The Best Quick Release Steering Wheel for Your Car 2021

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Nothing can give you that sunny vibe which driving can offer. If you are planning to go somewhere and you want no disruption from your steering wheel, then you need one quick-release device for your comfort.

This is such a device that does not only give comfort to control steering wheel but also offers other features for your benefits.

And for this, you will just need to dive into the 9 best of them which we have compiled here.

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Customize Your Car with a Quick Release Steering Wheel

Each of the units has been made up of high-quality aluminum that you will feel aircraft grade. The body has also been anodized to provide you with maximum finish and resilience.

1. NRG Innovations SRK-200BK

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NRG Innovations are proud of their SRK-200BK as they have designed it with raised sections. This helps prevent the stretching and scratching of the hub.

Not just that, NRG quick release 2.0 also comes with a self-locking feature that offers added functionality and safety making it the best quick-release steering wheel.

This quick release comes in a black body that has a neochrome ring which adds style and elegance to its look.

NRG quick release features a short hub that lets you use it while retaining close to stock dimensions.

The latch mechanism can be a little clumsy but it holds up great while it pops on and off frequently.

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  • Solid and durable
  • Prevents scratch and stretch of the hub
  • Added functionality and safety
  • Stylish and elegant


  • Clumsy latch mechanism

2. Kyostar 100% Real Carbon Fiber

[amazon fields=”B07PP7BXQD” value=”thumb” image=”1″ image_size=”large” image_alt=”nrg innovations srk-200bk” image_align=”center”]

When Kyoster says real, they legit mean it. Having made up of genuine carbon fiber, this quick-release hub speaks of durability and high quality.

You will need to use a boss kit to be able to install the product. However, people were found to be happy with its easy installation process.

The product has been made up of high quality T-6061 Aluminum material that helps in lasting it longer.

Moreover, it is stated to be compatible with six-bolt hubs. So, you will find it very convenient to use.

Not just that, this requires just a click to allow for releasing the steering wheel. Plus, the steering wheel quick release hub measures 2.5 inches thick with 3.25 inches diameter.

As a result, it has all the features that make it the affordable quick-release steering wheel apart from the logo that has not been placed perfectly.

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  • Solid and well-built
  • Requires a click to function
  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with 6 hubs


  • Logo isn’t centered perfectly

3. Leadrise Black Quick Release Kit

[amazon fields=”B07SMZ4DYV” value=”thumb” image=”1″ image_size=”large” image_alt=”leadrise black quick release kit” image_align=”center”]

Leadrise has also bagged the top quick-release steering wheel coming in black that looks great and performs great.

The first thing that will impress you is its universal compatibility. It is able to fit any steering wheel that has been modified. It will take an adapter snap-off boss kit only to do the job with ease.

Moreover, the item has used alloy as its material while being finished with chrome polish. So, you will love the durability and texture of the item.

It is not only easy to install but also easier to use. All you need is to push the leveler down to disassemble it from the base and then clip it to reconnect.

The brand has engineered it with eight ball lock joint so that it can deliver you the maximum security.

This quick release kit comes with alan screws but people griped that it strips out quite easily. So, it has been suggested to buy a new one.

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  • Universal compatibility
  • Solid and well-built
  • Easy to install
  • It offers maximum security


  • Flimsy alan screws

4. NRG Innovations SRK-250NB

[amazon fields=”B004CO5TBU” value=”thumb” image=”1″ image_size=”large” image_alt=”nrg innovations srk-250nb” image_align=”center”]

Just like the brand was seen to be proud of their SRK-200NB model, you will find them having the same feeling for this SRK-250NB model.

The brand has included finger grooves on the paddles that adds more control to benefit you the most.

Like the other model from the same brand, it has raised sections as well to prevent stretching and scratching of the hub.

Moreover, this NRG quick release possesses a self-locking feature as well to provide you with added functionality and safety.

To add more, the item has the extra benefit of a black flared ring that has been upgraded for your convenience. As a result, it lets you enjoy much easier release by offering extra grip and leverage on to the pull ring.

If you are looking for gear for race applications where it is mandatory to use the gloves, then this is a perfect buy.

You may not like the screws it comes with since their quality has disappointed the users.

