What to Do When Your Car Makes Humming Noise When Accelerating: Smooth Moves

car makes noise when accelerating at low speed

What bothers you most likely when your car makes a humming noise when accelerating?

Spot out the type of noises, the timing or how long it stays, and the location.

I will describe all possible types of noises, timing, and locations so don’t be fret!

Well, there are a few types of noises that are pretty usual to happen.

And you don’t have to take any precautions if you find the presence of those noises. But the humming noise is not one of them, especially when it takes place at sudden times like accelerating.

However, we have got a complete solution to this problem in today’s post. We’ve checked out every possible reason and provided solutions accordingly. Stay with us till the dead bottom.

The Reasons Behind Car Humming Noises

Well, this problem that we are talking about can be caused by a number of reasons. It may happen due to transmission humming noise when accelerating.

Additionally, it can be a fault in the steering so you may need to sort out fixing the locked steering.

Finally, don’t forget to see whether the engine became cold due to remaining idle for a long time.

We will talk about every possible problem and try to troubleshoot the exact problem. In the end, you should be expecting to understand the reason for your car making humming noise while accelerating.

Reason 1: The Engine Issues

First things first, the source of the noise can be a problem that occurs right in the engine section. But there is no specific problem that can create humming noise in your car while accelerating.

It quite depends on what car and engine you are equipped with. So, we would suggest you go for a complete car engine system checkup for quality apt fitment.

For now, we can give you a list of problems in the engine that can end up creating a humming or whining noise in the car-


There can be a leakage in either the exhaust system or the power steering system.

Although both of them are leaks, you can not address them in the same manner.

After a full engine system checkup, if you find a leakage in any of these two spots, you should go for quick leak-repairing actions.

Loose Belt

To drive the car’s tires, belts are required. But when the belts get to loosen up for several reasons, that can cause a whining or humming noise in the engine.

Faulty Power System

There can be two kinds of faults in a car engine power system. Number one- a faulty power steering system, and number two- carriage of low fluids. Either way, you need professional help to get it done properly.

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Reason 2: The Transmission Issues

Another possible culprit behind such noise creation is the fault in the transmission section. In fact, it’s one of the most likely reasons, why you’re suffering from such noise issues.

There are two possible reasons that can cause such noises when you accelerate the car. The two reasons are –

  1. Worn-up gears of the transmission system.
  2. Low or bad transmission fluid.

Worn-up gears of the transmission system

Once you speed up or accelerate, the first section of the car system that gets affected is the transmission section. There is a number of gears that form a complete transmission system of the car. And for regular uses, those gears get worn out. That can cause noises and vibrations while you’re trying to accelerate the car.

Low or bad transmission fluid

Another part of the transmission system is the transmission of fluid flow. And this is also likely to be the source of the problem. If the transmission fluid gets low, such noises and disturbances take place, which results in a bad driving experience.

If you can pinpoint that the fluid flow is the reason behind it, we highly recommend you change the transmission fluid and replace it with a good-quality version.

Our recommendation: Castrol 03520C Transmax 1 Gallon

To solve the problems, you need to notice exactly when this noise is created and determine which part of the transmission system is actively interacting right at that moment.

If you’re not able to determine the exact part of the transmission, you should get some help from a professional mechanic.

Reason 3: The Steering Issues

The third reason that we’re talking about, is regarded to the steering system.

There are a couple of problems and each of them can be the reason behind your problem individually.

The first one is- a turned steering wheel. When your car steering wheel is not in a neutral position, that can cause whining or humming noise in the car. You should check out for bad alignment problems in the car to solve that problem out.

The second possible reason is, a loosen-up steering belt. If the belt goes loose, that can cause some serious impact including noise while accelerating.

And that can lead to accidental issues in the worst cases.

If you check and find out that the steering wheel is lost, you should immediately change the car steering belt and replace it with a good quality one.

Well, there is no short diagnosis or quick trick to solve out a problem like this. The car is a complex and complicated mechanism and the problem can be sourced from a number of places at a time.

If you’re a non-mechanic car owner yourself, all you can do is to locate what the type of noise it is exactly and from where it is happening right now. That means the noise source.

This quick diagnosis will help you when you call up a professional for a quick rescue.

You can use a recording device to locate the noise and note down the place for troubleshooting. There are many budget-friendly noise locators available in the market in this regard.

If you want to get the idea of humming noise, See this VIDEO!

Before We End!

We’re at the bottom of the article. We would recommend you keep in mind all the possibilities and act accordingly while working on serious issues.

If you see your car making a humming noise when accelerating on an occasional period, that might be sourced from just a malfunction that can be solved without any new parts replacement.