Top 7 Best Catalytic Converter Cleaners 2024

best catalytic converter cleaner

Catalytic converters are an important component of a vehicle’s exhaust system, and their efficiency can be greatly improved with the help of a catalytic converter cleaner.

Finding the best catalytic converter cleaner is essential to ensuring that your vehicle runs at its peak performance. A good catalytic converter cleaner not only cleans the converter but also helps to reduce emissions and improve fuel economy.

And right here, we narrowed down the tons of choices to 7 catalytic converter cleaner reviews which are ready to serve with optimum satisfaction.

Top 7 Catalytic Converter Cleaner Reviews In 2024

1. Cataclean 473ml Engine and Catalytic Converter Cleaning Treatment

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This versatile cleaning agent can prevent much carbon built-up in the automotive engine and catalytic converters.

Not to mention, it is not only a fuel cleaner that works pretty well for exhausted portions as well. With this famous creation of Mr. Gasket, you will have the best product to clean a catalytic converter.

The reduction in carbon built-up in several parts of the automotive, increases the efficiency of the fuel system to a great extent, especially for the catalytic converter.

The best part about this incredible cleaner is it also works for fuel injectors, oxygen sensors, and even the cylinder heads where carbon built up through the carbonization process occurs regularly.

Apart from that, using this Cataclean agent will help to lower the hydrocarbon emission from the engine. The emission can be reduced to 50% at its optimum workability.

Unlike poor-quality cleaners, it doesn’t introduce any alteration to the fuel composition. Therefore, it is a safe and environment-friendly option for diesel, gasoline, or even hybrid automotive engines.

The Cataclean catalytic converter cleaner review confirms overall efficiency comes with an incredible enhancement for vehicular performance.

Of course, it encourages numerous drivability issues to restore the long-lost power along with its poor fuel system. Though it can’t work with 2-stroking oil/gas engines, it will surely get you a perfect cleaning solution in the first place.


  • The thorough cleaning protects the catalytic converter from damage
  • Safe application for gasoline, hybrid, diesel, and flex-fueled engines
  • Incredible reduction of about 50% for engine hydrocarbon emission
  • Greater efficiency for the entire fuel system with no carbon built-up
  • No alteration for the fuel composition along with low sulfur content


  • The cleaner can’t provide very satisfactory performance in oily condition
  • The requirement for a cleaner amount is quite high for particular engines

2. Chevron 67740-CASE Techron Concentrate Plus Fuel System Cleaner

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To induce a premium cleaner for the automotive, you can rely on this treating agent that will help to restore the lost fuel performance for old engines.

This cleaner from Chevron is a recommended choice for many automakers to get back the worn-out fuel system. It holds incredibly well for cleaning the entire automotive fuel system including carburetors, injectors, combustion chamber, and also, intake valve.

It polishes to restore maximum efficiency and maintain the introduced performance for a sufficient period in the future. You will get a remarkable enhancement in fuel system performance for ethanol-powered engines with optimum safety.

Thorough cleaning results in washing away even the toughest deposit from the catalytic converter. Using this will also eventually lead to reduced carbon build-up that occurs in several parts while traveling through the path of the fuel system.

Needless to say, the washing of carbon deposits induces recuperation of the lost or reduced power of the engine for maximum MPG.

Providing a magnificent cold starting performance with greater fuel stability, this cleaning agent comes with satisfactory performance. It decreases the chance of sparking, fouling, hesitation, and surging to operate the fuel sensor.

You will have a decent and effective cleaning with one application of the best catalytic converter cleaner for sure.


  • Excellent cleaning along with patented PEA (Polyether Amine) technique
  • Convenient protection of fuel system to maintain restored performance
  • Superior cleaning of deposits leads to the stability & efficiency of the fuel system
  • Reduced carbon built-up in the fuel path offers maximized MPG for an engine
  • Incredible restoration of the lost power through patented PEA technology


  • Only suitable for ethanol-fueled engines like flex-fuel or hybrid ones
  • Cleaning of tough deposits in the fuel system may require significant time

3. OXICAT – Oxygen Sensor & Catalytic Converter Cleaner

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Through a powerful and efficient formulation, this particular unit provides optimum sustainability for the European automotive. The combination of advanced technology with material safety induces a perfect cleaning agent to take care of the carbon deposits of the catalytic converter.