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  • It comes with finger grooves on the paddles
  • Solid and durable
  • Prevents scratch and stretch of the hub
  • Great for race applications


  • Flimsy screws

5. MASO Universal Snap Off Hub

[amazon fields=”B07FVS9RGK” value=”thumb” image=”1″ image_size=”large” image_alt=”maso universal snap off hub” image_align=”center”]

MTX 7.0 by Maso is another great quick release that impresses everyone with its universal compatibility design.

This steering wheel hub adapter features a 6-holes pattern that makes the quick release of steering wheels an easy job. There you will have a master locking system that you can call self-locking mechanism for ease of use.

It has been made up of metal material that you will find perfect for car racing. And you know why? Because the material offers anti-scratch treatment that makes sure it lasts longer and performs great for years.

You neither need any welding nor you need any fiddly keys. it will just need a click to do the job.

However, some of the users felt that it’s difficult to get the wheel back to the position, so this can be a small con for you.

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  • Universal compatibility
  • The self-locking mechanism for ease of use
  • Solid and durable
  • Requires a click for the job


  • Hard to get the wheel back into position

6. Sparco 015R98TU Steering Wheel Quick Release Kit

Although you won’t find many reviews on this particular item by Sparco it has all the traits that the low-cost quick-release steering wheel should have.

This is a removable steering wheel quick release that comes in CNC milled technology so you can enjoy the “zero play” connection.

Having been made up of high-quality aluminum, the product brags about its durability and sturdiness.

Not just that, it also comes with 6-bolt design measuring 6×70 mm PCD that makes it very useful to mount or dismount your steering wheel.

However, it’s price can be a bit demotivating because of its costliness. Otherwise, It’s a great Sparco steering wheel quick release that you can get.

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  • CNC milled technology for zero play
  • Solid and well built
  • Easy to mount and dismount the wheel
  • Universal compatibility


  • None

 7. NRG SRK-200CF Steering Wheel Quick Release Kit

SRK-200CF by NRG offers a lot of options that traditional rivals fail to have. And this is what makes it the low-priced quick-release steering wheel.

It has been designed with raised sections especially so it can avert stretching and scratching of the hub. Moreover, you will have a self-locking mechanism that adds functionality and safety.

The brand has designed the item in black with a carbon fiber ring to add both elegance and style like its other siblings.

Each of the units has used aircraft-grade aluminum material to provide you with great durability and anodized for a perfect finish.

Some of the users said that it gets stuck sometimes. But if you lube the quick release, it should be fine.

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  • Solid and durable
  • Prevents scratch and stretch of the hub
  • Added functionality and safety
  • Stylish and elegant


  • Can get stuck sometimes

8. Flash Power Quick Release Adapter

The flash power quick release wheel is a pre-drilled model that is compatible with most of the steering wheels. You just need to make sure that wheels come with a 70mm PCD bolt pattern.

You will be able to take the steering wheel out easily with just one hand while leaving the car. Not just that, you will also be able to reconnect it with a slight push.

The quick-release features spring-loaded roll pin and tapered socket. Moreover, it is made up of aircraft-grade aluminum material that has been CNC milled for better durability.

You may not like its costly price tags, but if you take a look at the reviews you will understand how this flash power quick release is worth buying.


  • Solid and durable
  • Universal compatibility
  • Easy to mount and dismount
  • Stylish and elegant


  • Didn’t face anything so bad

9. Maso Car Steering Wheel Hub Adapter

[amazon fields=”B07FVW2VYW” value=”thumb” image=”1″ image_size=”large” image_alt=”maso universal car hub” image_align=”center”]

This is another great entry by Maso. This detachable steering wheel quick release features both performance and durability to offer you.

It has holes pattern in its design so that it can make the adapter solid and sturdy.

Moreover, it just takes a click to allow releasing steering wheels. So, it is very easy to use.

People have also praised it for fitting all types of steering wheel since it has universal compatibility. Although, there were some who complained that it did not bolt up to their wheel.

That said, the product has earned a lot of praise, so calling it the budget quick-release steering wheel will not be wrong.

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  • Solid and well-built
  • Takes a click to do the job
  • Easy to mount and dismount
  • Universal compatibility


  • May not bolt up to some wheel

N.B. You may know, the once-popular Momo quick release is no longer available.

Best Quick Release Steering Wheel: The Buying Guide


The quick-release device may not work for most of the stock steering wheels since it has to be installed into a hub adapter. Talking about the adapter, it comes with a package when you get yourself a steering wheel.

