Best Wheel Bearing Grease – What Grease is Better and When?

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There are tons of applications of any wheel bearing grease. From one to another, you will have some specific benefits. But the main reason to use them is to protect the metal from heat and water. Besides, whenever you are looking for the best wheel bearing grease, the main reason to purchase is to extend the overall lifespan of your bearings.

If it is about the heavy-duty longer-lasting grease then we will recommend you with Lucas. Apart from it, some are good at temp controlling, water-resistant, and weigh the extreme pressure.

Our Top Picks

Top 10 Best Grease for Wheel Bearings

If you ask 10 guys, you may get many different answers like what would be the best wheel bearing grease for trailers or other stuff. Well, they are true in their reviews because they find those greases on their certain necessities. Now, we will explain what grease would be better performing in what situation.

Valvoline Synthetic Grease-Moly-Fortified

Valvoline Full Synthetic Grease

Valvoline is a high performance-based Ep grease that best deals with extreme pressure additives for your high-speed trailer wheel.

The dropping point of this grease is a plus as you get to see it tolerates up to 500 degrees F. Hence when your wheel bearings take so much load and withstand high temp. So you will stay safe in your car no matters how far you will travel. This is why we mark it as one of the best wheel bearing grease for travel trailers.

Suited for: The main attention of moly ep grease is to have 1% of molybdenum disulfide substance. Therefore, it ensures to weigh heavy loads for farm equipment.
  • Heavy pressure endurance capability and lasts long for trailers wheel.
  • Synthetic grease works great for drum disc and RV wheels.
  • Air bubbles are often seen at the bottom surface, just pump a bit then you may get rid of that.

Lucas Oil 10330 X-Tra Heavy Duty Grease

Lucas Oil 10330

Lucas is a multipurpose grease for the marine wheel and automotive wheel both. This lithium grease is a proven one that is tested for all-purpose grease. Ensuring many purposes we believe it is the best wheel bearing grease for boat trailers.

The lithium complex substance comes with water resistance performance and has a 560 degrees F of the temperature range. After taking reviews of real users, what we get to know is about its amazing benefits of kicking out all the rust and corrosion on a long-term basis. For wheel bearings, it is a general-purpose grease so if you use it for automobile parts then good to go.

Suited for: This is best suited for performing as the best heavy wheel bearings grease because compared to the regular grease it lasts 3X times more. In a few words, heavy-duty and longer-lasting benefits.
  • It is a larger tub of grease at an affordable price but delivers the best service.
  • It’s thick and heavy and thus a great deal to seal something and make it intake.
  • Remember that it is not handy to use as a lithium soap thickener.

Allstar ALL78241 Timken  Red Wheel Bearing Grease

Allstar ALL78241 Timken

TIMKEN comes as a high-temp red grease that is specifically formulated to ensure performance in the case of disc and drum bearing applications. We believe it is a great automotive wheel bearing grease that offers protection in any challenging environment.

The red racing grease allows you to use it on your grease and bearing packer along with zerk fitting. Let not forget to tell you that this comes as an nlgi type of lithium complex thickener that ensures mechanical stability to a great extent.

Suited for: This 16-ounce tub best suited for drum and disc of motorcycles which run for street sports, also partially used for marine boats as well.
  • 90 days of limited factory warranty.
  • It performs great as an anti-wear and water-resistant additives.
  • You can not use this grease for boat trailer purposes.

MAG1 720 Red Wheel Bearing Grease

Mag 1 720 Red

Mag 1 is a great choice for you when you need excellent support for RV brakes or LB brake grease. This is also for multipurpose lithium type grease that is used for farm and industrial applications.

Once we bring this to us, we find it as an excellent resistant grease before and after washout both. Even though it is a kind of wheel bearing grease, the application of it is for multipurpose. For example, we find it handy to the rusted rotors and adding this for the pins and pads.

Suited for: If your disc brake is giving you the hard time then Mag would be an excellent choice as it withstands the extreme temperature and the best wheel bearing grease for race cars.
  • Safe for plastic and rubber and easy to use.
  • High-temp grease use on moving parts like U-joints & ball bearings.
  • Some users claim that it is not as thick as other wheel bearing greases.

Sta-Lube SL3121 Marine Grease 

Sta-Lube SL3121

Sta-Lube is a perfect Blue, tacky aluminum complex grease that is recommended as a marine wheel bearing purpose. Because it is specially formulated with a polymer substance that provides adhesive additives. Besides, it works great even after wash-out so it resists water when the boat is underwater.

The blue tacky glue like grease withstands under extreme cold so in winter you don’t need to think about your boat wheel bearings at all. We come to know this may easily withstand below zero degrees C. Finally, we recommend it because it keeps the dirt and water out and also dissipates heat.

Suited for: The common application of it is like 4WD grease that performs for taking care of all marine equipment and boat trailing. Apart from marine purposes, it may also serve great for sports motorbikes, off-road bikes, and all-terrain vehicles as well.
  • It protects the balls from friction & breaking down.
  • Strong additives and water resistance.
  • Be careful while using this marine wheel bearing grease as it causes irritation to your skin.