The powerful composition helps to dissolve even the most stubborn deposits of soot or carbon from the fuel system.

This unit from Auto Profit is an ideal option to use for the catalytic converter with maximum safety for all sorts of modern diesel, petrol, and hybrid engines.

And the formulation contains almost no toxic chemicals that meet most of environmental standards. Being specially engineered, the engineered formulation of chemical cleaning easily takes care of the exhausting system of your vehicle.

With regular use, you will get a clean exhausting system for the automotive without the slightest trace of carbonizing deposits.

Apart from that, the cleaning agent is capable of reducing the harmful and damaging emissions from the fuel system that accelerate the service life of the system.

Meeting several environmental and emission regulations of the EU, this is one unit that takes care of both the car engine and the surrounding environment at the same time.

The ultra-low level emission with incredible cleaning comes with enhanced performance and restoration of lost and reduced engine power.


  • Powerful formulation easily dissolves all sorts of carbon & soot deposits
  • Environment-friendly and specially engineered to meet EU standards
  • Ultimate lowering of the harmful emissions from different engine parts
  • Complete cleaning of the exhausting system of common automotive
  • Optimum safety with ease of use allows convenient cleaning operation


  • Repeated application of the cleaner is required for the effective result
  • Dissolving some particular noxious residue may not be possible

4. Solder-It (CAT-1) Catalytic Converter Cleaner

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Strictly speaking, this versatile and effective agent is not just a cleaner for a catalytic converter but also a deodorizer at the same time.

Not to mention, several residue deposits decrease the engine efficiency to some extent assisted by a bad odor to make the condition worse for the exhaust.

Using this creation of Solder-It, you can eliminate the ‘rotten egg’-like odor from the system along with the disgusting deposits in the path. The formulation is powerful enough to dissolve typical carbon built-ups in the engine.

It can easily clean the entire fuel system at once and remove all the junks that cause trouble with the smooth exhausting operation. It is also capable of cleaning the oxygen sensor thoroughly where carbonization and subsequent deposition can provide great damage.

Like the best decarbonizing agents, it also prevents larger emissions, leading the cleaner to pass the emission test with success. Apart from that, it comes with better efficiency in cleaning the exhaust system that extends the tuning up for the machine.

Though the application is quite limited to monolithic or pelletized type converters only, this cat converter cleaner covers a suitable range of cleaning engines.

With extended tuning and satisfactory cleaning performance, you will get a worthy service against its reasonable price for sure.


  • Incredible chemical composition with no contaminating ingredient
  • Superior cleaning performance for solid, pelletized converters
  • A better exhausting system with complete removal of the bad odors
  • Faster dissolving action to take out the deposits of carbon and residue
  • Extended tuning-up time for the engine through proper application


  • It’s more like a solution rather than a concentrated cleaning formulation
  • Application to remove thick carbon deposits may not hold well enough

5. CRC 05063 Guaranteed To Pass Emissions Test Formula

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Containing powerful and effective detergent additives, you will get the best of cleaning the catalytic converter of your vehicle with this unit.

This CRC catalytic converter cleaner comes with a perfect combination of chemicals to take out the harmful residue from the entire exhausting system. Through the application of maximized chemistry, it introduces one full-tank cleaning in a row without leaving any junk deposits behind.

Having the additional detergent additive, you will get a better cleaning performance that suits almost all the common fuel systems of automotive.

It is easily compatible with ethanol-blended as well as gasoline-powered-engine systems. With a guarantee to lower the number of possible emissions from the system, it will help you to attain the passing mark in emission tests.

Apart from that, the consumptive application at every 3000 miles cuts short your cleaning bill to encourage fuel economy. Confirming a proper cleaning, restores and damages power to some extent and releases the jam of the fuel system due to deposit.

Reduced emission which is assisted by superior cleaning will help your engine to provide better performance immediately after the first course of purification.

Needless to say, this catalytic converter cleaner petrol is ready to reduce emissions and deposit to encourage better power for the exhaust.


  • Powerful enough to wipe out different types of full residual deposit
  • Incredibly higher cleaning performance for the entire exhausting system
  • Quite suitable for both ethanol-blended and gasoline-powered engines
  • Enhanced fuel economy reduces the requirement for frequent cleaning
  • Improved acceleration comes with reduced emissions from the fuel system


  • The reduction amount of emission is highly variable with the converter type
  • A proper and accurate application is necessary to attain the best result

6. Sledgehammer Catalytic Converter Fuel System Rapid Induction Deposit Cleaner

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Developed for professional and heavy applications, you will surely get the best cleaning for the fuel system by using this convenient formulation.

