How to fix a P0335 Code

Your crankshaft position sensor also denoted as CKP measures the exact position of your engine’s crankshaft and rotational speed. When you have a faulty sensor, you certainly will not be able to ignite your vehicle’s engine.

A lot of vehicle owners do not have the right knowledge of the crankshaft position sensor, hence they have no idea when the P0335 code comes up or when the engine is dead. You are now going to find out what the P0335 error code signifies, the various causative factors, and how you can solve this issue.

What is the Meaning of the P0335 Code?

The P0335 code identifies that your electronic control module (ECM) cannot spot the CKP (crankshaft position sensor). The CKP sensor mainly tells you how fast your vehicle’s engine is functioning.

The ECM uses the data gotten to put in fuel and cause your spark plugs to ignite the air-fuel mix.

Error code P0335 happens when your engine control module is unable to track the pulses of the crankshaft. Without the right readings from your CKP sensor, the engine might reveal all sorts of issues.

What are the Symptoms of the P0335 Code?

To know if you would likely be the error code P0035, here are some of the signs that should tell you first.

Low Gas Mileage

With the wrong timing information, the fuel injection won’t occur as effectively as it should.

Therefore, the engine is going to likely consume more gas than normal, and you will have to spend much more now on fuel.

Accelerator Responds Slowly

When you drive at high speed, the ECM automatically ensures the spark timing and fuel injection functions accordingly. With a bad crankshaft position sensor, the ECM cannot make the needed adjustments during a high-speed move, and that can cause a slow reply from your accelerator.

Check Engine Light Turns On

A bad CKP sensor will have your check engine light turning on on your dashboard. The engine light that signifies an engine problem does not come immediately there is a problem.

So you might be experiencing other symptoms before the light comes up.

Engine Vibrating or Rough Idling

Sometimes in a case of a faulty CKP sensor, you might notice that your engine has a rough performance, or begins to have a rough idle.

If you do not know what rough idling means, you need to check out one of our informative articles that talk about rough idling. Poor spark plug timing can also cause you to sit at a red light.

Engine Misfiring

A vehicle with a lousy crankshaft position sensor will cause you to have inaccurate spark timing, and this can lead to many different issues, including when about one or more cylinders misfires.

Either you will hear a stutter in your engine or you might feel it; you then know immediately that something’s up.

Engine is not able to Restart

 An engine with a low amount of gas will be very difficult to start. If your crankshaft fails and is not able to send signals to your Engine Control Unit, this will make your vehicle unable to start.

What are the Causes of the P0335 Code?

Here are the probable causes of the P0335 code:

  • Damaged Reluctor Ring
  • Bad crankshaft position sensor
  • Bad timing belt
  • Rough running
  • Faulty wiring

Is P0335 Code Dangerous?

Yes, if you’ve detected this code, then you must take it seriously, and immediately get it fixed. The P0335 trouble code can lead to severe issues with your internal mechanical drivability.

It is essential that you have the issue solved as soon as you can before any more damage is done to your vehicle.

How Do You Fix the P0335 Code?

Step 1

You need a scan tool to check if your RPM is functioning while your engine is still operating.

If you do not notice a problem with that, then you have to conduct a visual checkup of your crank sensor, wiring bind, and all the connectors to find any damage signs to the wiring.

Step 2

Look for the reluctor ring and the timing belt. Thoroughly check them for any damages. If damaged, either repair or replace if possible.

In the case of no damage to those parts, you will have to remove your crankshaft position sensor, and scrutinize for damages.

If you are just dealing with metal shavings, then you can wipe them off. Replace if really damaged.

Step 3

Test the wiring of your CKP sensor using your digital multimeter connected to the DC voltage at a moderate range. Test each of the wires to read a 1.5v reference voltage.

If your wire fails to match with the readings, it is most likely faulty and you have to replace it.

Step 4

Once you’ve confirmed that there is no problem with the wiring, use your multimeter to test your sensor.

Suppose this doesn’t rectify the problem, check to ensure that the crankshaft position sensor wave pattern. Although this requires a little bit of advanced knowledge.

You can take a look at your car’s service manual to get a sufficient reading range.

Step 5

If your reading falls within your manufacturer’s specification, then you don’t have to change your crankshaft position. But if the reading is out of range, then you have no choice but to change your crankshaft position sensor.

Step 6

Any of the steps above should this problem be fixed, but if you’re still struggling with how to get rid of this code after implementing all these steps, then you might just be having a more critical mechanical or electrical issue; and this needs a professional’s touch. Take your car to an auto repair shop for diagnosis.

Final Thoughts

The CKP sensor is very important in the proper functionality of your engine and performance. It gives the right signals that your vehicle’s control unit needs for engine management.

Therefore, when there is an issue with the crankshaft position, it will easily begin to affect the drivability efficiency of your car, which makes it dangerous.

So the case of an error P0335 code, you need to have it checked out.

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