Supertech Oil Review: Is It Worth Your Buck 2023

Having that whirling and humming sound in your ears from the driving seat is just peace of mind. All you are assured of is- your car engine is in good hands. 

My hands, we mean not the hand of yours. To be technically specific, it’s the motor oil that takes care of the health of the engine while you’re not watching.

Therefore, let’s agree on the point that you can’t have a good engine running without putting good motor oils in it. 

In this regard, we’ve got to talk about three of the best Supertech oil reviews in this post. It’s a much-heard-about brand that’s beating brands like Mobil 1 to some extent. And in this post, we’re going to hand-pick three of these oils for you. 

In case you are in a hurry, here goes our best recommendation:

In case you’re interested in further exploring, let’s jump right in-

Best Supertech Oil Reviews

1. AmazonBasics 10W-30 High Mileage Motor Oil – Top Pick

The 10W-30 graded oil that tops our list, had been in the market for only a couple of years. But it has seen magical marks in terms of popularity. And while reviewing the specs and features we understood why.

The #1 selling point of this oil is its high mileage. For almost all kinds of vehicles, the AmazonBasics 10W-30 provides a mileage of 75,000 miles. And it’s hard to find any other oils that are even close to that number.

In terms of the resistance of viscosity and thermal breakdown inside the engine, this oil is a one-stop solution. You can easily prolong the life of your engine with this synthetic blend formula oil. It also reduces the likelihood of pre-ignition that takes place at the low speed of the engine.

One big complaint about many engine oils is their volatility burn-off. But we’re happy to say that this AmazonBasics 10W-30 is not one of them. It gives a tight fight against volatility burn-off and also ends up in less exhaust.

For any gasoline-based automotive engine, this oil meets all requirements to be used in. And needless to say, the draining intervals are also quite low.

We’ve saved the best for the last- and it’s the price-quality ratio. We’re happy to announce it as the most budget-friendly 5 quartz oil, and it’s the lowest pricey in this entire list.

What Stands It Out

  • Viscosity grade: 10W-30
  • 75,000 miles of mileage
  • Extremely low-volatile


  • An impressive synthetic blend formula
  • It comes with high mileage
  • Indices less wearing damages to the engine
  • Resists thermal breakdown of the engine.
  • Perfect for all gasoline-driven automobiles
  • One of the most budget-friendly picks in the market


  • Not a 100% natural (synthetic) oil

2. Pennzoil Platinum 5W-30 Motor Oil – Best Overall

Let’s start the discussion off with the mileage of this fuel- the thing that people care about most.

The good news with Pennzoil Platinum 5W-30 is, it comes with 550 miles more mileage than what any dirty engine oil would provide.

If you think about cost-effectiveness, you’ve got one of the best versions of it with this synthetic formula.

One of the major reasons why engines lose power and work efficiency is the damage caused by wearing and friction. Once filled up with Pennzoil Platinum 5W-30, you will notice a significant drop in it.

It lessens the engine wear and therefore, enhances the horsepower for a long time span.

And the same sort of wearing protection is applicable to other parts of the internal system of the engine as well.

Put simply- wherever a metal-to-metal collision or friction takes place, the Pennzoil Platinum 5W-30 will be there to save the day.

Let’s move on to heat efficiency now.

As long as it’s about keeping the engine temperature below the bar, this oil will automatically induce slower evaporation. On the other hand, if the car engine is exposed to cold weather, the flow will speed up and keep the engine alive.

While getting along with the pistons of your engine, this oil will keep them 50% cooler than any usual engine oil would do. Therefore, the tendency of piston clogging or jamming will be significantly less.

Now that you know the perks, you might want some recommendations from somewhere standard. If you are looking for some legit certification, let us tell you that this oil meets the ASTM D5800 standards, and it meets the OEM recommended oil drain intervals.

What Stands It Out

  • The viscosity grade is 5W-30.
  • 40% cleaner piston.
  • Less wearing of the engine.


  • The average mileage of 550 miles more
  • ASTM certified a better fuel economy
  • Protects the engine from wear
  • Flows faster in cold temperatures
  • Less evaporation rate in care of the high temperature
  • Cleans off the engine pistons
  • Comes in a 5 quart of the ideal amount


  • It can often come in bad packaging

3. Castrol 03063 GTX Magnatec 5W-20 Oil – Best Value

If you’ve been an auto enthusiast, there’s no way that you’ve not heard of Castor- the brand. This time, it’s the infamous Castrol 03063 GTX that stands #3 on our list. 

Here’s the list of what we found exclusive about this oil- 

This is a full synthetic oil. With a viscosity grading of 5W-20, where another version of 5W-30 is also available. The impressive thing about this oil is that it provides instant protection to your engine right from the moment you start it.

What we mean is, 75% of the wearing damage takes place throughout the first 20-25 minutes of the start. While this oil starts taking care of that right at the second of the start, the level of wearing damage can be taken significantly down.

And when the engine turns off, so does the oil flow.

Besides, when it’s about taking care of the critical parts of the engine, it’s claimed that this oil is 4x more powerful than what the usual standard is. In case you’re looking for saving a good chunk of money after engine maintenance, this Castrol 03063 GTX can be your best companion.

The package is 5 quarts of oil, where you can avail it up to 24 quarts. In the case of long-term efficiency, this is a good deal from Castor.

