Top 8 Best Carburetor Cleaner Review 2022

For a vehicle owner, getting that right amount of performance per dollar isn’t only a necessity, but sometimes it even comes like a dream.

Although it seems to be a bit farfetched for the context, we can assure you, it is certainly worth it. And if you really are in the need of the best carburetor cleaner, then you should certainly listen to what we have to say.

In order to get the best value for money. Each and every part of your vehicle needs to be in tip-top shape. And that includes the carburetor, which is an essential piece of machinery thanks to its delicate job of mixing gas and air in order to get that desired combustion.

Gunk and other forms of hazardous build-up often take a toll on such useful equipment. So, clearing it will not only offer a long-running engine, but it will also ensure better fuel efficiency and reliability.

In short, we thank you now know why it is so important to highlight a good carburetor cleaner.

Throughout this review on gunk carburetor cleaner, we will be showing you some of the best carb cleaners currently available. Our main goal would be to fill you in with all the necessary information which you may want to know before making a purchase decision.

So, without any more smack talk, let’s get on with it.

The 8 Best Carburetor Cleaner Reviews in 2021

1. CRC Throttle Body Cleaner (05078)

CRC 05078 Throttle Body and Air-Intake Cleaner - 12 Wt Oz.

We start off by introducing one of the leading brands in the business, CRC. They have had quite the influence over the past couple of years thanks to their effective product lineup. And the CRC 05078 throttle body air intake cleaner is one of their finest offerings.

When it comes to the best carb cleaner spray, the CRC 05078 is one of the best in the business. Of course, it is only natural that you would want a carb spray that does a decent enough job to get things going. And, we are happy to report that, this product does live up to that expectation.

When it comes to treating throttle bodies smeared with gunk and sludge, then the CRC 05078 has no problems making sure your automobile carburetor gets back in shape. Not only that, but this carb spray also enhances the overall usability of the vehicle, which shouldn’t really come as a surprise.

All in all, for the price, we think it is one of the best carburetor cleaning options you can get your hands on. You can treat it as an item for the general masses, thanks to its competitive pricing and performance.

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What We Like
  • Overall cleaning performance is excellent
  • A good option for the throttle valves and body
  • Also does a decent job of clearing the air intakes
  • Enhances engine performance
  • Low VOC enables good usability
What We Dislike
  • Does need some rigorous hand scrubbing

2. Berryman B12 Chemtool Fuel Injector Cleaner

berryman b12 chemtool fuel injector cleaner

If you’re looking for the best carburetor cleaner spray, then this Berryman carburetor cleaner spray should be one of the choices you should be monitoring closely.

Unlike some of the other products out there, the makers at Berryman don’t just design and release products. As a matter of fact, their rigorous methods have made their products some of the best available options out there.

When it comes to the overall performance, then you will notice that the product we are featuring comes at a very steep price point. We are doing this for those who are looking for long-term usability and performance, which the B-12 Chemtool choke and throttle body cleaner don’t fail to deliver at all.

Overall, A product that offers such good performance enhancement shouldn’t be left out. So, in case you’re a professional looking for a long-lasting solution, then this one is for you.

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What We Like
  • Features a high energy solvent which dissolves quickly
  • Gums dissolve easily, leaving almost no residue
  • A good option for enhanced fuel economy
  • Offers increased drivability
  • It’s safe to use on catalytic converters and oxygen sensors
What We Dislike
  • Price is a bit higher than some other existing brands

3. Liqui Moly 2007 Jectron Gasoline Fuel Injection Cleaner


If you are in a tough spot with your automobile, then the liquid carb cleaner from Liqui Molly will not let you down.

Of all the liquid carburetor solutions out there, there are very few options out there worthy of being the best carburetor cleaner. And the fuel injection cleaner certainly does make the cut.

Essentially, this carb cleaner is an overall solution for the whole fuel injection system. Aside from thoroughly removing carbon and gum build-up, you will notice a bump in your vehicle’s mileage and stalling. You will also experience a smoother combustion and throttle response thanks to its superior formula.

