Refurbished Car Batteries Near Me: The Best Places to Find Them

It will tell your pocket if you want to replace a bad or dead battery with a new one.

However, if you want to minimize cost yet get the same value as a new battery, you may need to consider a refurbished battery.

Refurbished batteries are cheap and work just like a new ones. And a great option, especially if you have multiple cars. But what are refurbished batteries, and where can you find them?

What are Refurbished car batteries?

Refurbished batteries are old car batteries that have been reconditioned to function again so you can use them in your vehicle.

Something peculiar about refurbished batteries is that they are cheaper and work just like a new battery. They can also work for a long time before displacing them.

Once these old batteries have been refurbished, you can use or store them for up to three to five years.

So instead of spending much to get a new battery, you can get a reconditioned battery at an affordable price yet functions like a new one. And are quite easy to get. So where can you get them?

refurbished car battery

Places You to Buy Reconditioned Batteries

Refurbished car batteries can be gotten anywhere–online and offline. For online stores, we have shops like eBay, craigslist, and Amazon.

By typing refurbished car batteries near me, you would also see many online options.

However, if you feel more satisfied going in person, you can visit your local store close to you or even scrap yards. Here are places you get reconditioned batteries.


Amazon is one of the largest, most famous, and most reliable online shops–a very good reason many people prefer it. You can get refurbished batteries of any quality and brand at different prices. And don’t worry about misinformation. 

Everything about the battery is always stated on the site. So you can go through it to ensure what you are buying is what your car needs. On your browser, type and type refurbished car batteries on their search bar; you will see many options to select from. 


Among many things sold on eBay, buying refurbished batteries is the largest option. And you will find all kinds of batteries at lower prices on their website. Interestingly, eBay provides free delivery on certain items bought from their website. 

They also buy old, new, and even dead batteries. So they basically serve as a recycling center too. If you have an old or dead battery you want to dispose of, take it to eBay; you will be rewarded.


Craigslist is another great option to buy reconditioned batteries online. And many people like it because you can buy almost everything there.

Unfortunately, many people have been scammed here, so you must be careful when buying from them.

But while it’s risky buying refurbished batteries from Craigslist, it’s better than buying from scrap yards or these metal recycling centers.

These places basically sell lifeless items you can’t get value for.


Sears is one of the most reliable offline shops where you can get refurbished batteries. They sell any kind of automotive battery, whether old or new.

So you won’t have a hard time finding the perfect fit for your car. Interestingly, Sears is also a recycling center; you can therefore recycle any battery you buy from them.


Another very reliable shop to get refurbished batteries is Costco. They sell all types of car batteries at affordable prices.

Depending on the size, type, and brand, you can get them for $50-$100.

They also offer a 36-month warranty, a sign they have confidence in what they sell. No wonder automotive experts recommend buying batteries from them.


AutoZone offers a variety of car batteries for customers. So you can easily get the perfect fit for your car. Autozone offers customers low prices and discounts through codes and reward programs.

So here, they typically help customers save money yet offer great services.

Auto parts stores

Various auto parts stores sell refurbished car batteries, so you can visit anyone near you. One thing peculiar about these stores is they do battery reconditioning and repair regularly.

So you can take an old battery there as they can easily diagnose and fix a battery problem.

Factors to Note when Buying a Reconditioned Car Battery

While a refurbished battery is cheap and would function like a new one, there are things you must consider. This is so you don’t look for another to buy in a short time.

  • Check for the age of the battery; it’s usually on the stamp pasted on the battery, so you know when it’s manufactured
  • Ensure you confirm the batteries have been confirmed valid for selling
  • Inspect the battery for corrosion; if you see orange or green corrosion, it means the battery is near the expiration date
  • Check the amount of charge left in the battery
  • Check if the battery has a warranty. Those with warrants are the best to buy
  • Buy from a reputable brand and ensure you test the battery to see if it’s working well before installing it on your car

Why Choose a Refurbished Battery

People often assume refurbished batteries don’t last, so they try to avoid them. But the thing is, there are professionals trained to revive these dead batteries and sell them at cheaper rates. And most importantly, it functions just like a new one.

By buying reconditioned batteries, we help prevent dead batteries from ending up in landfills, thereby keeping the environment safe. The thing is, car batteries are made of various chemicals that threaten the environment if not disposed of properly.

Pros of Reconditioned Battery

More responsible way of the usage

Because most assume refurbished batteries don’t last, they tend to use them with care. If you adopt this pattern for a long, you may even be saving other car components.

They are cheaper options

Refurbished batteries are cheaper than new ones. Instead of getting a new battery, you can get a reconditioned one that will function like a new one.

Abundance in supply

Reconditioning a battery isn’t hard; hence many people are involved. So you have a large option to choose from; you can buy from anyone you feel makes the best-reconditioned battery.

Lucrative business

Since battery refurbishing isn’t difficult, many people do it as a comprehensive business. So virtually anyone can join this business to make money.

Cons of Reconditioned Batteries

Maintenance and degradation problems

If not used well, refurbished batteries may need extra maintenance, which means spending more money. There is usually a high chance of corrosion which means you can’t use them.

Acid batteries that have degraded can lead to acid spills and therefore can’t be used.

Shorter life span

Reconditioned batteries have a shorter life span–there is a limit to which you can charge them.

Differences between Refurbished and New Batteries

While the major difference between them is that a new battery has never been used and old ones used, there are other differences. 

  • Cost: new batteries are always more expensive than reconditioned ones.
  • Life span: new batteries usually have a longer lifespan than refurbished ones. Depending on the quality and usage, new batteries can last between 5-10 years. In contrast, refurbished batteries can stay for 3-5 years or more only if properly maintained. 
  • New batteries do not have a bad memory, unlike refurbished batteries. Bad memory is a term used for reconditioned batteries that have been used in bad conditions, which may later cause issues. Bad memory can also happen to new batteries if used recklessly.
  • Lastly, new batteries are easier to maintain than old ones because they’ve not been used and are not exposed to bad conditions. Usually, refurbished batteries that have faced unusual conditions may later give you functionality problems.


Is buying a refurbished battery a worthy investment? 

Buying a refurbished battery is a worthy investment. It’s an effective solution to minimize costs. Plus, you enjoy almost the same value as a new battery.

How long do refurbished batteries last?

Refurbished batteries can last 3-5 years. However, it depends on the quality and usage. Refurbished batteries made with quality materials and used responsibly should last as stated.

What do I do to make my refurbished batteries last?

Only buy refurbished batteries made with high-quality materials and keep up with routine maintenance. Also, pay close attention to your batteries, that way, you will quickly determine if something is wrong.

And always leave repairs to professionals; even if it’s a simple repair, don’t start what you don’t know. Lastly, avoid driving only short distances; this can affect battery power and shorten your battery life.

Where can I buy a refurbished battery?

You can get refurbished batteries online and offline. There are online shops like Amazon, craigslist, and eBay; use the featured website buttons to navigate through their sites. If you choose to buy it in person, visit offline shops like Autozone, Costco, Sears, and O’Reilly auto parts stores. Better still, you visit any battery shop near you.

Can I save money from a dead battery?

Yes, you get money by recycling old or dead batteries. Just take the dead battery to a recycling center, and you will be duly compensated.


Buying refurbished batteries is a great way of saving costs.

While it’s cheap, it offers what a new battery offers. Just ensure you buy from a reputable brand–whether offline or online.

Also, check to see if they are working fine before installing.

Lastly, maintenance is key; take care of your battery.

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