5 Best Ball Joint Grease Reviews 2023

Who wants to hear the clunking noises from a car’s front suspension?

Imagine, you go out for a lovely journey, and meanwhile, your wheel is crying like it feels so much thirsty. What type of grease will keep all these parts contended in the Car?

Well, let us showcase what experts say about our recommended best ball joint greases!

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Top 5 Best Grease for Ball Joints

1. Lucas Oil 10330 X-Tra Heavy Duty Grease

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Lucas is undoubtedly our first pick because it is a proven grease with heavy-duty performance. Having superior polyurea thickeners is the key reason to purchase them. As you know there are two choices when buying a product, those are focusing on the key materials either lithium grease or polyurea.

And, definitely, the grease that comes from the polyuria substance wins over the lithium-based thickeners. This is why we had no choice but to put this product in the first pick here.

Apart from the core substance “polyurea” the second important feature of it is its excellent compatibility.

It gives us the least issue and provides maximum support as a wheel bearing grease. A real tacky and lifelong thickener grease, indeed!

Lucas amazingly reaches out to the Moog joints that include tie rod ends, sway bar links, center links, drag links, and both for idler/Pitman arms. This is why we mark it as one of the best greases for Moog ball joints.

We recommend it for your off-road vehicles, farming equipment, and commercial and fleet applications.


  • Performs as a durable thickener & lasts longer than the regular one
  • Amazing compatibility and withstand harsh temperature


  • For the braking system, it may not deal with extreme pressure, however endurable

Note: If you want to know more about this product then feel free to check out another article on Xtra Heavy Duty vs Red n Tacky

2. Valvoline Moly-Fortified Gray Full Synthetic Grease

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Valvoline comes to you for enduring the extreme temperature due to having a pressure point of 500 degrees F.

Also, it satiates the cravings for your car’s ball bearings. If you are looking for a synthetic grease formulated with full synthetic oil then here is go.

This grease is a famous pick as it withstands extreme pressure additives and thus heavyweight off-road vehicles are suggested for application.

Apart from it, this will help out the vehicle by inhibiting rust and oxidation, no matter how bad they are.

Moly-fortified technology comes to us over the development of a process for that this grease won’t be filtered out while used in suspension. This is a pure synthetic grease so make sure to remove all the petroleum grease before you apply this synthetic grease.

If you do a lot of brakes and rotors on your car then this synthetic grease is for you. A recommended grease to apply on the back of the pads & bolts.


  • Tackle the extreme pressure for industrial purposes and automobiles
  • Works great for the heavy-duty trailer bearings


  • Since it is synthetic grease, you get to see the air bubbles at the bottom surface

3. WD-40 – 300424 Specialist Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Grease

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WD-40 introduces you to the grease that has the maximum endurance to withstand tough pressure. These lubricants would be as smooth as peanut butter and protect the surface from a heavy load.

Afterward, we get to see, that it comes with anti-corrosive which is a must when choosing any grease.

It is also temperature resistant and no matter the temperature low or high it can endure. This lithium grease has a dropping point of up to 600° F which is more than average, we believe.

Lastly, don’t get me wrong this would turn out like marine grease as it works great for the boat trailer for wheel bearings stuffs.

This grease has versatile applicability since the users may use it for farming, construction, industrial equipment, and more importantly for heavy-duty automotive.


  • High pressure and high-temperature grade grease
  • Lubing reduces the load on the motor and prevents the shaft from wearing out


  • This is great grease on all side, however, when you will try to let the tube in the grease gun, the tube turn out to be swollen and give you a hard time

4. Valvoline Multi-Vehicle High-Temperature Red Grease

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The red tacky grease is a new wonder in your town as it is specialized in some areas and it won’t give you any reason to complain. So what are they? Well, basically this is basically engineered for giving you the ultimate performance for securing the disc brake while bearings. Valvoline VV615 is the most demanding one for the disc caring purpose.

Besides, it is an excellent pick for the water-resistance stuff. We get to see this won’t turn out into black sludge even after one month of riding a bike.

When a lubricant will support u joints and drive shaft a lot so the car will run thousands of miles in its lifetime, then we must say it is worthy of purchasing. Hence we believe this Valvoline product turns out great and is the best grease for u joints.

Works great for a multitude of applications. but the best deal for lubricating U-joints & heavy loaded equipment and trucks for farming.


  • Ensure great fittings for ball joints & U joints
  • Perform better in snow/mud/water


  • It isn’t a high-temperature grease therefore avoid using it for the brake components’ lubrication

5. Mobil 1 Synthetic Grease, Auto

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Mobil churns out this synthetic lubricant, especially for auto & truck maintenance. Using the synthetic base fluid on heavily loaded vehicles for trucks is because of ensuring a high dropping point.

At the same time, this type of fluid makes sure to outweigh extreme pressure and has excellent resistance to water wash.

The off-road vehicles easily come along with mud/snow/water that has to take intensive care with anti-corrosive grease. In that case, Mobil 1 is a perfect choice. This 13.88$ giant tube is a great lubricant for u joints and ball joints, however, seems expensive for the wheel bearings.

Mobil 1 Synthetic Grease improves stability, endures more temperature (high or low), and thus turns out to be a great synthetic solution.

The NLGI 2 grease works great for automotive bearings and sounds as smooth as peanut butter. Hence, many lubricant experts suggest its use on a regular basis.


  • Ensure excellent wear protection for heavy-loaded vehicles
  • Works great for U-joints & Chassis lubing


  • It is not handy when put into the grease gun often seen to be leaked out at a warm temperature

Final thoughts

After reading between the lines thoroughly, we believe you have already chosen your best grease for ball joints.

That said, from now you can run your car for extra miles and experience the smooth suspension.

Here we talk about, some of the best deals and those have separate key reasons to choose from.

Some of them are great for pressure endurance, some for temp reinforcement along with caring for your ball joint & U joints.

However, if you ask for a recommendation, then we definitely suggest the Heavy-duty Lucas as the best overall choice out of all. Now it is your turn to make a move.

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