Duralast Gold vs Platinum: Which one is right for you?

duralast gold vs platinum battery

There is no smooth engine startup without a good battery, as it plays a significant role in starting the vehicle. There are many options to choose from on the market shelves.

Nevertheless, Duralast has proven to be one of the best options that provide maximum power for most car owners.

Duralast has several reliable battery models that you can choose from based on your budget and what you want from a battery.

If you’re asking for a durable battery with a high reserve capacity, you should go for a Duralast gold battery or a Duralast platinum battery. These batteries are the best in the Duralast battery lineup.

Hence, this article will focus on Duralast gold vs platinum batteries.

Have you ever wondered why your engine revolves slowly or won’t start at all, especially in extreme cold weather conditions?

It could be you have a weak car battery, or the battery is dead and needs replacement. It is a daunting task to select an excellent battery for your truck, car, or SUV.

However, Duralast gold and platinum batteries appear to be a better option with excellent features.

These batteries come with good reserve capacity and cold-cranking amps. Which Duralast battery should I go for? Gold or platinum?

Duralast Gold vs Platinum Battery

Main features like reserve capacity, power generation, warranty, and size vary with battery brands and models. All Duralast batteries can’t be discussed in a single comparison article.

Hence, we have hand-picked Duralast gold and platinum to show their fundamental differences. 

Cold-cranking amperage

The acronym CCA, which stands for cold cranking amperage, means the battery’s ability to start a car in extreme conditions.

A 12 volts battery can produce power demand at 0-degree temperature for 30 seconds. The power demand is known as Cold-cranking amperage. Batteries with higher CCA have more starting power.

Both Duralast platinum and gold have varying differences in cold cranking amperage. Duralast platinum has 740 CCA, while Duralast gold has 700 CCA. What does this mean?

It shows that Duralast platinum provides better starting power. It also indicates that it starts the vehicle better than Duralast gold.


Both batteries have no significant differences in durability. Both batteries have a Duralast battery warranty claim of 3 years. However, these batteries can last longer if handled properly.

So, in durability, Duralast gold and platinum have no difference.


Duralast uses light applications in manufacturing its batteries. They also come in perfect sizes to fit in any vehicle. And that’s one of the reasons most folks use Duralast batteries.

Although, when it comes to size, Duralast platinum has an edge over Duralast gold. Its spill-proof design allows you to install it the way you want. This is not achievable with Duralast gold.


Voltage is the electromotive force used to move electrons from one place to another.

It means how much power a car battery can generate. An average car battery is 12.8 volts. Both batteries have no difference in voltage as both of them are 12 volts.

Reserve Capacity

Reserve capacity also referred to as reserve minutes, shows how long a battery can last on a single charge. The reserved minutes are usually measured before the battery is fully recharged.

There’s a big difference in the reserve capacity of both batteries.

Duralast platinum has a 200 reserve capacity, whereas Duralast gold has a 150 reserve capacity. If you want more durability and sustainability, Duralast platinum is a good option.

How long can I expect a battery to last?

One of the most frequently asked questions amongst car owners is ‘How long can one expect a battery to last?’

There’s no single answer to this. Several battery manufacturers offer different ranges of battery warranties on various models. 

Generally, a battery’s durability relies on several factors such as weather conditions, maintenance quality, frequency of usage, and charging methods in which you have been using the battery.

If you maintain your battery properly, it can last 3 years or more. However, some unforeseen incidents can shorten the battery’s lifespan.

Which one to choose?

Well, as you have seen from the comparison above, both Duralast gold and platinum have satisfactory features that make them a good option.

Moreover, Both batteries are notable for durability and high performance. In any case, from the features above, it is clear that Duralast platinum has an edge over the gold version.

The duralast platinum battery has more reserve minutes than the gold version.

They also offer more power for a smoother starting. These topping features generally present Duralast platinum as a better option.

Cost is one of the factors to consider when making a purchase. Both batteries have affordable prices, however, Duralast platinum is more costly than Duralast gold.

The reason is clear – if you don’t want to tear your pocket in getting a block of Duralast platinum, you can go for Duralast gold. So, the best choice for you depends on your decision and point of view.

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How Long Do Duralast Gold Batteries Last?

On average, Duralast batteries last 3-5 years. You will comfortably use Duralast gold and platinum longer than some OEM batteries. Nonetheless, you should know that Duralast platinum lasts longer than the gold variant. Though, it’s more expensive. If you are on a tight budget, you can use Duralast gold and still enjoy premium features with long-lasting performance.

Who Makes Autozone Duralast Gold Batteries?

Johnson Controls, a leading North American-owned battery manufacturing company, makes Duralast batteries for Autozone. Autozone has a solid gold reputation in selling premium batteries and other auto spare parts from different manufacturers. However, all Duralast batteries in the AutoZone battery lineup are known for top quality and for providing peak performance. You don’t have to doubt the performance and quality of these batteries because Johnson Controls, an American Irish-domiciled conglomerate, can’t risk its reputation for anything.  This company is notable for manufacturing security, HVAC, and fire equipment.

What type of battery is Duralast gold?

Duralast gold batteries are manufactured with AGM technology, which increases their power to effectively handle electrical components in your vehicle even as it offers safety to the electrical system. AGM batteries have a maintenance-free design and offer easy installation. Duralast AGM batteries have high Reserve Capacity (RC), and offer maximum CCA ratings, making them a reliable choice even in extreme weather conditions.

Will Autozone install a battery?

Autozone is not only notable for selling long-lasting batteries, but they also offer free installation services. However, they have terms and conditions applied on free battery installation as some vehicles have designs that make battery installation difficult. If your vehicle requires removing some system components before accessing the battery, they will charge you for the installation. If you can replace your old battery, you should buy either Duralast gold or platinum battery and replace it yourself.

Is the Duralast battery a good brand?

Duralast premium batteries are excellent options that exceed most OEM specifications. The brand also has batteries with the lowest prices in the market that effectively power your electrical systems. Their premium lineups, offer batteries with an extended lifespan, lasting 3-5 years. Moreover, these batteries come with high reserve capacity and offer peak performance on various car models. Furthermore, they have high CCA ratings, which makes them excellent for extremely cold weather conditions.

Final words

At this juncture, this article has compared Duralast gold vs platinum batteries based on features and customer reviews. And, this is an unbiased comparison.

The bottom line is, that if you need the best regardless of the price, Duralast platinum is the best battery for you.

In contrast, if you don’t want to tear your pocket, consider the Duralast gold battery. It has premium features that’ll meet your high-end expectations.