What you need to know about Neo Chrome: Beginner’s Guide

No matter what your color preferences may be, you can’t deny that the neo version of chrome plating looks absolutely stunning! No wonder neo chrome is currently all the rage. But the process of chrome plating may be time-consuming and very often expensive.

Well, it turns out that you can get the same finish way cheaper thanks to the increasing demand for this multicolored beauty.

We’re going to show you all the different ways you can achieve this look for your wheels, car, and practically any metallic surface. With so many options in mind, there’s always a neo chrome finish for you.

Read on to find more.

A Clear Picture of Neo Chrome

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First, before getting to know how we can achieve this lovely finish on our cars, rims, and practically anything,  let’s look at some common questions regarding Neo Chrome.

What is Neo Chrome?

You might wonder how exactly this colorful metallic finish is made. Well, “Neo-Chrome” also known as “Aurora Electroplating” and “Burnt Titanium”, is basically a new version of Chrome Plating.

The name neo chrome is often misleading because this bright finish is done on many aluminum pieces.

But if you’re looking for the real deal, here’s the kicker.

Basically, the parts have to be chrome plated first. If you’re new to this term then fret not. Let’s go over it together.

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What is Chrome Plating?

Chromium or more commonly known as Chrome is one of the 92 naturally occurring chemical elements. Chrome is a metal, but it is not useful as a solid, pure substance. In other words, when we are told that something is made of chrome, it means that the object is chrome plated.

In other words, anything can be covered in a fine layer of chrome such as car wheels, bolts, lug nuts, and even aluminum intake manifolds! But here’s the catch. An amateur may look at a multicolored shiny finish and label it as chrome even if it’s not remotely close.

For example, brightly polished aluminum motorcycle parts, electropolished metalized helmets, and glossy painted wheels.

Traditional Chrome plating became famous for its lifetime protection and durability. With the Neo Chrome trend, add good looks to the list.

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Turning a Chrome Plate is into Neo Chrome

In simple terms? After an object is chrome plated, titanium dioxide is essentially hit with lighting in a machine, coating the parts in all the beautiful colors you see.

If you really want to get into the details, then neo chrome coating is done through a  process of Physical Vapor Deposition, or PVD on the chromium plate.

To do this, metals are evaporated inside a vacuum with the help of an electric arc. Objects spinning around this source metal collect the evaporated particles as a coating.

Enough with the science, all that matters is that it looks great. But is that the only reason people are so crazy about it? We’ll explain that in the next topic.

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Reason to Choose Neo Chrome

The main benefit of neochrome is that it looks great. If you have a loud personality, then there’s no better way to express it than turning up at the party in a neo chrome!

This style got famous in the automobile industry for plating car wheels and even the whole car!

Other than the wow factor, it has got all the benefits of regular chrome plating. That means it also acts as a protective barrier, making any surface scratch and heat resistant.

How to Know if Something is actually Chrome Plated?

All that glitters is not Chrome!

Identifying real chrome may be challenging if you don’t have an expert eye. The trick is to keep the item in doubt besides an actual chrome plating.

When a chrome-plated finish sits right next to another bright finish though, the other finish usually won’t compare very favorably.

Chrome plating is more reflective (brighter), bluer (less pale, grayish, or yellowish), and the reflection almost resembles a mirror than other finishes. However, coating thickness, color, and process may differ based on metals used such as Zirconium or Titanium.

In addition, no two parts will have identical finishes.

Bottom line, there’s a hard to define “glint” to chrome plating that almost nothing else can beat!

Where to get my items Neo Chromed?

Getting any item originally neo-chromed in a custom shop will cost you a small fortune. If you’re interested in making this investment, then search online for these custom shops around you.

Since this is a relatively new technology, the work may cost you a price anywhere from 200 dollars minimum, depending upon the size of your item. But this investment will be worth it considering most of these shops give you a lifetime guarantee.

Don’t forget to look at customer reviews and their sample work before you break your bank.

What you should really keep in mind is that the popularly known Neo Chrome finishes don’t usually have chromium involved. Most Cars or phone cases that you see are a result of neo-chrome-colored paints or wraps. Let’s take a look at these options.

Alternatives to original Neo Chrome

Chromium plating is not practical or feasible if all you want is a decorative piece. In that case, you may want to look at other options to make sure that you still turn heads!

Neo Chrome Wrap

When it comes to giving your whole car a new look, the best option is using a Neochrome vinyl wrap. These are commonly used in supercars to give an attractive finish.

These wraps offer medium protection against the elements for up to 3 years indoors depending on how well you maintain them and follow rules of application.

In most cases, it will stay put around 1-2 years if you park your car outdoors.

The pros are that it is more budget-friendly and you can choose to remove it if your taste changes. There are also many colors to choose from, including mystic chrome, a dark shade that shows four different colors as the light changes.

The only con is that some users find that it creases around the edges of your car.

So make sure you have an expert hand while taking up this project or you could potentially waste the whole wrap.

Neo Chrome Paint

If you want to achieve a new chrome effect on a small surface like your car wheels, the best budget-friendly option is using chrome spray paints. These paints work best on chrome polished surfaces.

They don’t have much coverage so you can’t expect your existing yellow car to turn red, but they give your existing base a beautiful gloss and hue of color.

You can use an array of gold, pink, and yellow to end up with an awesome result.

The Bottom line

That’s all from us. We hope that this article gave you a clear idea about all the different ways you can achieve this trendy neo chrome look, and turn heads wherever you go.

Which method are you going to follow while doing this? Are you going to try this temporarily or make a lifelong investment? Tell us all about it in the comments.

Until then, shine on!

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