Dow Corning Molykote 33 Medium Grease Lubricant

Dow Corning Molykote 33

Dow Corning introduces with the great portable grease come in a tube. Therefore, when you run out of your regular grease this little tube will come in action with its heavy-duty operation. We believe it is a travel-friendly lithium grease that turns out great to put in any corner of your car. Hence, in a sudden necessity, you will find it easily and use it.

The key reason to purchase it is for its viscosity and we found it as stubborn stuff that never leaves apart from the objects in a hard time. It works great while heavy rains or snowfall and they easily dissipate the heat without breaking down.

Suited for: This is a white lithium grease and it only withstands low-medium temperature for bearings, valve, O-rings, and plastic/rubber/metal parts. The good thing about it is to ensure with dry and wet both applications and also comes with great sticking power. Other than vehicle parts, you may find it handy for electrical outlets, switches, or contacts as well.
  • This lubricant save parts from heavy rains and snow without falling apart.
  • Easy to carry, portable, and handy to use like anywhere & anytime.
  • It is not sufficient for all-terrain lubrication, you must call upon another grease must.

Royal Purple 01312 NLGI No. 2 

Royal Purple 01312 NLGI No. 2

Royal Purple comes in a tube-like bottle where you find the synthetic grease formula. This brand and grease are overall trusted as many users opted out as it can increase the overall lifespan of any bearings.

The main reason to buy this because it can withstand extreme pressure in a tough time also resists the high-temp as well. Besides, your vehicle parts will save from any kind of oxidation no rust will come-in. This pure synthetic formula requires kicking off the old grease first.

Suited for: It is an NLG-2 based grease that will serve as a regular wheel bearing grease or for U-joints.
  • High pressure and high-temperature grade grease.
  • Lubing ensures the mobility of bearings and resists the rust or oxidation.
  • You need to change the grease from ball bearings and reapply it sometimes when you find it gets dirty.

Star Brite Wheel Bearing Grease

Star brite Wheel Bearing Grease

Star Brite is an excellent pick for trailer wheel bearings, hatch hinges, winches, pumping, and much more stuff. The main purpose of it is to protect your marine bearings from rust, corrosion, and more importantly water washout.

Another great reason to purchase it is because of its affordability. We know lithium complex grease is more enduring for high-temp and inexpensive compared to synthetic grease. Also, the thickeners are highly adaptive for the marine purpose that said it is prepared to serve your boat trailers.

Suited for: You can use it for boat ball bearings and other contact points where you get to see a great performance, and the main best place is to use it over the bearings that often break down.
  • Works great against of marine corrosion.
  • All-application confirms that marine vehicles required.
  • If you are going to use it other than marine purpose then it may not turn out satisfactory.

LubriMatic 11404 Marine Trailer

LubriMatic 11404

LubriMatic is for marine or non-marine all-purpose wheel bearing grease. If you are looking for a grease that serves all-purpose like taking care of bearings to disc, swivel hinges to winches, and many more then you may go straight away!

Normally, regular marine grease has a lower dropping point, but as LubriMatic serves for other traits so it comes with 550 degrees F. Also, it will prevent generating rust and avoid corrosion, and using it on your vehicles on a regular basis will extend the lifespan.

Suited for: It is normally formulated with the water-insoluble formula what makes it ideal for marine applications. Also, we believe it is for all-purpose usage. More specifically, It’s suited for best wheel bearing grease for RV trailers.
  • Multiple applications.
  • Higher dropping point.
  • Not suitable for industrial usage or for farm equipment.

Chevron Ultra-Duty Grease EP 2

Chevron Ultra-Duty Grease EP 2

When it comes to dealing with Chevron then we must say it is an industry leader of greasing equipment. Because they ensure it to have highly refined and viscosity based oils, and more importantly infuse the lithium-12 hydroxy stearate thickener particles. Chevron EP grease is for versatile applications like you may use it for weighing high pressure along with adhesiveness. Hence, this is a good fit for a wide array of applications.

Specifically, we sort out it is the best grease in shock load protection also for load carrying stuff, corrosion & rust protection, water-resistant, etc. Chevron comes with a tackiness feature and you may find one disadvantage with it as it only serves at low temperature. So if you are looking for a grease that traits high in the high-temp then this is not for you.

Suited for: Chevron EP grease comes in red color like Red n Tacky grease and due to the EP formulation, it is high performing as shock-absorbing oil with film protection. This is why we strongly recommend it for you heavy loaded bearing stuff or for that particular arena where vehicles undergo shock absorption.
  • Adhesive viscosity.
  • Weighs heavy load at the toughest time.
  • This grease is not effective on open gear applications & serves at low temperatures.


Finally, we come to take the last breath here in this article. Hopefully, you have sorted it out like with what lubricant you opted for. Let’s figure out from our side, we believe a grease should be in a variety of operations so we suggest using Lucas Oil. That comes with amazing versatile formulation, no matter in what condition your vehicle would serve, it will serve in all seasons at the same pace.

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