License Plate Screw Size: Pick the Best One!

license plate screw size

One of the most important components of every vehicle is the license plate which is held in place with at least two screws. The license plate is part of your authorization to use your car within a locality, usually a country.

If you just bought a new car, you will need to get the screw size aligned with your vehicle’s license plate screw holes.

Hence, knowing your car’s license plate screw size is essential, whether you just got a new car or you are changing your old or rusted license plate screws.

The various sizes of the license plates of different vehicles made by some major automotive industry manufacturers are unveiled in this article. Could you take a moment to check them out?

car license plate screw size

What size are License Plate screws

Every manufacturer has various standard license plate screws, and sizes that align with their vehicle makes and models. The screws may not apply to vehicles of other makes and models.

Since most vehicle manufacturers design their license plate holes to accommodate specific license plate bolts or screws, it would be helpful if you take out time to find out which is best for your replacement screws among a wide variety or type of plate screws.

There are standard screw sizes suitable for Audi, Toyota, Ford, Chevrolet, Hyundai, BMW, Lexus, Volkswagen, etc. The following are some of the recommended sizes for various vehicle license plates.


The specified standard size for Ford vehicles’ license plates screws is 1/4” (#14) X 5/8”. This size is suitable for Ford cars of various models. If you own a Ford car, you can be sure of picking the most appropriate size when you buy the 1/4” (#14) X 5/8” screw size for your car’s license plate.

Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz cars use both M6 X 1.0 X 8-16mm and M5 X 0.8 X 8-16mm license plate screws to effectively hold their plates firmly in place without falling off.


Toyota vehicles’ specified standard size for their license plate screws is 1 X 0.5 X 0.5 inches, and this is quite different from many other license plates screws out there. If you drive a Toyota Corolla, Camry, Avensis, etc., you can be sure of picking the right screw for your vehicle’s license plate by getting 1 X 0.5 X 0.5 inches size screws.

General Motors

General Motors vehicles use a 1/4” (#14) X 3/4” screw size for holding their vehicles’ license plate in place.


Hyundai vehicles use a peculiar M6-1.0 X 16mm screw size for their license plates, which helps to hold them firmly in place without shaking.


The size of the license plate screws of Audi cars is a standard length. They also have an extended length of M6 X 1.0 X 16mm.


Chevrolet cars have a standard size of license plate screws of around 8 mm for a shorter length, 10 mm optimum, and 12 mm for a more extended size. You can choose one of the sizes for your Chevrolet, and you are good to go.


Acura TL cars go with m6 X 16mm screws to help hold their license plates firmly in place. The screw size is common to access, and you can get them at an auto accessories or parts shop around your locality.


The regular license plate screw size for Volkswagen cars is 0.5 X 0.5 X 0.75 inches. This screw size holds the plate tightly in place, so you don’t have to worry about your vehicle’s license plate moving out of its place.


BMW cars use a standard license plate screw with a size of M5 X 0.8 X 8mm or M5 X 0.8 X 12mm as the case may be, depending on which is most suitable for your BMW.

RAM truck

RAM truck license plate screw size differs from others, and the vehicle uses 1/4-14-3/4 inch screw size to hold its license plate firmly in place. If you drive a RAM truck, this is the license plate screw you need for your vehicle.


If you drive a Honda car, your vehicle’s standard size for its license plate screw is M6 X 1.0 X 12-20mm. This screw size is trusted to hold your car’s license plate tightly to its position.


The license plate position of Lexus cars is designed to go with M6 X 1.0 X 25mm screw size. The screw size is just right for your Lexus RX350. If you drive any other Lexus, you may also want to check it out.

Nissan and Infiniti

The same company manufactures Nissan and Infiniti; hence their license plate screw size is the same. They both use an M6 X 16mm screw size for holding their license plate firmly to its position.


If you drive a Kia, your car most likely uses the standard Kia license plate screw size of M6 X 1.0 X 25mm. This screw size is the same for Lexus and Mazda, respectively.

Whether you just bought a brand new car or you are trying to change your car’s old license plate screws, you must endeavor to look through the outline of the various vehicle makes, according to their manufacturers, to enable you to get the correct screw.

The need for you to get the right screw to help you hold your car’s license plate firmly in place cannot be over-emphasized. Your license plate is significant because it is your authorization to drive within your country or wherever you reside. Hence, you must ensure not to lose it to thieves or along the express while driving at high speed.


Are there special screws for license plates?

Yes, there are unique screws that you can use to hold your car’s license plate in place, and at the same time, they serve as security to enable you to prevent the plate from theft.

The special security screws require a unique security wrench to get them out; hence, an intruder cannot come from anywhere and attempt to steal your vehicle’s license plate without having the unique security wrench, which is not easy to possess.

It would be helpful if you got some special screws for your vehicle’s license plate. They are not costly, and they only take a few minutes to install.

Are all license plate screws the same?

Of course not! All license plate screws are not the same. Most vehicle manufacturers produce their various vehicle makes and models and unique license plate screws that go with them. Screws that vehicle manufacturers explicitly build for their car makes and models are known as OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer screws.

The OEM screws are made with different materials, and they come in different sizes just the way it fits the specific vehicle make and model. Therefore, Honda, Toyota, Ford, etc., cars come with different license plate screws.

What size are GMC license plate screws?

General Motors manufacture their vehicle make and models alongside the license plate screws that fit the vehicles they manufacture. The screws are pretty different from those of other carmakers and models.

The GMC license plate screw uses Hex screws of 1/4” x 3/4 “with a head size of 3/8”. This screw is uniquely made for GMC and may not fit into holding the license plate of another vehicle make or model in place.

If you bought a new GMC and need to attach your car’s license plate, there you have the required size of license plate screws to help you hold it in place.

What Does Screw Size Mean?

Two different numbers size a screw; the first refers to the screw gauge, which is the screw diameter. The larger the screw gauge number, the larger the diameter, which means a number 14 screw is bigger than a number 6 screw. Basically, your vehicle’s license plate screw size is determined by both the length and the gauge.

How do anti-theft license plate screws work?

Anti-theft license plate screws are unique screws that help to hold your car’s license plate in place, designed in a way that a thief cannot easily remove them. This helps to save you the stress of worrying about hoodlums who are specialized in stealing licensed plates.

The anti-theft license plate screws are a patent design that aligns with your existing car license plate screws but with encapsulated stainless steel cap that makes them unique to your vehicle license plate. By that, it helps to prevent thieves from attempting to steal your vehicle’s plate.

Final thoughts

The license plate screw size of the various vehicles make, according to their different manufacturers’ specifications, has been unveiled in this article for your timely information. Therefore, you should endeavor to note the exact size recommended for your car if you need to fix a new license plate or change the screws in your old plate.

Fixing your car’s license plate is pretty easy, provided you get the correct license plate screw for it; otherwise, you may have to struggle all day just to drive the screw into its place. The process will end up being abortive because it’s like forcing a square peg into a round hole.