Mac Auto Parts introduces a multipack cleaner that is capable of clearing the entire fuel path of the engine system to encourage smooth operation.

The specially developed chemical composition induces complete control over the carbonized and other soot deposits.

Containing almost no toxic chemicals, it is quite an environment-friendly unit to apply for the system with optimum user safety.

The concentrated agent holds pretty well to remove excess, or thickened layers of residuals that jam and eventually lower the engine power.

Through a rapidly inducing technique, the slow release and moderate reacting rate to dissolve the deposit prevent the possible effect on the fuel system.

Unlike the poor quality cleaner, it thoroughly cleans out the included valves, injectors, and even the combustion chambers.

With a regular cleaning basis, you will get good fuel economy with every 5000 miles of running the automotive.

It is indeed engineered for professional applications, but at present, it is available for generalized applications as well.

Not to mention, favorable cleaning results and better fuel economy with enhanced engine performance attract the attention of people towards this versatile unit.


  • Good compatibility with all sorts of traditional gasoline and similar engines
  • Concentrated formulation to take out the thickest deposit of carbon and soot
  • Incredible lowering of fuel cost and engine emission with regular cleaning
  • The environment-friendly composition provides optimum safety for the user
  • Professional cleaning results for an ordinary and jammed catalytic converter


  • Careful handling of the concentrated chemical is necessary
  • The cleaning formulation may not work well for some specific automotive

7. Red Line (60103) Complete SI-1 Fuel System Cleaner

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Both the container and formulation of this spectacular cleaning agent are unique and sufficiently useful for the entire fuel system of the vehicle.

To offer you a perfect 100% cleaning efficiency to wipe out the jamming residue, this unit is developed by Red Line and is available at an affordable price.

Having a synthetic lubricant, it comes with a slightly different composition than the cleaners mentioned above.

Though it comes with different cleaning formulas, it offers no less performance than the others.

The contamination of zero harmful ingredients leads to a safe formulation to work with. Again, the powerful cleaning force will dissolve all the deposits at a reasonable time.

The entire amount of a single container for one full tank provides the best result even for a completely jammed fuel system.

The quick, thorough, and proper cleaning technique will give you a clear path for the fuels to move along the engine parts.

The satisfactory performance not only gets you the restoration of lost power but also increases the fuel consumption economy.

You can reduce the requirement of octane by two points just by applying this cleaning agent regularly.

Being safe for continuous application of the system, you will certainly have the best performance and efficiency without delay.


  • Innovative cleaning formulation to take care of carbon and soot deposits
  • Synthetic lubricant triggers immediate, fast, and convenient dissolving
  • A continuous application is possible for a fuel system with optimum safety
  • Nearly 100% cleaning efficiency for the compatible catalytic converters
  • Potential reduction in fuel consumption encourages better fuel economy


  • Consecutive treatment can be required to get a perfect result
  • The particular type of converter can deliver poor cleaning performance

Buying Guide for the Best Catalytic Converter Cleaner

Regardless of the vehicle type, the catalytic converter is a crucial part of the engine.

Therefore, you have to be careful in choosing, applying, and cleaning the converter all the time. A slight mistake can lead to serious damage to the converter which may cause the engine to stop its functionality.

To avoid such circumstances, you will certainly need the best cleaner to apply for the fuel system.

There are some specific factors regarding the quality of the cleaner which will surely help you to choose the perfect one.


You have to determine the type of engine in the first place. Different cleaner suits different types of engines; they mainly vary with the fuel type that powers the engine.

Apart from that, some cleaners are found to be more suitable for particular engines.

In this case, you have to make a careful observation as the wrong or unsuitable cleaner can jam or damage the exhausting system.

System Condition

Here, the system condition refers to the current condition of the converter and exhaust.

If the engine suffers from medium and low carbonization or deposition of soot, you may choose a cleaner with moderate power.

You can also lower the concentration of a powerful one. However, the removal of the heavy and thick deposit will require powerful and considerably concentrated action.

Complete Cleaning

A good cleaner must clean all the system paths at once. Whether the preferred one can do the cleaning for all the fuel system paths is, therefore, an important consideration.

