How to Dispose of Old Gasoline Safely in 2023

how to dispose of old gas

Is the disposal of gasoline getting too troublesome? Is it because it’s old gas? Well, let me tell you one thing: You aren’t alone!

Here’s the catch: If you search “How to Dispose of Old Gas” on the internet, you won’t find anything you need. Instead, you’ll be flooded with forum posts and small articles that don’t serve your purpose.

Well, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. We made this article to tell you how to dispose of gasoline in general, along with how to get rid of old gas.

In this article, we’ll tell you how to check your gasoline, how to choose a location for old gas disposal, the things you’ll need, how you can complete the disposal, and some extra cautionary, along with the answer to some questions that most people ask. So, let’s move straight into it then. We have a lot of ground to cover.

Why You Should Dispose of Old Gas

In today’s world, gasoline is needed almost everywhere. Starting from our vehicles to garden tools, you name it, all need gas to operate correctly.

But, if not used for too long, gasoline loses its combustibility. To put it in simpler words, it doesn’t work like it’s supposed to.

However, if not disposed of properly, this old gas can contaminate your lawns and get you fined by the law. So, unless you want to pay an unwanted fee, you should be disposing of old gas.

So, how do you know if your gas is old?

Well, you’re about to find out in the next section after we tell you what you’ll be needing.

Things You Need for Disposing of Gasoline

Now here’s a list of the things we will need for old gas disposal.

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How to Check If It’s Old Gasoline

To check if your gas has gone old or if it has been contaminated, pour some of it into a glass container. Now, pour some fresh gasoline into another glass container so that you can compare it.

The gas in question will either look darker or smell a little ‘sour‘ than the fresh gas if it has gone old to the point of losing its efficacy.

Even though ethanol is used in today’s gasoline to improve its shelf life, if the gas sits for more than a couple of months in storage (including the unknown amount of time in a gas station’s tank), it loses its combustibility.

This kind of gasoline won’t hurt your engine, but it’ll be very inefficient and, in some cases, won’t fire it up at all. You can either dispose of this gasoline or re-use it by mixing it in with some fresh gasoline.

However, if this gasoline contains particles of dirt or rust, it may be contaminated. Contaminated fuel will clog fuel lines. So, it’s better to dispose of it.

Let’s start by selecting a disposal location in the next part.

Choose Disposal Location

It is essential to choose the disposal location first because different places have different methods of disposal.

Here are some usual locations for gasoline disposal:

Local Recycling Authority for Old Gas Disposal

Some recycling authorities accept gas to recondition or recycle it safely. Check your county’s government official will be able to direct you towards your nearest recycling place.

Then, give the recyclers a call to let them know that you’ll be dropping off some recyclable old gas and check if you have to go through any additional procedures.

Hazardous Waste Disposal Center for Dispose of Gasoline

Waste Disposal Centers are a different ball game because they will dispose of your old gas, rather than recycle it. So, if you wish to send it there, call a local government official.

The office will be able to direct you toward your nearest hazardous waste disposal center. Call them ahead to know about their operating hours and when you’ll be able to drop off the container of gas.

Now here are some things you should keep in mind:

Some hazardous waste disposal centers are only free to their citizens. At the same time, people from other locations are forced to pay a fee for disposal.

In areas with fewer people, the waste disposal center’s operating hours may be limited, which is another reason to call ahead of time.

The last thing to remember is that some hazardous waste disposal centers might have limits on how much they can take from one person. E.g., 10 gallons from a single visit over a particular period.

Dispose of Old Gas Through A Disposal Service

What if you have a large amount of gasoline to get rid of?

Well, if you have no other option in your area, in that case, you can call a private waste disposal service to dispose of it for a price.

You can find services like these by searching for something like ‘Private hazardous waste disposal‘ along with your location on search engines like Google or DuckDuckGo.

But first, you should double-check with your local authorities to check if the service is licensed by the government or not.

Community Collection for Disposing of Gasoline

Here’s something crazy:

To encourage citizens, a lot of the time, local authorities hold regular recycling and disposal events. They usually publish details beforehand to let everyone know about the accepted materials.

