9005 vs H11 vs 9006 vs 9007 in 2022

9005 vs h11

If you ever get into the 9005 vs H11 LED bulbs, talk with vehicle pros or your mechanic, you’d understand that each LED bulb is unique as much as they function differently. The 9005 and H11 are two quality bulbs often found in vehicle headlights, although different in light intensity. 

The intensity here has to do with high beam and low beam bulb types. While high beam bulbs illuminate higher light intensity, drivers and mechanics consider low beam the standard light, usually tilting downwards. High beams are not just called “high beams.” They produce more intensity than low beams and can radiate twice in the distance more than low beam light bulbs.

Also, customers consider different factors when evaluating a vehicle, and one of the most important factors is the vehicle’s headlight bulb. Considering each one illumination capability, vehicle manufacturers choose 9005 and 

H11 for their vehicle. It’s these differences as well as their uniqueness that this guide prioritizes to help you understand.

9005 vs H11: A comparison

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The Pros and Cons of 9005 LED Bulbs

As alluded to above, 9005 LED bulbs are high-intensity bulbs for vehicle headlights. Referring to its high beam means it produces a brighter light than most bulbs and radiates to a longer distance, unlike others, such as halogen bulbs.

You may have seen this headlight bulb on vehicles such as Hyundai, Fortuner, or Toyota Vios G. The brighter light it illuminates makes driving easier, especially at extra dark hours and bad weather conditions. 

Aside from being beneficial for your vehicle headlamp, it’s also a perfect choice for fog lights. The bright headlight helps gain more visibility during unfavorable weather or environmental conditions.

Nevertheless, there are strict policies against the use of 9005 light bulbs in some places. So, ensure you adhere to the guidelines and lawfulness status of this type of bulb in your jurisdiction.

The 9005 bulb is also similar to 9006. However, the difference between both is also the intensity.

9006 bulbs are low-intensity bulbs, which means 9005 bulbs are brighter than them. Again, 9006 bulbs have a single filament with 55 watts. This is lesser compared to 9005 headlight bulbs of 65 watts. If you ever get into a discussion on 9005 vs 9006 bulbs, with the question of which one is brighter, now you know the answer.

9005 LED Bulb Pros

  • They radiate brighter light that makes driving easy for road users at night, in fog or dusty environments, and other poor weather or dark conditions.
  • 9005 LED bulbs have more durability and last longer than normal headlight bulbs, with about 50,000 miles lifespan. 
  • The bright lights also beautify vehicles.
  • Considering their base configuration, they are not restricted to only fit in their sockets. A 9005 headlight bulb can also be used in a low beam headlight housing. For instance, a 9005 may fit in the socket of an H11 beam bulb.
  • It generates minimum heat and can be configured to brighten a specific direction.

9005 LED Bulb Cons

  • 9005 consumes more energy compared to other bulbs on it’s category. For instance, if you leave them on with your vehicle engine turned on as well, it may kill your vehicle battery.
  • 9005 bulbs are high-intensity bulbs, which makes them problematic for road users at night. The bright headlights may blind oncoming vehicles which may lead to collision.

The Pros and Cons of H11 Bulbs

The H11 bulb can also be referred to as a normal bulb. Evaluating the light output or intensity of this headlight bulb, it radiates at a normal volume which also makes it the standard headlight for a vehicle.

These bulbs are perfect as either headlights or fog lights. They also have a heat dissipation feature.

Unlike 9005 bulbs with a strict policy on its use in many places, H11 bulbs are legal in most places as they have easy policies and can be found on most cars. Since its intensity isn’t as high and blinding as 9005, this makes them popular and common among vehicle owners.

Almost like a 9005 bulb, the H11 has a similar L shape but its incompatibility with the former makes the difference. However, it’s compatible with some other low beam bulbs with a similar L shape.

Talking of bulb compatibility, especially with H11, H9 bulbs are significant.

When installing your vehicle headlights, you can use an H9 in place of an H11 or vice versa.

Nevertheless, you may notice some obvious differences between the two after installation. The H11 is a 55 wattage bulb with a nominal filament, which means it’s less bright than H9, although it has a longer lifespan.

