Best Remote Car Starters: Way to Start Your Vehicle 2022

Remote car starters are only around a few decades old, but they’ve become really popular in recent years.

Why? Well for one thing the technology is improving rapidly! You can get a lot more with remote car starters nowadays so it’s worth investing if you have big plans for your vehicle.

Imagine you are living in a cold area. You start your morning by getting into the car and turning on the heater, but it takes forever to get warm inside because of how chilly outside is! What if there was something that could make this process quicker?

There’s good news for all those who have struggled with these problems: A remote starter can not only start your engines faster than ever before – it also has many other great features.

The 10 Best Remote Car Starter Review in 2022

1. Python 5906P By Directed Electronics Inc – Best Automatic Car Starter

The 5906P from Directed Electronics has recently made a significant impact on the industry. Also known as the Python 5906P, this remote system is capable of proper sensing and feedback, meaning you can easily communicate with your vehicle and get instant feedback. The system is obviously a great performer when it comes to automatic vehicles.

Directed Electronics DB3 All-in-One Door Lock & Override Module, Black

First of all, let’s talk about what’s inside the box. Getting inside, you get a responder with an HD display, a 2-way remote, and a 5-button 1-way remote. Again, there is an option to bypass your existing system, which is something you should probably keep in mind.

Now let’s get down to deeper insight.

The 5906P is a successor to its sibling, the 5706P. The only visible change here is the color HD display, which is a nice little addition. Other than that, you are getting the same features like remote start, keyless entry, panic car finder button, etc.

A top-notch feature of this remote starter is the range. A 1-mile range is more than enough for any consumer. Also, you are getting that extra amount of security with the Spread Spectrum Technology (SST), which makes your navigation job a lot easier.

Again, having a six-stage alarm paired with a warning alarm obviously makes a good combination when it comes to the overall security aspect. Also, shock sensors can alert you of even the slightest of movements, thanks to the two-way remote, which also does a great job of letting you know about the various states of your vehicle.

Finally, the Dome Light Security feature acts as the last line of defense if your vehicle is indeed in danger. Pair it with the two-way remote included in the box, and you can probably rest assured and get on with your day.

The 5906P works impeccably with a variety of cars. But it works much better with automatic vehicles from what we have gathered. For this reason, we have seen fit to name it the best automatic car starter.

What We Like
  • Comes with a 2-way remote which offers better communication
  • 1-mile range is accurate and offers a fair amount of flexibility
  • Impeccable alarm system gives a nice and secure experience
  • SST technology offers a good amount of usability
  • Interior controls let you monitor and set your car temperature
What We Dislike
  • The remote holds less charge than expected

2. Crimestopper RS7-G5 – Best Remote Car Starter for Manual Transmission

Crimestopper RS7-G5 is also a 2-way remote start system, no surprises there. But if you are looking for a remote start system that blends in nicely with your manual transmission vehicle,

then you can go for it. Also, having additional auxiliary outputs is always a plus.

First, let’s talk about the overall features. With this system, you are getting support for manual transmission operation and diesel engine compatibility.

Crimestopper RS7-G5 Cool Start 2-Way Remote Start System

Also, vehicles with high current ignition switches will also benefit from this system.

At first, we would talk about the range of this system. You can easily take control of your car from 3000-feet, which is nice. Again, using high-frequency FM signals may lack the overall distance of control. So, you may want to have your vehicle parked where there isn’t any type of solid obstructions. Other than that, you are good to go.

Then there is the 2-way transmitter. Having a 2-way transmitter allows you to know exactly how your car is doing. In fact, controlling the temperature and keyless starting mechanisms become much easier to control with this sort of system. Moreover, the 2-way and 1-way remotes are fast enough to register a response. Furthermore, you do have the OEM remote support, which is an added bonus.

Finally, the remote will notify you whenever you are out of range. Also, you have that smartphone compatibility, which gives you a lot of headroom whenever you are controlling your device.

In short, if you are looking for the best remote car starters for manual transmission, then you should certainly keep them on your shopping list.

What We Like
  • It can support 2-vehicle operation with the help of a ‘sidekick’ non-paging remote
  • Auxiliary inputs allow silent lock and unlock features
  • Offers a decent amount of range
  • 2-way system allows proper information passing and receiving at the same time
What We Dislike
  • It’s a bit hard to pre-programme at times

3. Compustar CS800-S – Best Keyless Entry System for Cars

Diesel engine compatibility is not always easy to find. As a matter of fact, there are remote start systems that don’t support diesel vehicles at all. For this reason, we are reviewing the CS800-S from Compustar, which comes with a carefully placed LED indicator, offering a good amount of flexibility and usability.

Compustar CSX4900-S 4-Button 2-Way, 3000' Remote Start System w/Drone X1LTE

Let’s get something out of the way first. As you may have noticed so far, we have our first 1-way remote start system. In contrast to a 2-way remote system, the difference is minimal. The only noticeable difference here is that you won’t be able to get real-time notifications when you are sending a command, which also impacts the overall pricing.

Other than that, you are getting a decent 1000-feet range, which is probably enough for most users out there. Also, this Amplitude Modulation system is certainly a capable one when it comes to remote starting your vehicle. Just hold on to the designated button for 2.5 seconds, and your engine starts to rev up and control the internal temperature.