You can keep your eyes on your city hall’s noticeboard to get notified about any such upcoming events so that you can get rid of all that gas. To check if there’s an option for you, call your local authorities.

Contact Fire Department for Guidance

Many Fire Departments would want to help you dispose of your gasoline. If that’s not possible, they will help you by directing you in the right direction, which will help you safely get rid of the gas.

They can also suggest locations for safe storage or a way of transporting old gas.

Auto Repair Shop Drop Offs

Many automotive shops are usually willing to take in used, hazardous auto fuel. Some will only take transmission oil, while others will take almost anything.

Call the shops around you to get an idea about the automotive shops that are willing to dispose of your gas for you.

Remember this:

These shops will usually dispose of old gas without any extra fees or any form of payment.

Now that we’re done exploring locations for disposal, it’s time to properly handle the gas for disposal before transporting it. We’ll be discussing that in the next section.

Handling the Old Gas for Disposal

Gasoline is very hazardous when it comes to waste disposal. Old gas might not have much combustibility, but it is still flammable. So, to keep yourself safe, you must take some measures.

Here’s what you must do before transporting the old gas:

Place in Government Approved Container

If you’re moving the gas for disposal, you’ll need a container to run it in.

Now, here’s the crazy part:

The container needs to be approved by the government. Flammable fluids like gasoline need to be carried in an airtight container so that it doesn’t combust due to air friction.

Most plastic or metal gasoline cans, especially the 5-gallon ones, are designed to be safe and easy to transport. So, go ahead and quickly fetch one. Use the funnel we told you to get to pour it in and seal it.

Find A Plastic Bin for the Container

Your gas container mustn’t tip when transporting it. In this case, you can set the container in a plastic tub or bi. This will keep your car clean and keep your skin safe from the gas.

Do remember to wash out the plastic bin after disposing of the containers.

Clean Any Gasoline Spills

After loading the container(s) into your transport, you’ll have to take care of any gas spills.

If gas stains have got onto your clothes, change them and deal with the stains. At first, blot the excess off with a white cloth and add baking soda to absorb whatever your cloth can’t.

After a few minutes, brush it clean. Now, rub some liquid soap on the stain for five minutes. Then launder the cloth in the hottest water the fabric can take.

Dry only when there is no sign of gasoline anymore. Otherwise, the clothing will catch fire when it comes in contact with heat.

If gasoline has spilled on the highway, soak up the fuel with an absorbent material like the kitty litter we mentioned before. It might take a while to absorb.

After it’s done, sweep up the litter and dispose of it carefully.

Transport the Gas for Disposal

Now it’s time to drive the old gas to the chosen location of disposal. Drive carefully with the gas containers onboard.

A little splash is enough to start a disastrous fire in a small place. So, be very careful when transporting gasoline to the final location.

Carefully Pour the Gas Out/Leave the Container

You have finally reached the place of disposal. Now, carry the old gas containers in for collection.

Complete the procedure of disposal by filling in the forms. Now, you can do one of two things. You can leave the containers at the location, or you can empty the containers and take them home with you.

If you do empty the canisters, be sure to pour the gas out carefully.

That’s it. We’ve finished disposing of old gas. Now, it’s time for some cautionary tips for your safety.

Cautionary Tips for Dealing with Gasoline

Gasoline is a very toxic and flammable substance. So, be very careful when transporting gas.

Work outdoors when working with gasoline. It’s very dangerous to inhale gasoline in large quantities.

In case, gasoline gets on your skin or in your eyes, flush it out by flowing cool water for 15 minutes.


Can you dump old gas on the ground?

No. You’ll be fined if you do so.

What can you do with old gasoline?

You can reuse it, or you can dispose of it.

Does AutoZone take old gas?

Yes, they do.

Does O’Reilly take old gas?

Yes, they do.

Final thoughts

Gasoline is a very toxic and flammable liquid. So, it is illegal to dispose of it without proper steps. Since this liquid is highly dangerous, it has to be handled with care.

In this article on How to Dispose of Old Gas, we have included all necessary steps and precautions, along with a list of necessary items. We hope this serves your purpose.

Be a responsible citizen and remember to dispose of old gas. Here’s a question we would like to ask you! Where did you choose to dispose of your old gas?

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