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Brake Line Replacement Cost 2022

The brake line is one of the vehicle’s essential systems. If the brake line is faulty, it would be almost impossible for a motorist to drive. The brake lines of a vehicle have a pivotal function of housing the brake fluid and holding pressure when stepping on the pedal.

Once any of the brake lines develops a leak, corrodes, or breaks due to hard push, then replacement is needed immediately to avoid fatal consequences. To replace the brake lines, it is vital to know the brake line replacement cost in 2022.

As much as brake lines are designed to last for quite some time, they need servicing from time to time to keep the vehicle running smoothly.

How the Brake Line Works

The movement of the brake fluid from the master cylinder to brake calipers are transported through brake lines. The brake lines run from the master cylinder through the underneath of the vehicle to the rotor on each wheel.

These lines running under the vehicle are rigid metal lines. The brake lines in most vehicles are made of steel.

Modern cars use a disc brake system. This system uses a brake pad pair. Squeezing it to the rotor using a caliper, creates friction and slows the vehicle down.

Although some vehicles still use drum brakes, it is only for the rear wheels.

Application of the brake pedal, the brake lines transport the fluid stored in the master cylinder. The brake line system pressurizes this fluid to move the caliper, which then pushes the brake pads to grip the rotor.

The drum brakes function almost like this; the slight difference is that the brake fluid causes the brake shoes to press against the inside of the drums.

So, let’s look at types of brake lines, and brake hoses, and a quick look at how to know that a brake line needs replacement.

Brake lines.

Break lines are rigid metal tubing network which runs beneath the vehicle. This network carries brake fluid from the master cylinder to the points near the wheels of the vehicle.

Brake hoses.

Brake hoses are flexible pipe that serves as a link between the rigid brake line and the brake caliper or wheel cylinder for rear wheels. The flexibility of the brake hose makes it adjustable to suit the movement of the vehicle’s wheels.

Types of the Brake Hose

Generally, the most two common types of brake hoses are as follows.

Rubber brake hose

 this is, of course, the most common type. Made from flexible rubber, with layers of fabric netting for extra protection. The rubber brake hose is suitable for the braking system as it operates under a wide range of temperatures and hydraulic pressure.

Stainless steel brake hose

These are sheaths with stainless steel on the exterior. The stainless steel brake hose is more durable and rigid when compared to the rubber hose.

They are less affected by physical damage since their sheaths are of metals. The stainless brake hose is more expensive than the rubber hose.

Signs of a Failing Brake Line System

Since it is next to impossible for a motorist to drive a vehicle without brakes, it is essential to note the signs of a failing brake line system. If the brake line isn’t working properly, then the brakes won’t work as effectively as they should.

There could be many factors responsible for the malfunctioning of the brake line system. Worn-out brake pads, brake line leakage, tears, crack, or even rust could be responsible for the brake line failure. It is vital to take note of these signs as neglect of the symptoms could lead to fatal injuries.

It is worth mentioning that these signs if observed by a motorist, should without delay get to the nearest automobile repair shop and seek the services of a professional mechanic.

Brake failure

In cases where there is a total loss of brake function, the vehicle won’t stop or slow down while stepping on the brake. The best to do is to see a mechanic immediately.

Brake failure in a vehicle is as bad as a faulty aircraft engine in the air. Brake hose damage and leaking brake pipe could be possible factors causing brake failure.

Brake warning light

Once the brake warning light appears on the dashboard when the parking brake is not functional, then it’s a clear indication that the vehicle’s braking system needs servicing.

This brake warning light is just the vehicle computer’s way of telling the motorist that there is a brake line issue requiring urgent attention. Most times, ABS units are responsible for this.

Leaking brake line

Hydraulic problems or worn brake pads are common causes of leakage in the brake line.

Sometimes, it can be hard to identify a brake fluid leak. The easiest way to checkmate this is to check and observe the fluid level in the master cylinder and note if they’re at the correct level.

Grinding sounds when braking

A vehicle starts to make a grinding noise when applying the brake, mostly because of bad brake pads. Other things can cause this like foreign objects caught in the caliper or fake brake pads. Whatever be the case, this is a severe issue that shouldn’t be untreated.

Brake Line Replacement Cost in 2022

The cost of replacing a brake line depends on some factors, including the vehicle’s make, model, and location. Most vehicle parts for brake lines usually cost between 15 to 50dollars.

With the addition of labor costs, the figure is up to 100 to 200dollars depending on the automobile repair shop and geographical location.


Can you drive a car with a leaking brake line?

It is very wrong to drive a vehicle with a leaking brake line. This leaking line would eventually run out of brake fluids, leaving the motorist and other road users in a very dangerous situation. This could end the lives of loved ones. Never try this, no matter how smart the motorist may think he is.

How do you know if your brake line is leaking?

The best way is to observe the ground of the parked vehicle to check for droppings. A closer look also after suspecting a leak can reveal a small puddle of brake fluid around one of the wheels. Sometimes the brake pedal feels softer, always sinking towards the floor without returning to the original position.

How long does it take to replace the brake line?

This is dependent on the automobile repair shop, the quality of tools used, and the professional mechanic available. It takes about 2 to 3hrs for a competent mechanic with the approved working tools for the job.

Are our brake lines easy to replace?

Brake lines are not so difficult to replace. Once the mechanic knows his job, the job shouldn’t be too hard to carry out. Although bleeding the system after replacing the brake line is a bit demanding. But with the right tools, the issues are manageable.

How often should you replace your brake line?

Brake lines are to last for a while before replacement. They could last for years, but if there is a need for change even in the space of 3months, for safety, there is a need to do so without hesitations. This is because life is more precious and important than any other thing.

Final Words

Safety is everyone’s business. Driving a vehicle with a bad brake line is a punishable offense by law. If, as a result of the car user’s carelessness, an accident occurs, the law deals with the motorist. Break line replacement cost is not as expensive as the name sounds.

It is important to checkmate your vehicle, especially the brake fluid to see if there is any fall in the fluid’s level, as this may be a key indicator of potential danger before embarking on any journey.

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