LR1130 Battery Equivalents: How to Replace Your LR1130 Battery

lr1130 battery equivalents

LR1130 battery equivalents are LR54, SR1130W, LR1130SW, AG10, and LR55 batteries with closely matched features. I will tell you which suits the best for your small devices in what condition.

Besides these reputable brands listed above, other similar batteries you can also choose as a close substitute include: Seiko SB-AU, Seiko SB-BU, L1131, V10GA, S1131E, 389, 390, 189, GP189, Citizen 280-24, Citizen 280-15, V389 etc.

Keep it in your mind, this battery looks like round with 11.8mm diameter and the height is 3.00mm.

It becomes popular due to it’s amazing ability to cope up with the different sorts of weather like 0 to 60 degree Celsius.

But how?

Well, all credit goes to the Alkaline batteries.

If you will read my whole blog post then I will break down every aspects of its benefits and then recommend you with the closest alternative available in the market.

What is an LR1130?

The LR1130 battery is around alkaline cell button cell battery commonly used in small devices. LR1130 is the battery’s unique code, and it conveys a message about the battery’s complete specification.

The LR1130 battery is manufactured by Maxell, and the battery has the following features.

Alkaline batteries are distinguished for their high capacity, durability, reliability, and highest energy density. They offer excellent performance with high efficiency.

The acronym LR1130 signifies the following

L signifies that the battery is alkaline

R signifies that it is round

11 denotes its 11.8mm diameter

30 denotes its 3.0mm height.

What Is The LR1130 battery Used For?

You can use the LR1130 battery in devices like your remote controls, wristwatch, calculators, and electronic toys.

The 1.5-volt button battery is one of the most commonly used batteries in small devices like wristwatches, and due to the fact that there’s hardly anyone who doesn’t own a wristwatch, the battery seems to be in demand all the time.

The battery possesses an operating temperature range between 0 degrees Celsius and 60 Degrees Celsius; meanwhile, its optimal temperature level is 20 Degrees Celsius.

When the demand for the LR1130 battery becomes so high within a locality, there could be scarcity. Hence, other manufacturers have provided alternatives that can serve the same purpose as the LR1130.

However, not all batteries of their size and shape may be acceptable to your devices; so, you must ensure to look out for its equivalent that you can substitute in place of the LR1130 battery. 

  • Weight: 0.352 ounces
  • Dimensions: 1 x 1 x 3 inches
  • Shape: Round
  • Height: 3.0mm
  • Diameter: 11.8mm
  • Voltage: 1. 5 Volts

What Battery is Equivalent to LR1130?

Basically, when talking about batteries that are equivalent to LR1130, the focus is on alternative batteries or backup batteries that possess similar features to the LR1130 battery.

There are many batteries, but some selected batteries align with the specifications of LR1130.

These battery brands have also been tested and trusted. They can deliver good performance and high efficiency like LR1130.

Since there are countless users of wearable electronics like wristwatches and bracelets, which also means a great number of people use LR1130 batteries daily.

Instead of moving from one accessories store to another searching for an LR1130 battery, why not check out any of the alternatives listed above?

You can use any of these optional batteries, pending when you get an LR1130 battery. However, they all work excellently well under normal conditions.

How long do LR1130 batteries last?

LR1130 batteries are reliable and relatively cheap power sources; however, the only challenge with them is their short lifespan. They usually last around 2-3 years, and as time goes on, the battery output voltage declines more quickly than a typical battery should reduce.

Due to the quick decline in voltage, silver-oxide 11.6 x 3.1 mm batteries are used to power standby devices and very sensitive electronics.

However, the duration of your battery also depends on some factors, including; brands, chemistry, storage environment, or condition. Among these factors, you may not be able to control chemistry, and the brand is the manufacturer’s business.

Meanwhile, you can determine your storage condition or environment. So, ensure to keep your batteries in the recommended places, under the right temperature as prescribed by the manufacturer.

What Duracell battery replaces LR1130?

There are several Duracell batteries that serve as suitable replacements for LR1130; some of such Duracell batteries include the following; SR54, G10, SR1130PW, SR1130SW, SR1130W, SR1130, Seiko SB-AU, Seiko SB-BU, L1131, LR54, LR55, V10GA, S1131E, AG10, 389, 390, 189, GP189, Citizen 280-24, Citizen 280-15, V389, etc.

Whenever you run out of LR1130 batteries in your wristwatches, remote controls, or calculator, you can opt for any of the alternatives above. They should be able to provide an excellent power supply to your devices.

Are AG10 and LR1130 the same?

Yes, both batteries are the same. Most battery manufacturers usually name their batteries that are similar to the LR1130 battery, some other common names.

One of those common batteries is the AG10. Both batteries can be used interchangeably to replace one another. AG10 can be substituted for LR1130; as a matter of fact, it is even cheaper to replace.

So, if the battery in your wristwatch or calculator runs out, you can either replace it with another LR1130 or get an AG10 battery in place of the LR1130. Since they are similar, AG10 should be able to power your calculator or wristwatch without any challenges.

Can 357 battery replace LR1130?

A 357 battery cannot replace an LR1130 battery because they are two different batteries. An LR1130 battery is an alkaline battery, while a 357 battery is a silver oxide battery, and their electronic features, as well as individual size, differ.

The chemistry and thickness of LR1130 and 357 batteries differ from each other. The 357 battery has a high current with 1.55-volt output and 5.4mm height, while the LR1130 battery has a 1.5 volts output and a 3.0mm height.

How much is an LR1130 battery?

LR1130 battery replacement costs about $5.19 on Amazon. However, there is a discount of about 37%, amounting to $1.90 given to buyers on Amazon. You may want to check it out.

If you use gadgets or devices that require LR1130 batteries, you may have to buy a few and store them at home or in your office pending when you will need them. However, you must ensure that you don’t buy too many of the batteries since they only last between 2 and 3 years.

Meanwhile, if the accessories store near you is out of stock on LR1130 batteries, you can go ahead and buy any of their close substitutes for your devices. They will provide good performance like LR1130. They are also relatively cheaper than LR1130.

Final thoughts

LR1130 is a unique kind of battery, and its high demands require that you have some alternatives that you can always fall back on whenever you can’t access it.

If you were not sure what battery is the same as an LR1130, many alternatives have been outlined in this article. Kindly take note of them and buy them in place of LR1130.

Always remember their lifespan so that you don’t invest too much in buying a lot of them. Meanwhile, since nothing lasts forever, also endeavor to replace your devices’ batteries whenever necessary.

Although LR1130 has a high demand, the other alternatives should be able to satisfy your needs when you buy them.

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