiency and saves you money from the gas without compromising durability, and quality and offers internal engine protection compared to its counterparts in the market.

It offers a high level of protection against severe engine wear and extends engine life.

Advanced lubrication technique

It offers optimal performance from the inside out. It passed several tests conducted by Motorcraft themselves, a division of Ford motor company, making it Ford’s specification.

It also retains its efficiency even after long hours of use.


  • Perfect for both high and low temperatures
  • Increased protection against oxidation
  • Improved wear protection
  • Great corrosion control
  • Betterment in fuel economy
  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Improved viscosity actions.


  • A bit pricey

2. SAE 5W-20 Premium Synthetic Blend Motor Oil

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Motorcraft SAE 5w-20 premium synthetic blend is manufactured with advanced cleaning solvent that keeps the internal engine compartment clean and well-lubricated.

It has a budget-friendly price which makes it affordable to all users. It’s also produced with synthetic/hydro molecules, premium quality, high viscosity index, and specially designed performance additives.

You only need to follow specified oil change intervals for excellent performance.


  • Item weight: 9.35 pounds
  • OEM parts numbers: XO5W205QSP
  • Viscosity: 5w20
  • Brand: Motorcraft (Ford)

Advanced cleaning agent

Motorcraft premium synthetic blend SAE 5w20 is manufactured with additional cleaning agents that keep the internal engine compartment clean. It prevents engine oil from clumping together.

It also halts engine buildups, sludge, or deposits that tend to disrupt optimal engine performance.

Reduced damages

Motorcraft synthetic blend motor oil has a significant level of wear protection that lowers the effect of damaging compounds in the engine system.

It reduces burn-offs, deposits, buildups, and wear and also prevents oil leaks.

Fluent delivery

Aside from cleaning the internal engine components, it ensures proper lubrication. The product is manufactured with the users in mind. It is perfect for all 5w-20 designed engines.


  • Quality engine oil
  • Keeps engine compartment clean and healthy
  • Serves as a good lubricating fluid
  • Offers fuel efficiency
  • Quality OEM product
  • It has advanced wear protection
  • Prolongs engine life.


  • None

3. SAE 15W-40 Super Duty Diesel Motor Oil

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And lastly, we recommend another OEM product suitable for construction, buses, trucks, and other heavy-duty engines. Do not use this product on gasoline engines equipped with catalysts.

However, we recommend checking your owner’s manual to see the recommended oil before buying this product.


  • Item weight: 9.4 pounds
  • OEM parts number: XO15w405QSD
  • Viscosity: 15w-40
  • Brand: Motorcraft (Ford)

Extended engine life

Motorcraft SAE 15w-40 super diesel motor oil is produced with a high degree of natural solvency, meaning it is formulated to keep your natural engine components clean and healthy.

It prevents sludge, deposits, and buildups so it can run nice and smoothly and extend engine life.

Improve fuel efficiency

It improves the amount of friction between engine-moving components, making your engine provide better output. It also improves fuel efficiency and saves you money from gas.

Improves engine performance

It’s formulated to boost engine power, especially when it comes to carrying heavy-duty loads.

It allows the engine to run nice and smoothly by removing clumping deposits or buildups.


  • Protects internal engine components from wear and tear
  • Extends engine life
  • Maintains fuel economy
  • Cleans internal engine components and keeps the engine healthy
  • Contains additive for seal and gasket protection
  • Suitable for diesel engines.


  • Not suitable for gasoline engines with catalysts


Is Motorcraft oil worth giving a try?

Motorcraft synthetic blend oil outperforms its non-synthetic counterparts. It might not be the best, but it provides optimum performance.

Are Motorcraft oil filters long-lasting?

Motorcraft produces world-class oil filters. They provide better filtration efficiency compared to most filters on store shelves. Their easy installation makes them a better choice for automotive use.

Do I need to purchase Motorcraft products for using their filters?

Motorcraft’s high-quality oil filter works better with their products. However, you don’t necessarily have to buy their products to use their compatible oil filters.

Final word

We hope you have found the answer to the question ‘who makes Motorcraft oil’ and some interesting facts about the product.

As an OEM product, there’s no doubt about the quality of the product. While researching and writing this article, we found three quality Motorcraft oils you need to give a try.

You can try any of the 3 Motorcraft engine oil above for better performance. Ensure the product and your engine are compatible before buying it.

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