Overall, if you’re someone who is looking for an eco-friendly carburetor cleaner with treatment options for the fuel injection system, then this can be a probable option.

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What We Like
  • It does a fair job of cleaning gunk
  • Idling becomes a lot smoother
  • Regains and holds the engines original stature
  • Offers better fuel economy
  • A good option for engines with catalytic converters
What We Dislike
  • Could certainly be better considering the overall usability

4. CRC Carb and Choke Cleaner


As we mentioned earlier, the makers at CRC are one of the best when it comes to producing the best carburetor cleaner spray.

Unlike some of the existing carburetor cleaners by CRC, this fast-acting carburetor cleaner certainly does a great job clearing out sludge and gunk formation on your carburetor. Also, thanks to its formula, it will prevent any sort of varnishing. And this results in an increased vehicle response, which is always appreciated by the user.

Overall, for a carb spray that is compatible with oxygen sensors and catalytic converters, this choke cleaner doesn’t fail to deliver its worth. In short, if you are looking for something that gets the job done without much hassle, then do check it out for yourselves.

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What We Like
  • Dissolves gum and varnish
  • Improves overall engine usability
  • A suitable option for an engine using catalytic converters and oxygen sensors
  • Fashions a low VOC formula
  • Dissolves gums pretty quickly and easily
What We Dislike
  • Less satisfactory performance for larger engines

5. Gumout 800002231 Carb and Choke Cleaner


Carburetor and choke cleaner often do a thorough job of cleaning the components compared to other carb cleaners. Although it takes a fair bit of time to get the desired results, it’s certainly worth it.

The best carb cleaner dip should be able to balance the cleaning performance and timing. Thanks to the superbly executed formula, the Gumout carburetor cleaner does a really good job at it. Although some users may not like to wait for 24-hours just to clean the carburetor, it is a worthy solution if you want thorough results.

Now you may argue that there are other options out there to take care of the carburetor in a much efficient manner. But to tell you the truth, if you are looking for absolute results, then you should probably go with this option.

You certainly won’t be disappointed by its sludge removing capabilities at all. Also, you may even get better engine performance than the previous cleaner you may have been using.

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What We Like
  • A cleaner dip that can introduce smooth engine performance
  • Clears sludge without any issues
  • Works well if applied properly
  • Does a commendable job at treating the carburetor
What We Dislike
  • Leaves nasty marks if not cleaned properly after application

6. WD-40 Carb Cleaner


The throttle body cleaner from WD-40 is one of the budget carb cleaners out there.

Now you may argue about the price tag a bit. How is it a budget option with such a price tag?

Well, a budget product is something that can take care of all the basic needs you have. And the WD-40 does exactly that.

When it comes to the overall performance, then we can safely that you are getting what you pay for. As a matter of fact, for the price, the cleaning performance and increased engine capabilities should be more than enough. Also, this eco-friendly option is more than capable of fighting combustion chamber carbon formation and the fuel system varnish.

Overall, the 300134 from WD-40 doesn’t really deny you anything. It offers all that you require. So, if you really want all the basics done right, then you can’t go wrong with this choice.

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What We Like
  • Extra effective for reducing varnishes in fuel systems
  • It also works well to remove gunk and other carbon build-ups
  • Enhances engine capabilities
  • VOC levels comply with the standards
What We Dislike
  • Not really suitable for a full engine treatment

7. Gunk Carburetor Parts Cleaner with Drip Basket

No products found.

The CC3K from Gunk is a non-chlorinated carburetor parts cleaner. It is also one of the affordable gunk cleaners out there, meaning it will give you a decent value for the money.

Now there is a running controversy between chlorinated and non-chlorinated carburetor cleaners. There is a rumor that chlorinated cleaners can get rid of the residues better and leave less room for error. For now, let’s just focus on the task at hand.

The CC3K isn’t a small-level contender at all. As a matter of fact, if we compare the price to performance ratio with respect to some other similar options, then the CC3K will be well ahead in the race for the best carburetor cleaner.

