Who makes EverStart Batteries in 2023

who makes everstart batteries

Everstart is one of the most popular and leading names in the automotive battery industry. They provide advanced, reliable, and extreme temperature tolerance automotive batteries produced by one of the top battery manufacturers in the automotive space.

Suppose you’re fond of this quality battery and have wondered who makes Everstart batteries sit tight.

This article will uncover everything you need to know about the Manufacturers in relation to Everstart.

Are EverStart batteries any good?

According to some experts, Everstart batteries is one of the renowned and popular names in the automotive battery industry. They are manufactured by one of the best battery manufacturers in the world. Are Everstart batteries genuinely worth the buy?

Yes, they are worth the buy. Everstart batteries are designed with the winter season in mind.

This means they are designed with the perfect amps for an easy startup even in freezing cold weather conditions where most batteries fail. They are majorly known for their intense power source.

And that also implies, it supplies the required power needed to start up a car in cold weather conditions.

Everstart batteries are long-lasting. They are produced to last long. The Manufacturers do not compromise quality as they will not risk their reputation for anything. It is manufactured with lithium technology, which means it incorporates several advanced battery features with little maintenance.

The truth about the brand is, they have several options available and a wide range of prices to suit everyone. Therefore, it is imperative to note that as the price differs, so does the value.

If you’re after longevity and a high power supply, you have to consider their high-end batteries with a top-rated warranty. Their low-cost batteries are pretty good at their price.

Who makes EverStart batteries?

There are various series of battery brands available at Walmart, and they have a wide range of batteries, starting from affordable to high-end ones. They have a battery for everyone according to your needs and pocket.

Here’s the answer to that mind-boggling question; Johnson controls and produces Everstart batteries for Walmart. Johnson controls is a leading Irish-American battery manufacturing company.

Many users think the actual manufacturers of Everstart batteries are Delphi and Exide. Well, there is no factual proof to back that information.

In the earlier 2000s, Johnson controls signed a contract agreement to supply 60% of the total production of Walmart automotive batteries.

Later, both parties agreed and upgraded the deal to 100% of the entire battery supply.

A brief history of the manufacturers

It is clear to us that Johnson controls are the actual manufacturer of Walmart batteries.

They have a well-equipped testing lab where they test all the batteries before releasing them to the market. They run a one-month test on their batteries to ensure the best output.

Johnson Controls was founded in 1885 by professor Warren Johnson. Prior to establishing the company, he was a professor at the Whitewater Normal school, Whitewater, Wisconsin. Their headquarter is located in Cork, Ireland.

After several decades in business, Johnson controls, in collaboration with Tyco International, created a new company named Johnson controls international PLC. The new company was created in 2016 and is headquartered in Cork, Ireland.

EverStart battery types

Everstart has made a good name in the auto battery space. They have various kinds of batteries for any vehicle need. You only need to find the suitable type for your vehicle’s make and model.

Automotive batteries

As per Walmart’s report, Everstart has available batteries for 92% of trucks, cars,  and SUVs in the market.

EverStart batteries for automotive feature sulfuric acid and water to form chemical reactions for better output.

This makes their automotive batteries last longer, using only a small percentage of power from each use.

Leisure and vehicle batteries

Everstart has all types of vehicles in mind. They have batteries specifically designed for any vehicle you own. Knowing that Trucks or standard car batteries will not work on RVs or recreational vehicles, Everstart produces batteries using deep cycles for RVs. Everstart has many of these batteries in its product lineup.

Multi-Sport batteries

All-terrain vehicle types, motorcycles, jet skis, and snowmobiles operate with batteries. Recreational vehicles use lead-acid-based batteries that require distilled water to be added from time to time.

In any case, AGM batteries are safer, last longer, and require little or no maintenance. Everstart has 15 RV battery models in their product lineup.

Battery riding lawnmowers and tractors

Battery riding lawnmowers and small tractors use a 10-volt battery smaller than 12-volt Automotive batteries. These batteries are smaller in size, and they have the same chemical reaction principles as truck or SUV batteries.

EverStart thinks of these vehicles. They have batteries for both big and small tractors and battery riding lawnmowers.

Marine and deep-cycle batteries

Everstart manufactures starting and unique batteries for small to medium size boats. Deep cycle batteries are manufactured for heavy power outbursts, unlike standard car and truck batteries.

However, some automotive batteries incorporate deep cycle features. A starting battery is known as a heavy power source that is needed for sailing a large boat.

What are the best EverStart automotive batteries available?

As you have seen, Everstart has batteries for any vehicle need. Let’s take a look at three of these batteries.

Everstart Maxx Lead Acid Automotive battery 640 CCA

This is powerful and cost-effective. It is one of the high-end Everstart automotive batteries.


Exceeds some OEM expectations

It features 550 cold-cranking amps. It exceeds some vehicles’ expectations. It has a high power supply, making it easier to start your car without much hassle.

Sturdy construction

It offers sturdy construction and 12 volts to outburst heavy power for easy startups.

High reserve capacity

It features a high reserve capacity of 100 minutes. It can store a high level of power through its discharge-charge cycle.


It promises a longer lifespan, and their three years warranty stands behind it.


  •  Suitable for various kinds of weather.
  • High reserve capacity
  • Outburst heavy power for easy startup
  • Maintenance-free
  • Last longer with a top-rated three years warranty


  • A bit pricey.

Everstart Value Lead Acid Automotive Battery

This is another quality Everstart lead-acid automotive battery with an affordable price for all.


Extreme weather conditions

It is excellent for extreme weather conditions. It is perfect for a variety of temperature conditions.

Long lifespan

Everstart Value Lead Acid is designed to provide the required starting power for a variety of vehicles.

Excellent for cold startup

It features 585 cold-cranking amps for easy startups in cold weather conditions. 

Easy installation

Everstart Value lead-acid automotive battery has a simple design making the installation process a lot easier.


  • It has a long battery lifespan
  • It comes at an affordable price
  • Designed for easy battery installation
  • It delivers excellent power for startups.


  • Only 1-year battery warranty.

Everstart Plus Lead Acid Automotive Battery Group 65-3

It is compatible with a wide range of vehicles, makes, and models. It has convenient top posts for easily connecting negative and positive terminals.


Excellent for all weather conditions

It delivers a whopping 650 cold-cranking amps for reliable startups in a wide range of temperatures.


It offers longer-lasting cycles than most automotive batteries. Their 2years warranty stands behind it.

Easy installation

Everstart automotive batteries are designed for easy installation, and this is no exception.


  • It comes with a whopping 650 CCA
  • Excellent for cold environment
  • Last longer. It has a 2years warranty.


  • Not sure if it can withstand vibration.

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Does the Everstart battery need water?

No. Everstart batteries are known as maintenance-free battery brands.

What is CCA?

CCA, which stands for Cold-cranking amps, is a rating used in the battery industry to identify the ability of a battery to start in cold-weather environments.

What is a reserved capacity?

Reserved capacity means the number of minutes a well-recharged battery can sustain a designated load – usually 25 amps before it is fully drained.

Final thoughts

It is always good to know a thing or two about the brands we use, and Everstart is no exception.

In summary, Everstart batteries are produced by Johnson controls, a world-leading battery manufacturing company with a solid gold reputation in the battery industry.

They are operating on six continents across 2000 locations and are headquartered in Cork, Ireland.

However, they produce Everstart batteries in Canada. Therefore, the overall aim of this article is to tell you who makes Everstart batteries and why you should consider them for your battery replacement.