Another similar headlight bulb to H11 is H11B. Although both H11 and H11B have the L-shape design as well as pin configurations. The H11 pin is nested, unlike the H11B open pins.

This means that the H11B socket won’t work for H11 and the other way round.

H11 Bulbs Pros

  • They have lower intensity compared to 9005 and other high-intensity headlight bulbs. This makes it the standard headlight for city roads.
  • As per their dimmer light, they are ideal and do not blind oncoming drivers. They are also not limited to just one color temperature, this means you can easily switch to different colors.
  • H11 headlights are ideal for both normal and poor conditions, which means you can use them on fog lights or headlamps.
  • They are durable and last longer. At 55 watts, they consume less power and generate less heat. So you don’t have to worry about your headlights killing your vehicle battery anytime soon.

H11 Bulbs Cons

  • H11 bulbs are a bit dim compared to 9005, which makes them unusable on extra dark roads.

Are H11 and 9005 the Same?

The direct answer is no, H11 and 9005 differ in some ways. The H11 vs 9005 talk focuses more on the differences between the two headlights bulbs while examining their features as well.

Aside from H11 and 900  clear similarities as headlight bulbs, another one is the similar L shape.

Nevertheless, their similarity in shape doesn’t mean H11 can fit in for 9005 although the latter can fit in for the former. This means you can fix your 9005 headlight bulbs into H11 sockets.

Another major difference between these two is the intensity. 9005 has been used to replace H11 multiple times, however, the results have always been catastrophic due to the 9005’s higher intensity.

Furthermore, 9005 has a longer lifespan and durability of 50,000 hours compared to H11. This means you can have your 9005 bulbs installed for a long time without worrying about replacement.

H11 bulbs are also durable, although not as much as 9005. Still, they can last up to 30,000 hours. This is a better alternative to stock bulbs.

Their difference in intensity also introduces the difference in watts. 9005 is a high beam light bulb, considering its 65 watts and shines brighter.

H11 on the other hand has 55 watts with a normal illumination power, which is why it’s referred to as low beam.

Road users’ and vehicle manufacturers’ choices between these two depends on some of the factors mentioned earlier in this guide.

Observing their differences and features closely, you’ll deduce that both bulbs are unique and they serve different purposes.

9005 vs 9006 vs H11

Beam typeHigh beam bulbsLow beam bulbsLow beam bulbs


Are HB3 and H11 the same?

No, HB3 is not the same as H11. However, it’s the same size as the 9005 headlight bulb. The HB3 base where it’s tightened into the bulb socket and is usually different from that of the H11 bulb.

What is a 9005 bulb used for?

9005 bulbs are used to increase visibility in poor weather or environmental conditions. Since they illuminate higher light intensity, they make it easy to drive at night, especially on extra dark roads. As it’s often referred to as high beam light, it illuminates to a longer distance compared to low beam bulbs.

Can I use 9006 instead of H11?

Unless you’re able to modify it, the 9006 bulbs may not easily fit into the H11 headlight socket. You’ll have to chip off about ⅛ of the bulb capsule. The process of this modification is quite similar to the one done to fit in 9005 and 9006 bulb sockets.

Is A 9005 Bulb High or Low Beam?

The 9005 bulb is a high beam headlight bulb compared to H11. It has a higher intensity and illuminates further than H11. As a high beam bulb, it’s a 65 watts bulb and it has a longer lifespan as well as durability.

Can I use fog lights as headlights?

The fog light and headlight have different functions; headlights are for regular road use while fog lights are to help you stay visible in poor weather and atmospheric conditions. Therefore, you shouldn’t alter your headlamp or fog light.


This guide on 900 vs H11 headlight bulbs has vividly projected the difference as well as the features of the bulbs.

In all, these two headlight bulbs are equally important considering their unique features as well as the purpose they serve.

The 9005 has been explained to be considered a high beam bulb while H11 is a  low beam. This is due to the difference in the intensity of the light they illuminate, the watts, their durability and lifespan.

All these are what constitute the similarities and differences between the two headlight bulbs.