How to Reset Transmission Control Module Chevy

how to reset transmission control module chevy

If you’re tired of the same cook and bull story on your Chevy TCM, you must step up the game by knowing how to reset transmission control module chevy. This is an essential guide for automatic transmissions.

We have written a Chevy TCM reset process for quick and easy resetting. This method requires no tool. Whenever you notice abnormal gear shifts and want to reset your TCM, this guide is beneficial.

This article will cover the importance and functions of the transmission control module, symptoms of bad TCM, and how to reset it. Please follow the guide on this article and do it yourself. You’ll experience optimal gear selection and an incredible driving experience.

What is a Transmission Control Module?

A transmission control module is an essential transmission control unit that interprets the electrical signal from other sensors in your car. Some of the sensors that work together in harmony with the transmission control module are the accelerator pedal sensor, throttle position sensor, turbine sensor, and transmission fluid temperature sensor.

These sensors receive data from your car’s performance and send it to the TCM. And, the TCM operates with this data to calculate optimal gear shifting. This means the transmission control module works along with the transmission and the engine to provide peak performance.

Besides the primary functions of the TCM, it may send incorrect signals to the car computer whenever it detects any malfunction or other issues in your transmission system. These incorrect signals appear in your dash in the form of a check engine light to notify the driver of a registered fault.

A bad transmission control module will result in abnormal gear shifting and a plethora of other issues. 

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Transmission Control Module TCM

The transmission control module is designed to last the life of your car. But over time, the TCM may fail due to overuse, heat fluctuations, and even due to day-to-day use. This can cause your TCM to remain in the lowest gear, causing it not to exceed 3rd gear. Some of the symptoms you’ll notice when the TCM fails includes; 

  • Transmission not shifting to higher gears when you step on the gas pedal
  • Transmission not shifting to lower gears when you release the gas pedal
  • Car stuck in neutral
  • Gears not changing
  • Stalling when changing gears
  • Car stuck in limp mode. Not able to shift to higher gears
  • Poor fuel economy
  • Unpredictable shifting

Any of these issues can be dangerous and have some effects on your engine. That said, if you notice any of these symptoms with the engine warning light on, it’ll be best to diagnose your car with a transmission scan tool. You can contact your mechanic to inspect the TCM and ensure it starts working properly again.

How to Reset Transmission Control Module Chevy: Step by step Guide

Before you think of replacing your Chevy’s transmission, you should consider resetting the transmission control module. A malfunctioning TCM might be the cost of the problem you’re experiencing. This technique will help you if you have jerky gear or experience gear slippage.

Step 1: Switch on the ignition key

The first approach to resetting the TCM starts with the ignition key position. Turn and leave the ignition key to the ON position. Check your dashboard and ensure the lights are on. Once the lights are on, you’re ready to proceed.

However, ensure you do not depress the throttle pedal and turn on the vehicle. 

Listen carefully to sounds. You should hear two clicking sounds. After the clicks, the dashboard light will illuminate. Even at this point, you still don’t have to start the car.

Step 2: depressing the throttle pedal

Now you have completed the first step, you need to head to another step. This step involves depressing the throttle pedal. Ensure you’re depressing it. You should depress the throttle pedal until it gets to the ground.

What you need is to trigger the downshift or kick-down switch. Do not remove your leg from the throttle pedal. Keep depressing it.

Step 3: Sit back and wait

You need to understand that resetting your Chevy TCM requires patience. You should exercise a little patience and don’t expect fast results.

This step requires about 10-15 seconds to depress the throttle pedal, which is okay for the throttle pedal to continue functioning properly before jumping to the next step. Depress the pedal and wait.

Step 4: Turn off the ignition key

Once you’re done with the previous step, come back to the ignition key. Still depressing the pedal.

Ensure you carry out this process while depressing the gas pedal. I hope you still remembered you turned the key to 2? Now, reverse the process by turning the key to its former position.

This process requires turning off the key. If you are fond of turning off the key and removing it from the ignition, please do not apply it here. Leave the key in the ignition.

Although, the technique of leaving the key in the ignition doesn’t work on all models.

That said, Consult your owner’s booklet/service manual to know if you’re required to take off the key. However, most Chevy models do not require removing the key.

Step 5: Release the throttle pedal 

After returning the ignition key to zero, release the throttle pedal.

Ensure you don’t carelessly release the throttle pedal before returning the ignition key to zero.

Step 6: Sit back and wait again

You might be in a hurry to get things working again, but the resetting procedure requires you to exercise patience. You need to allow your car to rest after releasing the throttle pedal.

Ensure your engine is switched off for 5 to 10 minutes. Do not swap the ignition key.

Step 7: Drive your car

This process is almost done. You have carried out the TCU process together with the ECU process.

It’s time for a ride! The ECU works together in harmony with the TCU. You need to teach them how you drive. They need to understand your driving style and cooperate with it.

After programming your ECU and TCU, drive your car for 15-20 minutes.

Remember you’re programming your engine to know how you handle your vehicle. Ensure you go at a decent speed. Just the way you normally drive. They will reset your driving methods and do all the necessary resets.

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Will a bad TCM trigger a fault code?

A faulty TCM will signal the car computer of a registered fault, causing it to display a check engine light. If you scan your transmission with a scan tool, it will trigger some trouble codes to a failing or bad TCM such as P0700, P0613, or P0706.

Does the Transmission Control Module need programming?

Yes, you need to program your TCM after installing a new one. The programming should be done on the car.

Note: Do not service your car after installing a new TCM, as it can cause untimely failure to the transmission system.

How long should it take to reset a TCM?

It typically takes around 25 to 35 minutes to complete TCM reprogramming. The TCM reprogramming is completed as soon as the programming machine finishes loading.

How much does it cost to replace a TCM?

The average cost of replacing a TCM should be around $400-$800. The TCM should cost around $100-$300, while the service fee should be $300-$500.

This is an estimated cost. The actual price May differ. Nonetheless, you can order a TCM online and ask for the service fee.

How do I reset my Chevy ECM?

To reset your Chevy’s ECM;

  • Disconnect your negative battery terminal with a sizable wrench or socket wrench.
  • Switch on the headlights to discharge all the current on the ECM.
  • Leave it at the ON position for 10-15 minutes before switching it off.

How do I reset Chevy’s Transmission Control Module?

Resetting the TCM requires the following steps;

  • Switch the ignition key and leave it at the 2 position
  • Depress the gas pedal for 15 seconds
  • Switch off the vehicle. Do not remove the key from the ignition
  • Release the gas pedal and sit back for 7 minutes.
  • Drive the car for 20 minutes at a decent speed to teach your car computer your driving style.

Final Thoughts

Now that we’ve unveiled how to reset transmission control module chevy, you can reset it yourself. The process is super easy. To successfully reset Chevy TCM, follow the process step by step, and you’re good to go.

The process only requires 10-15 minutes to be completed. Then drive the vehicle for 20 minutes, and you’re done.