How to Slash Tires: The thing you should know

slashing tires

The act of slashing tires has become prevalent in many states in the US and other countries. A huge number of crimes regarding slashed tires are recorded daily.

Culprit not only slashes tires of people in public but also extends it to even the police department. 

These incidents were captured mainly by surveillance cameras placed on the streets.

In other cases, the culprits were caught by passersby. One’s tire could be slashed for different reasons. We would take a look at possible explanations for tire slash. But first, what is tire slashing?

What is tire slashing?

Since we know how prevalent this is,  what does slashing tires mean? Tire slashing is the act of deflating tires with sharp objects. It could be an intentional act or a mistake. 

Reasons for slashing tires

People slash tires for different reasons. They may include;

To settle a score

Some offended persons can slash your tires to get back at you, especially if they know you love those tires. It could also be due to jealousy, hate, or wrongly parking your car.

To fix the tire problem

There are some overinflated tires one needs to slash so that it doesn’t blow out. 

To restrict movement

Someone might cut your tire to prevent you from going out. Like the case of Minnesota police officers who slashed protesters’ vehicles during the protest over the killing of George Floyd.

The protest took place in many U.S. states, including Minneapolis, between May 20 and 31, 2020.

So why are police slashing tires? Police claim to deflate protesters’ tires so the vehicle could not be used for attacks.

Rough driving

Your tires might get slashed if you drive roughly. For example, carelessly running into a fence or places with sharp objects.

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How to slash tires

One can slash tires using any sharp object. The difference is, the tool you use will determine how long it will take to cut tires. So I answer this question, is slashing tires hard?

Slashing tires is neither hard nor easy. As I state, it depends on the tools used and how the tires were cut.

Slashing with knife

This method is one of the easiest ways to slash tires. Just get a sharp knife to apply force and cut through the tire. One can do this in seconds.

For regular pressured tires, you will hear a sound when you poke them. The sound comes from the air that gushes out from the tire because of pressure.

So when slashing tires, ensure you don’t place your face directly. The air that gushes out might come along with particles that can harm your face.

Slashing with nail

Because nails are not as sharp as knives, it may take a longer time. Nevertheless, it will still get the job done in a couple of hours.

Another way to slash a tire using a nail is to place the nail close to a car’s tire. But ensure the head is facing down while the pointed side is facing up.

So when the person drives, the tires roll on the nail. The more the tire rolls, the more the nail cuts through.

Other methods

You can slash tires using other sharp objects like an awl, bodkin, or pricker. Another way to slash tires is to drive rough and run through a sharp fence or sharp objects.


Is slashing tires unlawful?

People slash tires for different reasons, so is slashing tires illegal? It depends on the reason you do it. But know that it is illegal to cut someone’s tire without their consent. And depending on the worth of the tire, you might be looking at 30 days to 7 years jail term. This also includes paying fines. So let me use this time to answer the question, is slashing tires vandalism? Slashing tires is an act of vandalism. Because doing this will disrupt a lot of things.

How can you tell if someone slashed your tires?

Telling if a deflated tire is an act of vandalism or normal can be difficult. But you can watch out for the presence of sharp tools used on tires. Also, check for a wide cut on the tire’s sidewalls.

Can you sue a person for slashing your tire?

Slashing someone’s tire is illegal and an act of criminal mischief or misdemeanor. So you can sue the person if you can identify him.

Is slashing tires dangerous?

Slashing tires is dangerous. You might get hurt if the air that gushes out of the tires hits your face with some particle. So does slashing tires make noise? When you slash a tire, it makes noise because of the pressure inside. This is one reason tire slashers get caught–noise tends to attract people.

Can an insurance company replace your slashed tires?

Most insurance companies will replace deflated tires only if all four tires are slashed. If one, two, or three are cut, you get to fix them on your own. So if you are lucky enough to identify the culprit, he will pay. If not, hope the person slashes all four tires.

Can you fix slash tires?

You can fix a slashed tire yourself or call an expert mechanic. But if the damages are too severe, you will need to replace them.

How can I avoid tire slashing?

  • Park cars in secure and lighted areas. Avoid parking in dark or hidden places because most crimes are committed in such places.
  • Set an alarm system in your car so that when someone touches your wheels, it alerts you.
  • Avoid parking in front of someone’s house to obstruct their view. You will be making enemies unknowingly.
  • Avoid rough driving.
  • Install a Surveillance camera on your parking lot. If you happen to park in public, park your car in a spot with a CCTV camera.
  • Place a dog on guard. When a dog barks, it draws people’s attention to know why the dog is barking.

Final thoughts

While you might be great at slashing tires, know that slashing someone’s tire is illegal and punishable by law. It is often regarded as a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the value of the tire.

And chances of you getting caught are high because of surveillance cameras installed on the streets.

For the victims, avoid anything that would cause a tire slash. Park your car in safe places, avoid driving rough, and install an alarm system if possible.

Because you get to spend money anytime, one slashes your tire, especially if the deflated tires are less than four and you couldn’t catch the culprit.