Chemical Guys Butter Wet Wax Review 2023

Chemical Guys Butter Wet Wax Review

To make your car shine Chemical Guys butter wet wax is a tremendous product.

The first thing I would say is Chemical Guys butter wet wax is a feasible product to clean your car and make it shine. The carnauba-based liquid creme product removes tar, water spots, and UV solar rays and gives a novel look to your car, motorcycle, boat, truck and SUV.

Butter wet wax is a perfect way to give your paintwork a deep wet look. A special combination of polymer resins and natural carnauba is designed to enhance and protect any color paintwork. It leaves a layer of the shield on your ride and greeneries a pleasant shine which drew me to the product initially.

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Types of wax

If you want to increase the glossiness and protect the paint of your ride and defend it against the harmful component there is no simpler or better way to do so than to apply a coat of wax.

So I am going to tell you the proper method, keep reading.

There are some forms of waxing such as spray wax, liquid wax and paste wax. Spray wax doesn’t last as long as the other two forms. This type of wax is used for a final touch-up or a quick touch up and it lasts for a couple of days.

The second one is a liquid wax which is habitually applied by a machine. Except for machines, you can either apply it with your hand or a polisher. 

The third one is butter wax or you can say the softest wax you could ever have. 

Features and Specs of Chemical Guys Butter Wax

Chemical Guys butter wet wax is a stunning product. Experts and fanatics alike all around the world pick Chemical Guys butter wet wax for its easy-to-use feature, tremendously durable protection, and top-notch shine that will look amazing on most non-textured surfaces such as painted wheels, chrome bumpers and stainless steel exhaust tips.

To create the wax they use ultra refined carnauba formula which exploits the cleansing powers and exposes the natural beauty of your car.

Chemical guys provide the best protection to your vehicle and help it from harmful elements. Your vehicle’s paintwork will come to life because of the deep wet shining protection.

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  • Available in bottle and gallon 
  • 100% Usual carnauba cleaning power
  • Extra UVA & UVB safety
  • Gives a deep wet look to paintwork
  • 100% carnauba-based product
  • Smooth and protective coating
  • Banana flavor scent


  • Child lock safety on the topside
  • Size – 16 ounces
  • Formation- watery
  • Safe for clear coat: Affirmative
  • Machine application: Affirmative
  • Flavor- Banana
  • Hand application: Affirmative
  • Harmless for light color vehicle: Affirmative
  • Harmless for dark color vehicle: Affirmative
chemical guys butter wet wax

How to Use the Chemical Guys Butter Wet Wax

The method of Chemical guys butter wet wax is very easy. This is all-natural carnauba cream wax that melts in the paint and shines the ride up.

You can do it inside your garage or outside whenever you want. The product has a nice fresh banana scent.

  1. First take a microfiber applicator pad, a towel and an edgeless fluffy fabric. 
  2. Put some butter wet wax on the pad. Before you do that, just shake the bottle up.
  3. Gently spread the pad around your vehicle. Butter wet wax uses all natural Latina carnauba. So because it’s extra fine it spreads over the paint with no trouble.
  4. Ensure when you are placing on wax you put in a nice coat and make it even over the entire surface. That way you will not miss any spots.
  5. Make sure the headlights and windshields are wiped gently. 
  6. Once you are done with the wiping process you don’t have to wait anymore. If you want to delay you can let it dry on the surface and if you are running out of time you can buff it off.      
  7. Use the silky microfiber towel to buff off the wax.  
  8. The last part is cleaning with the speed wipe, another best products of chemical brothers. It removes fingerprints, bugs, dust and mud. Right after you wash the ride and use the speed wipe, it’s going to give you the ‘’just waxed look’’  
  9. Now take the edgeless fluffy fabric to remove the last fingerprints and light dust out of the car. I personally call it a happy-ending towel …LOL.

How long do the Chemical Guys butter wet wax last

This wax process doesn’t last that long. You can enjoy the shininess for around one or two months. Butter wax is not supposed to give you long-term protection.

Normally we wash our car every two or three weeks. The more you wash the more the shininess gets lessened.

After the 3rd or 4th wash, you have to use this wax again. Overall it is a good value-for-money product. 

Is Chemical Guys Butter Wet Wax Good?

Hell yeah!! I used it many times and I found it worked very well. although it is not long-term stuff it is super comfortable to put on and easy to take off and most of all it is not expensive.

I bought the 473 ml bottle for 17 bucks from amazon. It definitely goes a long way. I want to tell you that this product is very easy to apply. They are water-based emulsions so they spread easily. you don’t have to use any machine.  You can apply it to any weather whether it’s a roasting hot or rainy day. 

I have done some tests so that you could choose which butter wet wax is good. The test was done over Chemical guys, Adams and Ammo NYC. The test was on the color test, application test and finger swipe test. 

Application Test:

For this one, I have used three microfiber towels from three brands. You can use any applicator but for the sake of the test, I used those towels. I put them a little in the front part of my car. It is better to say here that Ammo NYC and Adams had the same viscosity and CG (Chemical guys) was jello type.

The result was that all three brands hazes up instantly and they haze all to the same color.

Finger Swipe Test:

After the application test, I swiped my finger at each brand. Each part was buttery smooth.

Surface Test:

After some minutes I wiped off the three pieces of wax with microfiber towels. Ammo Nyc left a very smooth surface after I wiped it off. Then I flipped to CG and wiped off the part and found a very similar result, no hazing, no residue.

Then I went for the 3rd brand Adams and what I found was insane. All three brands were pretty much the same. 

I have tested these products and in my opinion, the conclusion is they are all no different products. Though Adams was quite expensive and Chemical guys less expensive, the test results were all the same.

Chemical Guys Butter Wet Wax: Pros and Cons


  • Very glossy
  • Less expensive
  • Spreads easily
  • Fills a swirl spot temporarily
  • Super easy to put on and take it off
  • Can be applied in direct sunlight
  • Scent is not irritating
  • Made from carnauba which is also known as the queen of waxes
  • Leaves no residues


  • Durability. It does not last that long
  • The water repulsion behavior is not impressive

Final thoughts

Every product has its own negative and positive side. I always had an interest in Chemical Guys butter wet wax products. It’s not expensive, easy to apply and made of natural elements though the durability of the product is not satisfactory. They should make their product more durable.

Considering all aspects, if you are a guy who loves to wax his car regularly you can buy this product.