Apart from a catalytic converter, a perfect cleaning agent should clean the valves, oxygen sensors, carburetors, injectors, and even the combustion chamber to some extent.

You have to ensure that at least partial cleaning of these parts is possible with the chosen one.


The formulation ingredients of the cleaner also have great importance that directly influences safety as well as environmental contamination.

You must check and confirm that the cleaner doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals that may cause environmental pollution.

In this case, you better find something that is approved by a renowned standard.


A safe application requires considerable attention when it is about applying and cleaning manually.

In general, the formulation is quite harmful to human skin and eyes despite containing no toxic chemicals.

Though it is more related to your caution and careful working, you need to ensure that the cleaner can be applied safely.

In case the formulation makes skin contact, there needs to be recommended a remedy to minimize the damage.

Emission Reduction

One important benefit of using a catalytic converter cleaner is its ability to reduce emissions from the engine.

Continuous emission not only hampers the functionality but also decreases the life of the engine with increased fuel consumption.

The reduction of emissions ultimately leads to low fuel consumption with better serviceability.

Therefore, you need to ensure that the amount of reduced emissions is quite good.


There are two types of cleaners in available packs. The single-packed cleaner can or can’t come with sufficient quantity to treat the converter.

Therefore, you may need to buy lots of single packs to meet the required amount.

On the other hand, a multipack cleaner offers quite a lot of amount at once to work with. It is, therefore, economical to some extent to use a multipack cleaner rather than lots of single-pack formulations.

Cleaning Interval

How often does the catalytic converter require cleaning? Not to mention, it completely depends on cleaner concentration, efficiency, and type.

But normally, a catalytic cleaning needs to be for about 2 – 4 times a year. With a powerful one, 2 or even 1 cleaning session per year holds well enough for the fuel system.

Final verdict

By now, we have taken you through the best choices in the market upon which you can thoroughly rely on perfect cleaning.

Though each of our choices mentioned above for catalytic cleaner review has certain drawbacks, they won’t give you much trouble and the cleaner is suitable for your car.

They included buying guidelines and the FAQ section will help you to chase down the most suitable one among the best catalytic converter cleaners. With the maximized performance, our choices are worth their prices for sure.

And when you get the best one for the car, you will experience a boost in engine efficiency for sure.


What is the best catalytic converter cleaner?

The best catalytic converter cleaner should possess sufficient power to clean the entire fuel system. And it needs to have an environment-friendly composition that will cause no harm or pollution. Apart from that, a good cleaner should wipe out the thick deposit of carbon and residue. Considering all these, the Cataclean catalytic converter cleaner among our choices is indeed the best one.

How to clean with catalytic converter cleaner?

Using the cleaner is indeed a simple and easy task. You need to take out the cap and enter it into the chamber to pour the cleaning agent. But the tank should be filled with around 4 gallons of fuel which may vary according to the model while pouring. The applied cleaner will blend with the fuel by itself inside the tank. Then you need to start driving for about 10 miles unless the tank becomes empty. Once the tank becomes empty, fill it with regular fuel and drive. You will certainly experience less emission with a smooth engine.

What causes catalytic converter problems?

As the burned gas triggers carbonization, the catalytic converter starts to get clogged which eventually blocks the path of gas removal. It raises the deposition of carbon with other nasty particles. Though the problem comes with simple cleaning treatment, the consequence of a clogged fuel system can have a long-term effect on the entire system.

Where to buy a catalytic converter cleaner?

You can rely on online shopping sites based as Amazon, Walmart, or eBay to get good-quality cleaner. You can also directly make your order from these sites. Apart from that, you can go to a nearby auto parts store that sells automotive parts.

How does a catalytic converter cleaner work?

A catalyst inside a ceramic chamber is provided to trigger a proper chemical reaction with the presence of fuel. The burning of hydrocarbon fuel leaves a residue that gets trapped and therefore deposits inside the fuel-flowing path. The cleaner mixed with the fuel doesn’t participate in the burning, rather it starts reacting with the deposit. In general, hydrocarbon burning leaves some specific composition for the trapped residue. The cleaner containing a particular formulation breaks the composition of the deposit. Thus, it dissolves the soot or carbonized deposition in the fuel system leaving the system with the continuous functioning of the engine.

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