As far as the overall performance goes, it’s not less satisfactory by any means. In fact, it does deliver all you can think of in that price range. So, don’t think of making a fuss and check it out for yourself.

No products found.

What We Like
  • Removes sludge and gunk with ease
  • Enhances engine performance by a considerable amount
  • The formula is a Low VOC solution
  • It leaves little to no residue, which is commendable
What We Dislike
  • The residue cleaning time is noticeable compared to other chlorinated solutions

8. Berryman 0117 B-12 Carburetor Cleaner


We already discussed the reliability of Berryman, which is largely thanks to their reliability and strong product lineup. So, you shouldn’t have any concerns about the brand.

As for the product we have at hand, the 0117 B-12 carburetors and throttle body cleaner from Berryman does a really good job of keeping all the gunk and residue at bay. In the case of the overall cleaning performance, from what we have seen, it doesn’t lack anything. It is one of the stronger solutions out there, which allows it to be more dominant towards carbon residues. You will also notice a noticeable performance bump in your engine, which is acceptable.

Overall, we think it is certainly worthy of being the best carburetor cleaner thanks to the well-stacked features. If you’re interested, then do check it out for yourselves.

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What We Like
  • Features the high-energy solvent technology
  • A good and quick gum removal solution
  • Increases the overall usability of the vehicle
  • Also offers better fuel economy and less loss of acceleration
What We Dislike
  • The solvent is a bit strong. So, proper application is recommended

These are some of the options which we think are capable of being your carburetor cleaner. As far as the choices go, it’s not mandatory for you to choose between these options only. There are other options out there, and we will now be taking you through the decision-making process.

How to Get Your Hands on the Best Carburetor Cleaner: The Wise Approach!

In this journey of learning about the best carb cleaner, so far, we have had the opportunity to look at some of the best options out there. Now, with so many options, there is always a dilemma:

How does one choose the best carburetor cleaner amongst so many options?

In order to save you the trouble, we have come up with a few easy steps which can help you along the way. But there is a catch.

Although we are giving you these guidelines keeping the general audience in mind, your mileage may vary depending on the situation. So, you may want to do some digging for yourselves if you want the absolute best carburetor cleaning fluid or any other solution.

So, here are some easy tips for you to remember before going out to buy the best carb cleaning solution that works best for you.

How Well Can You Handle It?

The first important thing to remember is how well can you handle something yourself.

Let us clarify.

Whenever you’re using any product, you always want it to bend to your will. Although you may not want to agree on this at first, at some point, you realize how true it really is.

The same goes for a carburetor cleaner as well.

So far, we have had the opportunity to know about some of the most noteworthy options available. If you are comfortable with using a canned spray, then you certainly should go for a carb cleaner spray and avoid any other option.

Now you may want to do some experimenting as to which option works better. But do this only when you’ve had a sufficient amount of experience. If you are a newbie and don’t know what you’re dealing with, then you should certainly stay away from the new choices.

The Debate Between Chlorinated and Non-chlorinated Solutions

The debate between these two solutions is unresolved till now. So, should we break the dispute? To be honest, there’s actually no way to do that.

Generally, chlorinated solutions tend to have an upper hand when it comes to the overall cleaning performance. Thanks to their unique germ removal properties, they offer much better cleaning performance at a faster rate. Overall, the level of performance is certainly better if you compare it to a non-chlorinated solution.

Now you may already have come to the conclusion that a non-chlorinated option is bad. Not necessarily.

You see with non-chlorinated carb cleaners, you want to do some of the heavy work yourselves. This is to ensure that there are no odd spots or residues. But in all fairness, if you consider the price, then you will see it is not too bad of an option.

But when it comes to using a chlorinated carburetor cleaner in your state, you need to be sure about the state laws. There are other states where you can’t really use such carb cleaners without permission.

Eco-friendliness: Is It Even a Thing?

This really depends on your personal preference. Also, it will determine how well a human being you are?

A matter like this is very subjective. But over the years, we have seen states being strict about using eco-friendly products. Also, the lawmakers are now being strict even about selling products that do not comply with the rules of the state.

