Top 5 Best Aftermarket Car Gauges 2023

Do you know what’s going on in your baby ride? Monitoring your car components while driving is essential to provide peak performance and prevent your engine from severe damage. The component you need in doing this is an aftermarket gauge cluster.

Many vehicles have auto gauge sets that are inoperative, vague or give false readings.

To properly monitor what’s happening in your vehicle engine, you’ll need to replace any vague or inoperative gauges with some aftermarket gauges.

But what are the best auto gauges?  In this review, we’ll discuss at length the best aftermarket car gauges, their features, pros, and cons. This will guide you to choose the best gauge on the store shelves.

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Top 5 Best Aftermarket Car Gauge Reviews

1. Glowshift Tinted 7 Color Series Boost/Vacuum Gauge

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Glowshift is not just the no.1 pick on our list. It provides color variations in your vehicle to ensure you have a customized dashboard.

Glowshift Tinted 7 color series boost gauge is the best gauge for turbo cars.

It offers different colors to match the factory color and allows you to customize your vehicle’s interior. It brings elegant, customizable color and a full blackout view when you switch off the ignition.

Besides the solid 7-color mode, it has a 2-color cycle mode for a pleasurable driving experience at night. It incorporates a nighttime dimming feature, which lowers the light by 30% at night.

However, for this feature to function, you have to connect it to the headlights switch. It brings optimum visibility besides the gauge readings (which is the main function). The dial also illuminates for excellent optical view.

The Glowshift Tinted 7 color series vacuum gauge comes with 2 hose clamps, 6silicone hoses, 2 power wires, gauge visor, 1/8″ T fitting, installation guide, and mounting hardware. It is very easy to mount in any standard housing.


  • Magnified tinted lens
  • 7-color LED light
  • Nighttime dimming


  • It has a glass-tinted interface
  • It is easy to install
  • It incorporates stepper motor technology
  • It has a nighttime dimming feature
  • It has 7 different color options


  • Poor material used; install it carefully

2. Equus 8200 2″ Volt Triple Gauge Kit

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Equus 8200 2″ volt triple gauge is a durable, accurate, lightweight, and easy-to-install aftermarket gauge. The complete kit comes with 1-1/2 inches, 2 inches, and 2-5/8 inch gauges and installing a tachometer.

It also has an elegant white dial interface. All the instruments have black-lit illumination that offers four different colors to customize your vehicle’s interior.

Equus 8200 volt triple gauge also comes with an installation guide. The guide is written in French, Spanish, and English languages. It also comes with all the mounting components needed for installation.


  • Lightweight and appealing aluminum bezel
  • Volt: the gauge measures 8-18 bolts (90 degrees sweep)
  • Oil: 0-100 PSI (270 degrees sweep)
  • Water: 130-280 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Rear twist for easy installation
  • Black-lit display for night mode
  • Four different colors


  • It comes with all mounting components needed for installation
  • It provides an easy-to-read display while driving at night
  • Easy installation process
  • It has a stunning design


  • The water temp gauge sticks at times

3. AEM (30-4110) UEGO Air-fuel ratio Gauge

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An air-fuel ratio gauge is an important tool used for monitoring cars and avoiding unforeseen issues.

So, if you’re searching for a high-end air-fuel ratio gauge, I recommend AEM 30-4100.

The AEM 30-4110 air/fuel ratio gauge is small, easy to install, and provides accurate readings. It comes with silver and black color interchangeable faceplates to enable you to customize your car interior view to any preferred color.

This is one of the best digital automotive gauges as it has data loggers and 0-5N analog output for use.

This makes it compatible with several engine models. It does not need air sensor calibration.

It features a 4.9 LSU sensor that removes any form of manual calibration. This feature makes it suitable for both new and experienced users.

AEM 30-4110 is a very powerful and efficient gauge with less energy consumption, making it good for the environment. It comes with a LED needle and LED display that changes color as AFR changes.


  • 90 degrees sweep
  • LED backlight
  • Mechanical sending unit
  • Blackface with white numbers


  • It indicates the fuel level
  • It has a sleek design
  • Easy to read the levels on the gauge
  • It has interchangeable faceplates
  • It fits in most gauge pods
  • It comes with all the necessary equipment


  • Users complain that it has 02 sensor issues

4. ESupport Car 2″ 5.2 Digital Water Temp Gauge

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ESupport Car 2″ 5.2 digital water Temp gauge is one of the most accurate and high-quality digital gauges. ESupport digital water temp is an elegant gauge with an amazing display, fully digital with dial-bearing digits.

Another welcoming feature is the LED lighting. It has auto LED lighting, which means that the light will brighten up to make the readings clear in low-light conditions or at night.

Likewise, in the daytime, the light will automatically dim.

It is easy to install. However, you will need some components like a switch and connectors to install it easily. It has a temperature sensor that provides accurate and Crystal clear readings in both low and high movements.


  • Warning LED lights
  • It has water and oil temperature that gives accurate readings.
  • Easy installation diameter


  • It has an oil and water temperature sensor that provides trustworthy readings.
  • It gives accurate readings
  • It has an auto-bright LED light
  • It has warning LED lights


  • You might need to cross-check the accuracy.

5. Actron SP0F000042 Bosch Style Boost/Vacuum Gauge

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Bosch-style boost gauge comes with an oil pressure and vacuum scale. If you are looking for a gauge like this, this is the right gauge for you.

