Lucas Xtra Heavy Duty Grease vs Red n Tacky 2022

lucas xtra heavy duty grease vs red n tacky

You had gone through tons of experiments with the greases and now we narrow down a few of them.

The only brand you opt for is Lucas as it brings excellent results while opening gears and with sliding surfaces.

More importantly, it lasts long four times more compared to traditional greases.

But which grease you should buy from Lucas?

When you are going to bring any of the best greases from Lucas, then you will definitely get stuck between two of the choices. So the burning question here is to know the best line-up between Lucas Xtra Heavy Duty Grease VS Red N Tacky Grease.

“Lucas Xtra heavy duty just proves that the name as it suggests, because it lasts longer than the red n tacky. On the flip side, red n tacky performs great for machinery.”

Want to know more differences between Lucas green vs red grease?

No worries, we sort out very few differences like, how they stand out one from another, based on the applicability of different vehicles, durability to last lone, and more importantly when to purchase which one to get out of the most benefit.

Lucas Xtra Heavy Duty Grease Review

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The grease that will last for the least timeline is not acceptable to us. Instead of that, we always opt for a grease that comes with limited drawbacks and lasts for maximum time.

Lucas gets a lot of pride and success innovating the Lucas Xtra heavy-duty grease to us.

Why? Because it is better than any lithium lubricants that either soften or harden the cavity, as a result, the rollers won’t get proper lubrication.

But thanks to the polyurea thickeners that are far better than any lithium-complex grease.

This kind of lubricant is just perfect for dealing with compatibility. Therefore, you never need to add more grease to increase mobility.

Furthermore, polyurea is better than lithium due to its lifelong application.

It can easily seal the places where you don’t need to add more for a lifetime.

[su_note note_color=”#ffffcc” text_color=”#000000″]Suited for: It’s recommended for off-road equipment, Farm vehicles, commercial and fleet applications, and steel mills.[/su_note]

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  • Ensure maximum durability so lasts four times longer compared to regular grease.
  • Thickeners’ compatibility is excellent and withstands any harsh temperature.
  • Lubing will continue almost lifetime and ensure waterproofness.
  • Tackle high-speed bearings smoothly without falter.


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[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#ff0000″ radius=”5″][su_list icon=”icon: minus-circle” icon_color=”#ff0000″]

  • It does not turn out great for the extreme pressure conditions, especially for the braking system.


Lucas Red N Tacky Review

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Before we cover this Lucas Red ‘N’ Tacky, we confirmed to talk with some tacky users.

What they have shared helped us a lot to make difference and eventually draw the outline on red n tacky vs green grease. But let’s talk about the Tacky grease first.

The reason why one should purchase the Red n Tacky is its immersive versatility.

Many users never get to know that this amazing grease will work not only for lubing the vehicles but also help them to increase the mobility of other tools such as some spare parts.

Well, meanwhile this review is specified with one thing. This is lithium-based grease and hence you need to have a good experience while using it on RV bearings, truck bearings, and greasable joints.

Like polyurea grease, it won’t stand for great purposes to solve.

Normally people use this red lithium complex grease for machinery as it weighs overload effectively.

Also, it works impressively as rust and oxidation inhibitors. If you are having a difficult time with mechanical stability then this wheel bearing grease will release your hard time.

[su_note note_color=”#ffffcc” text_color=”#000000″]Suited for: It works great for machinery, Wheel bearings and withstands in extreme pressure.[/su_note]

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  • It prolongs the lifetime of mechanical stability.
  • Works great to resist rust and oxidation.
  • Withstand in the maximum temperature.
  • Water-resistance so tackle any environment.


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[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#ff0000″ radius=”5″][su_list icon=”icon: minus-circle” icon_color=”#ff0000″]

  • The formulation is not based on metal soap thickeners.


Comparisons Between Lucas Red n Tacky vs Xtra Heavy-duty 

So now we come to the core segment, and after reading the following differences, you will get to know what’s better for what reasons or conditions.

Grease Material Type

We have already told you the two different types of material one is a polyurea and another is lithium.

Undoubtedly the best one would be which grease material is from polyurea. So the winner is Lucas xtra heavy duty grease.

You should come to know why people use such grease made of polyurea. The benefits are shown below:

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  • Contains inherent antioxidative properties.
  • High thermal stability.
  • Low bleed characteristics.


On the flip side, let’s talk about what red lithium grease will provide you. Well this kind of grease materials generally used for machinery for the following benefits to ensure

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  • Ensure the highest temperature.
  • Increase the mobility of braking systems.
  • Machinery maintenance.


Life-time expectancy

In the Lucas line-up, the great durable king is Lucas Xtra due to its unprecedented substance that will withstand tough conditions and stay more on the vehicles.

So, we believe that it is one of the best heavy-duty greases in the market.

However, Red n Tacky life expectancy is not shortened but when we compare them then definitely Lucas Xtra will pop up in the first place. 

Temperature Endurance

In this feature, Red n tacky will win over Lucas Xtra with its 540 degrees F dropping point.

That said, this grease will withstand extremely harsh temperatures, no doubt about that. Therefore, for the bearings and other machinery, this would turn out great. 

Water Resistance

Lucas comparatively has less water resistance ability that is moderate but not standard.

On the flip side, the Red n tacky is way much better in terms of waterproofness because of its protective film that is formed by the oil.

It shows, it gives you comparatively better results while dealing with bearings since it turns out as corrosion prevention.

Controlling RV brakes

We have already talked about the grease materials and we found out that the Lucas xtra is made of Polyurea-based grease.

This kind of grease has some advantages indeed but the disadvantage is with controlling brakes.

On the other hand, the Red n tacky is a better choice when you are applying brakes or sliding materials.

So the obvious thing is after many cons of Red n Tacky you should apply it for this area at least.


After reading between the lines of Red n Tacky & Lucas xtra heavy duty grease review, you must come to know which one you are going to opt for.

Hopefully, we let you know the differences between them so from now on, you may sort them out yourself.

Well, if it is up to our recommendation then we will suggest you go with Lucas X-tra Grease due to its higher capability dealing with versatile vehicles even if they run in tough places.

More importantly, Lucas Xtra has more endurance ability to last for and to maintain the mechanism of your vehicle.

At an affordable price, it is the best available deal that will give you 4 times better sustainable performance, indeed.