You may want to dig into it if you’re interested.

How Well Should a Carburetor Cleaner Perform?

In all fairness, we would like to discuss the importance of brand value in this section as well.

A good carburetor cleaner should be able to dissolve or remove gunk with ease and without needing any excessive treatment. Now, the most reliable brands out there will be able to do a fine job of taking care of the sludge and gunk build up quickly and efficiently as we mentioned earlier.

Some more features like a high-energy solvent with multi-fabric support are welcome if the price is right.

Well-known brands always try their level best to be in the competition not just by winning hearts but also by making certain promises to the customers and delivering them as promised.

For this very reason, you should always go with a brand that will not just offer better features but will also be true to their word about how they perform. This way, the possibility of getting the right product becomes easier.

Few Simple Answers

What is a carburetor cleaner?

A carburetor cleaner is essentially a solution that disables the carbon residue build-up on the carburetor. As you know already, a carburetor does the job of mixing air and fuel for engine combustion. A process like this always involves some residue build-up on the carburetor parts. These gunk and sludge can essentially ruin the mileage of your vehicle. And in order to remedy that situation, a carburetor cleaner is essential.

What is the best carb/carburetor cleaner?

Depending on the overall performance, there are a lot of suitable options out there. But in order to get your hands on the best carb cleaner for the money, you may want to have a look at some of the independent reviews such as this one. Also, in order to get your hands on the latest info, checking out the respected manufacturer’s website is always a wise decision. But names like CRC, Berryman, and Gumout carb cleaner can take care of all your needs. We did discuss some of them in detail!

What is a carburetor cleaner made of?

As we mentioned earlier, a carburetor cleaner is essentially a cleaning solution that takes care of any gum or sludge formation. In case you want to know about the general ingredients, then a carburetor cleaner consists of acetone, xylene, MEK, ethylbenzene, propane, and more.

How to use a carburetor cleaner?

Using a carburetor cleaner involves some easy steps: Dismantle, application, and reassemble. All of the steps are easy enough to follow, which we will be going through. But, in short, depending on which carburetor cleaner you use, the usability will vary.

Who makes the best carburetor cleaner?

If you want to know about the best brand, then you need to have the mindset of trying out different carb cleaners. The reason behind it is simple. There are a lot of options out there. In many cases, there are a lot of products that work a lot alike. So, in order to find the best solution for yourself, you need to be able to find out which works best for you. As always, we would recommend that you do some research on your own for the best possible results.

How to clean a carburetor on a car?

In order to clean a carburetor, there are certain rules you should follow: First of all, you need to be concerned about your safety. Wearing safety gear like goggles and gloves will certainly help you out in unfriendly situations. You need to be careful while removing the carburetor from the engine. There are a lot of connections involved that require attention. Taking pictures as you move along the disassembly can help you out a lot in this matter. Dismantling the carburetor can be challenging for some users out there, especially if they are attempting to go for it for the first time. In this case, preserve all the rubber parts and other essentials. Again take pictures, which will help out in the reassembly process. Now comes the part that you’ve all been waiting for. But there are some things you should remember. If you are using an immersion, then it is essential that you take the carburetor out. Using a spray cleaner is always a good choice, but you may need to do some brushwork to ensure maximum cleanliness. The reassembly portion is basically the same as dismantling the carburetor from the engine, it’s just backward. You essentially need to put the gasket, O-rings, and other parts back together, and you’re done.

Final Thought

We have reached the end of our best carburetor cleaner review. Before leaving, just a quick reminder about how things stacked up.

First of all, we discussed some of the key features of some of the carb cleaners you can lay your hands on. Now do take note that all the pros and cons we discussed are based on usability and personal preference. So, your own choice matters a lot in this matter, which we repeated countless times.

Now when it comes to a carburetor cleaner that matters, the best way to approach the issue is to follow some guidelines, which we tried to share with you in a nutshell. Also, the FAQ section should also give an insight into how things work out overall.

In the end, we earnestly hope that our efforts help you find the right carb cleaner solution you have been looking for.

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