I recommend this product. It features a Hg vacuum scale, O to 30 in, and 0 to 20 PSI pressure meter. The fail has 270 degrees. It has 12-volt internal backlighting for clear and easy reading at night.

The gauge comes with an easy-to-install standard 2″ white dial. The gauge kit incorporates a chrome panel, which makes it easy for a single installation. The panel is removable. So, you have the option to remove it at will. The chrome bezel offers a magnificent look.

The complete kit also comes with all necessary installation hardware. It features a 72″ high-temp nylon.

Tubing and ¼ and 1/8 NPT thread fittings. The installation instruction is accessible at the official Bosch website. Get one if you’re having a hard time with the installation.


  • High-temperature tubing
  • 12 volts internal backlighting
  • White dial face
  • Chrome bezel with a removable mounting panel


  • It has available instructions for easy installation
  • Lightweight
  • It has a standard size and looks
  • It has high-temperature tubing
  • It has a removable mounting panel
  • It can be installed with other meters in a mounting panel or separately


  • Applicable for only 12 negative ground systems

Things to Consider Before Buying Aftermarket Car Gauges

Choosing the right custom automotive gauge can be mind-boggling if you’re looking for the best aftermarket car gauges without an assistant. The assistance you need when considering the right gauge to buy is putting the following factors into consideration.


Visibility is one of the most important things to check when buying a car gauge. You will agree that if the gauge readings are not clear while driving, it will negatively affect your driving experience.

For great visibility, you will need to consider those gauges with elegant colors.

The bezel and dial color have a major impact on visibility. Consider gauges that come with Crystal clear colors like the Glowshift Tinted 7.


Accuracy is the main reason you would want to replace your car gauge. So, besides all, ensure the car gauge you’re buying shows accurate readings.

Finding if a gauge gives accurate readings might be a bit hard. Of course, the manufacturer is not going to tell you that their gauge gives inaccurate readings. That said, you will have to depend solely on users’ reviews and feedback.

Check the reviews and feedback on the manufacturer sales page, pay close attention to verified purchasers and do extensive research about the product.


Just like every other mechanical component, car gauges still need some services and maintenance.

So, while considering which gauge to buy, search for high-end aftermarket car gauges that will require low maintenance costs.


You should buy a high-end gauge that is easy to mount. Some aftermarket gauges come with installation components. That means you won’t have to buy additional components.

On the contrary, some gauge kits do not Come with mounting hardware. Always go for a car gauge that is easy to install and comes with the installation components.

You also have to check if the gauge comes with an instruction manual. It will make your work a lot easy.

Size matters

Size matters when buying aftermarket car gauges.

For instance, you should buy a large gauge if you’re getting it for a racing car because the readings will be easier to read, and you won’t have to pay much attention to the dashboard while driving.

But if you can read small digits without stress, you can go for smaller ones.

Size plays a major role because gauges occupy space on the dashboard. Buying small-sized will save space on your dash for customization and other accessories.


Aftermarket car gauges are pocket-friendly. In any case, some might be out of budget. Cost is one of the factors to consider before buying a gauge for your baby ride.

You should get the best gauges below 100 dollars. While searching for the best car gauge to buy, carefully pay attention to the cost and features of the gauge.

You may end up getting a high-end gauge with more benefits at a low cost.

Expensive products are not always high-end products. Get that in mind, and don’t consider expensive products to be high-quality products.

When buying any components for your car, give it much attention before buying the gadget because it contributes to your safety and your car’s overall performance.

So, invest your time, read reviews and feedback from verified buyers, ask for suggestions and recommendations.

After much research, you will be able to choose the best product out there without overpaying.

Difference between the Mechanical Gauge and Electric Gauge

Most users don’t know the differences between these types of gauges. Well, mechanical and electric gauges have different features and serve different purposes.

Mechanical gauges are older types of car gauges that read through pipe flow. However, most users use them till today because they give more accurate readings.

The downside is because they are pipe ran, they require much attention from the driver. You need to look at the pipes per interval to see if they have leaks or not. Also, they take large space on the pod as they contain many pipes.

On the other hand, electric gauges are newer automotive inventions to replace mechanical gauges. They are smaller in size, and instead of pipes, they use electrical connectors that give accurate readings.

Electric gauges require smaller space in your dashboard, so you have space for customization and other accessories. They also require low maintenance.


What do dash gauges mean?

Automakers designed dash gauges to display information about the overall performance of vehicles. A dash gauge tells the driver when a problem pops up or when a component is about to fail. That said, understanding the dash gauge and how they work will help avoid many inconveniences.

Which gauges are most important?

The most important instrument in any vehicle is the oil pressure gauge. If it fails and the engine oil is not pumping, your engine may incur catastrophic damages because you won’t find out on time.

Which three gauges are the most important to be aware of?

Auto gauges show various operational functions of the vehicle components. All auto gauges are highly essential to detect errors and malfunctions on time. However, oil pressure gauges, water temperature gauges, and battery voltage gauges are considered most important.

Is Glowshift any good?

Glowshift is one of the best brands in the market. They have discarded their former SPW designs and redesigned all their gauges recently.

Final thought

It is mandatory to research before making a buying decision. We’ve outlined and assembled information on some aftermarket gauges.

I have personally used some of these gauges, ask for recommendations from my fellow gearheads, take reviews from verified purchasers and finally come out with the list of best aftermarket car gauges.

So, you have to rely on our review for the best products.

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