However, if you have already installed an adapter, then no matter what quick release you get, it will fit. Although, we would still recommend you check the measurement beforehand.

As for the compatibility with different gears like horns, its banks on the kit you opt for. There are many manufacturers like NRG that incorporate a floating brass contact so that it can make sure the horn works properly. But when it comes to other factors like traction or volume control, the quick release may not work.

Spacing Depth

After installing a quick-release steering wheel, the hub adapter will add extra dimensions to the whole steering set-up.

It will not only involve the steering wheel but also the quick release and the hub as well. This extra depth will refer to the steering wheel that will sit closer to you.

Banking on what your set-up is, this extra depth can be both good or bad in quality. There are many manufacturers who provide people with a wide range of hub lengths so that they can meet their requirements.

Color Options

You will find a lot of color options when it comes to the quick-release steering wheel. There are many brands like NRG that provide you up to 13 to 15 options in color to pick on from. You can opt for a colorful one or the monochrome one, that simply depends on your personal preferences.

A Couple of FAQs

What is a Quick Release Steering Wheel?

The quick release steering wheel is one of the most essential parts of the vehicle which is resting on the main body. With this part, you can trust the navigator or steering which will help you to drive cheerfully for going to your special destination. It's the central part of driving the vehicles as it is available in any type of car or truck. Also, the parts are not fixed which helps drive smoothly with no trouble. It's covered in soft fabricated which helps hold the driving wheel with comfort. The quick driving wheels are a perfect tool for moving with your arm. Also, we don’t only find the quick release steel just trustworthy but also a good tool for driving flexible with comfort. It is so easy to install that you just need to move it on right to left or left to the right format for driving happily. Also, the steering has greater flexibility for moving the driving wheel easily. It's designed with an electric steering motor which helps to clear manual navigator while the assisted manual is not working. By that, you can turn the direction with the steering wheel. It has a clean and simple design which helps to provide clear access for turning all the instrument panels. With that setting, the steering wheel gives signals to the motor for turning or changing the direction. Also, it helps to handle wheel with simple turner to drive with pleasure. With this steering wheel, you can turn the path for safe driving. It fitted well with pin-less machinery that is set up for attaching finely. Also, the steering wheel is not too heavy that you can get up or go down from the vehicles. Moreover, the steering wheel is mainly functioned for driving safely with less pressure. It is designed well with higher torque for a better support system of the quick releasing steering wheel. The quick accessible wheel helps to floaters with better support. Also, it has a fast-reacting motor for turning on the vehicles in a straight position. With that option, you can drive the vehicles simply by moving the driving wheel.

What is a Quick Release Hub?

A quick release hub is a tool that is used for adjusting the driving wheel. It is designed in a small format that is used for adjusting the wheel for driving safely. It has small screws for setting up the fitting for a removable wheel which helps to adjust the frictions and rolling resistance to amplify performance. It's located in the wheel bearings to adjust the quick release systems. It's durable and useful which helps to adjust well with no problem of falling apart. The supportive hub helps to increase the resilience and workability with its amazing support for the safe run. A little tip is to screw tightly in the required area for avoiding any collapse problem.

Is NRG Quick Release Universal?

Yes, the NRG quick release is universal which means it can be used in any vehicles especially cars. It has a short hub, usual size NRG quick release and a wheel that is used for fitting in the vehicles for driving. Also, the NRG creation has a comfortable size for adjusting it with any type of motorized vehicle. It has developing parts that you can use for driving with secure fitting. The NRG innovation has a short hub that helps to hold the driving wheel by plugging in. It also helps to adjust the driving motor with an improved motorized hub that stuck by tightening the screws. It has enough space for the horn which is useful for driving with safety.

What is the Point of a Detachable Steering Wheel?

The detachable or removable steering wheel is helpful in many ways. As you can unlock or lock the steering steel, that helps to drive easily with a simple plug-in option. The main benefit of it is you can connect easily with fast driving with no more putting key on the ignition. Also, it is useful with enlarging spaces for the horn which you will find more gaps for buzzing it. The removable steering wheels are perfect for using as a sports car or any other speedy cars. It is not fixed which means you can easily open the driving wheel for finding more gaps. A detachable wheel is good for balancing the center of it that gives more control and can adapt well.

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