What Stands It Out

  • Viscosity grade is 5W-20.
  • Instant care from the moment of start.
  • 4x protection for critical parts.


  • Fully synthetic formulation
  • Instant protection from the moment of start
  • It comes in a range of 1 quart to 24 quarts
  • Reduces engine wearing to a significant extent
  • Takes care of critical engine parts


  • No cleansing value provided

Supertech vs Mobil: A Handy Comparison

As long as a comparative analysis between motor oils is in there, there is no chance that it would mention the infamous battle of Supertech vs Mobil 1. Taking on that note, we’re going to induce a quick discussion about the basic know-how in this concern.

supertech vs mobil 1


The first point is not a difference between Supertech and Mobil 1. Instead, it’s a good common thing between these two giants. And that is- both of them are Synthetic in terms of formulation.

If you’ve been concerned about keeping the earth a bit greener, you better go and choose any of these two oils, as both of them are naturally synthetic.

Price-quality Ratio

It’s a known factor that Mobil 1 oils are way more expensive than Supertech oils. But if you talk about the basic features and qualities, there are not so many differences.

Therefore, this stands as one of the major differences between these two oils.

Wearing Performance

As you know, motor oils are supposed to prevent wearing in between engine parts and accessories. In this regard, Mobil 1 is a bit ahead of where Supertech.

Especially when it comes to preventing the wearing damage of the chain(one of the parts where a lot of friction takes place), Mobil 1 oils are a better choice than Supertech oils.

In fact, that’s the reason why some veteran auto-enthusiasts still suggest going with Mobil 1.


Let’s finish this part of the discussion with the applications of these two oils. Simply out-there is not much difference in the application of these two oils.

In fact, both of them are good to go with any gasoline-driven engine. If your engine is a high-performance one, it’s strongly recommended to go with any of these two oils.

Who Makes Super Tech Oil?

If you are really looking forward to ending up with a Supertech oil in your engine, you better know the source or manufacture of this. And that’s why we’ve added this discussion on top of this Supertech oil review.

In any Supertech oil container, you might have noticed that there is a label that says WPP, right?

Well, that stands for the brand label that manufactures it. WPP stands for Warner Performance Product.

This means, the product had been testified and met through the standards put in place by Warner Oil Company International.

This company is, however, a long legacy of producing auto lubricants. Apart from motor oils, this company can take pride in manufacturing a handful of lubricant products in the market.

And for all these reasons, Warner Oil Company International takes pride as one of the finest auto lubricant product manufacturing legacies in the market in the USA.


Who owns Supertech Oil?

Supertech Oil is not a brand actually. It’s the product lineup from the giant- Warner Oil Company International, a reputed manufacturer of automotive lubricants across the USA.

What is the difference between Mobil Super and Mobil 1?

The notable difference between Mobil Super and Mobil 1 is the level of wearing protection. Mobil 1 provides significantly better protection against heating and wearing issues. On the other hand, the biggest selling point of Mobil Super is its price-quality efficiency.

Is Supertech as good as Mobil 1?

In terms of usual specs and benefits, Supertech oils are not any less than Mobil 1. But in terms of protecting the engine, engine interior, and chain from damages caused by wearing and heat issues, Mobil 1 is better. Also, if you think about price effectiveness, Supertech might outrank Mobil 1 by some means.

Is Supertech motor oil any good?

If you are looking for a good motor oil within a short budget, Supertech oils are pretty good. Some of them are good for temperature protection, whereas some come with a 100% synthetic formula. So, we’d say that it’s a pretty good engine oil within budget.

What are the differences between fully synthetic and synthetic blend formulations of motor oil?

If you talk about 100% synthetic products such as engine oil, that would be a good thing for the environment and lubrication. But in case you want protection against wearing more than anything, going with a synthetic blend can be a good idea.

Bottom line

Alright, folks. We’re now at the end of our discussion in Supertech oil review in the market.

So far, we’ve picked three such oils from three different price points, and we’ve explained every necessary feature of them.

Now, all you need to do is cross-check your engine or vehicle’s compatibility to the right viscosity label and go for the right one that checks the box.

In case you want to forget about the price and want to put something premium on your engine, Our final recommendation goes like this:

That was a quick heads-up. In case you’re interested in further exploring, you’re welcome to do it again throughout this post.

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  1. Good Afternoon
    I am looking for the SDS DATA for
    Super Tech Automatic Transmission Fluid ATF Product code 4509
    AND Super Tech Power Steering Fluid Product code 4561 1057703
    Could you please send a copy of the SDS DATA for each of these products to my email: [email protected]

    1. 💯 Exactly… Also the Amazon oil surely doesn’t last 75 000 miles, but to use for engines with at least 75,000 miles! Maimly high mileage oils have rubber seal conditioners. Some have some extra wear additives too. I’ve found if your engine doesn’t use any oil, why use the high mileage oils yet?

  2. Just to be sure, the Amazon oil says it is intended for cars with mileage over 75000. It does not say that you only change it every 75000 miles.

    “For almost all kinds of vehicles, the AmazonBasics 10W-30 provides a mileage of 75,000 miles. And it’s hard to find any other oils that are even close to that number.”

    Nothing is close because you read it wrong.

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