WeatherTech vs Smartliner (Maxliner) in 2023

Weathertech and Smartliner are both notable brands that are still continuing to meet the demands of customers year in and year out. So it’s a bit of a challenge deciding which of the two is better since they both offer incredible service and amazing products to the market.

These two brands will surface if any beautiful auxiliary floor liners or mats are listed.

Both high-performance manufacturers provide floor liners and carpets for every car, catering to all tastes and price ranges. Despite their incredibly close matching quality, some people might still want to know which is better; Weathertech vs Smartliner.

By examining the various qualities of these two brands, we will attempt to decide which is the most appropriate in this article.

However, note that whichever brand you decide to go for, you haven’t made a wrong choice. 

WeatherTech vs Smartliner: Comparison and Review 2023

1Manufacture TechnologyThe WeatherTech brand uses cutting-edge DigitalFit technology to measure the structure of all car models. The use of the laser measurement technique in manufacturing aids in creating vehicles and the year-specific design of thick floor mats. Its advanced free-form surface modeling surface channeling aids in product definition, trimming, and assembly to ensure strength.
Weathertech uses modern laser tools to make custom floor mats and liners that are measured for precise craftsmanship.
This brand uses construction techniques that guarantee strict strength and top performance. The procedure ensures the floor liner’s high level of durability. 
The Smartliner brand builds floor liners that will be precisely aligned with most automobiles using the most recent computer-generated modeling tools. The construction of floor mats has a standard thickness but is not excessive.
2Production Materials Regarding materials, WeatherTech uses a unique high-density tri-extruded (HDTE) substance that gives the surface a tactile sensation and facilitates 3D printing. As a result, well-defined surface channels that are ergonomic can be made. Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), known as Advanced Heavy-Duty, is flexible and durable.
Although the material may somewhat enlarge during heating, there is no harm done when it shrinks back to its standard size. These mats are more anti-skid, odorless, and non-toxic.
Low-density plastic rubber and mixed polyethylene are the materials used to make Smartliner car floor mats.
The substance is robust, rugged, and very slightly bendable. These mats have no odor whatsoever and are “BPA-free” or “non-toxic.”
3Form And StyleWeathertech FloorLiners precisely follow the footwall of the car. It is perfectly aligned with the carpet, providing total interior protection. The floor mat’s extruded clits provide traction and aid in maintaining its position.
The additional anchoring design (mat/liner grip) is less appealing and comes in four colors (black, gray, cocoa, and tan) to fit your decor and match the factory-mat mounting point.
Smartliner floor mats give molded 3D shapes that are precisely aligned with factory-grade carpeting a sleek, fashionable appearance. These floor mats have raised lips and edges for better traction.
The nibs can easily damage the original carpet mat in a car on the floor mats. To match your interior, floor mats are produced in four standard colors.
4Vehicle Range For Fitting And CustomizationWeathertech floor liners are laser-measured for semi-custom and custom fits (digital fits) (trim to fit). They produce floor mats for the front, back, and occasionally cargo. These are simple to install and match your car’s specific floor configuration.
The company manufactures floor mats for nearly all vehicles on the road. Customers can choose from a sizable personalized selection trimmed to match floor mats. Installation doesn’t need any special equipment.
Smartliner floor mats have a nearly flawless bespoke fit thanks to sophisticated computer modeling. This carpet cannot be cut to size.
Advanced computer modeling is used in Smartliner floor mats to provide a nearly flawless personalized fit. There is no way to trim this floor mat.
5MaintenanceAll floor coverings made by Weathertech are cleanable. Upgraded surface channels transport spilled fluids and debris straight to a lower reservoir. The liquid becomes stuck, reducing the amount that should move while driving. 
Remove the floor liner from the door and empty it if necessary. Using a pressure washer or a water hose, loose dirt and mud can be cleaned. All you need is a bristle brush to clear away clutter. 
The raised lips and molded outer borders of the Smartliner do an excellent job of sealing up all mud, liquid spills, and debris.
It is light to use Smartliner floor mats. It is simple to lift the carpet and clean it without making a mess.
6Market PricingDue to their sophistication and heavy-duty components, Weathertech floor liners are more expensive than alternative solutions. 
For instance, the price of a Weathertech vehicle with two rows might easily reach $170. Prices may differ from one gateway to another
Smartliner floor mats are reasonably priced. The cost of this floor is the same whether purchased through a home portal, an authorized dealer, or another e-commerce portal. All Smartliner floor mats cost between $ 120 and $ 140 for a minimum of two rows.
Keep in mind that the cost of floor mats and liners might vary widely based on the vehicle you drive, the retailer, and the specific units you are buying (for front or rear or both).
In terms of price, the Smartliner outperforms the Weathertech floor mats. For instance, the 3-row liner unit for the Smartliner Honda costs roughly $ 190 more than the 3-row liner for the Weathertech Honda unit.

Final words

These companies’ floor mats/liners are made to offer a lot more interior protection than regular floor mats. High-performing brands Weathertech and Smartliners have floor liners and carpets for every car, every taste, and every price range.

In many ways, both weather technology and Smartliner delivered good results. In terms of reliability and maintenance, they were comparable. Weathertech, as opposed to Smartliner, is a superior option for most drivers due to separate zones, but it’s a slight margin.

Also, In terms of comfortability and stickiness (how well they remain in place) underfoot, Weathertech receives excellent marks for its durability, substance, sturdiness, and fitment (both front and back).