Also, you are getting a smooth experience when it comes to keyless entry and trunk release, which is as simple as pushing a button for a couple of seconds from a considerable distance. Moreover, the fact that you can add a drone to your system to get real-time feeds and GPS locations is obviously a good bonus to have.

In conclusion, Having the best remote car starter for diesel will not seem hard anymore. You may want to check out the overall specks for a better look at what it can offer, and to what extent.

What We Like
  • Amplitude Modulation system with a 1000-feet range offers a nice overall experience
  • 1-way remote system helps to save a couple of extra bucks
  • Seamless controlling of temperature from a considerable distance
  • Keyless entry and trunk release features are seamless as well
  • User interface is very easy to use
What We Dislike
  • Instructions are not very clear for novices

4. Viper 4706v – LCD Remote Start System

Viper is, by far, one of the most reliable vendors for remote car starters. They have clearly gained the trust of their customers by producing some of the best gear for remote starting.

The Viper 4706v is no exception. The key feature that we like about it is the fact that you can monitor the temperature in real-time. But there are some more features which we will be talking about in our overview section.

Also, if you want the answer as to why we are calling it the best keyless entry remote start system, then just keep on reading!

No products found.

First of all, we would like our readers to note that this is not a security system. Hence, you should regard it as a keyless entry system, not an anti-theft solution.

As for the specs, we have mentioned earlier that you can monitor your temperatures in real-time. Moreover, you are getting that internal rechargeable battery support, which adds convenience to the overall usability.

There is another thing that we should mention here. This starter kit is only meant for professionals, meaning that you would need the help of some authorized professionals. But there is a catch. Viper remote system doesn’t require a key to start. Instead, the module allows the car to think that the user has already got the key inserted. For this reason, remote start is, by far, the most seamless experience you will endure.

As for the rest of the talking features, you are getting the 1-mile range. This LC3 SuperCode remote start system comes with a 2-way remote and SST technology, allowing you to take full control of your vehicle. Also, support for trunk release and tach output is also present.

In the end, when it comes to the overall verdict, we are crowning it with the title of the best keyless entry system. And so, there you have the answer to your question.

What We Like
  • 2-way remote offers solid confirmation of a given command
  • The keyless entry feature is seamless
  • Comes with a decent amount of range for smooth operation
  • Obstructions offer very little resistance while taking control of your vehicle
What We Dislike
  • It’s not a security system; So keep that in mind

5. Avital 4103LX – Best Electric Car Starter

If you are in the market for the best electric car starter, then the 4103LX from Avital has you covered. When it comes to electric vehicles, you can easily rely on this remote starter, which clearly has a good reputation when it comes to remote start systems.

Avital 4103LX Remote Start System with Two 4-Button Remote

Also, the fact that it doesn’t require a tach wire connection is one of the best features which we like about it so far. Likewise, there are some other noteworthy features that we would like to talk about as well. A small note for the users out there.

This remote start unit is something that is targeted towards professionals. If you have sufficient electrical knowledge, only then should you attempt to install it yourself. Otherwise, just contact an authorized dealer to get the job done.

As far as the features go, then you have a lot to take in. At first, there is a dedicated Analog-to-Digital converter to take certain measures of voltages. Because of such inclusion, there is no need for an additional tachometer cable, which is clearly one of the key selling points from our point of view.

As for the keyless entry, it should probably be right on point with the user’s expectations. Also, you have the integrated panic mode and valet mode, which work in unison to provide a nice seamless experience.

Coming back to the panic mode, it works in such a way that whenever something unexpected happens, then the parking lights keep on flashing and the siren wails away to attract attention. Also, the valet mode allows a significant amount of usability as it allows the user to take control of the vehicle seamlessly.

So far, all the features look promising enough to make it a suitable option for an electric vehicle. You may want to check it out for a better look at the specs.

What We Like!
  • Remote start features offer a pleasant experience
  • Panic mode offers the right amount of security
  • Valet mode offers a seamless control experience
  • Requires fewer connections, offering a fair amount of convenience for professional installation
What We Dislike
  • Requires professional assistance for installation
  • Not enough controls to get going

6. Directed Electronics Inc 4806P- Best Remote Start System for the Money

As an average consumer, you would probably want something which will give you the most out of your money. In order to make that happen, we have come up with a review of the 4806P from Directed Electronics as a name for the best remote car starter.

The key feature here is the bang for the buck aspect. You are basically getting what you are paying for. So, clearly, it should be a much more viable option for you once you get to know the rest of the features.

Directed Electronics Inc 4806P Python LED 2-Way Remote Start System

First of all, we would like to start out by saying that it’s a complete package overall.

Here’s why.

The 2-way remote start system features a 1-mile range featuring the SST technology. As you may know, the SST technology uses frequency hopping multiple frequency transmission techniques to help the frequencies pass despite the obvious obstructions. For this reason, your control over your vehicle is complete.

Another thing to mention here is the fact that the Data-to-data (D2D) remote allows it to seamlessly communicate with its respective XpressKit interface, making the connection smooth and highly controllable.

Due to the SuperCode technology, you now have the ability to control two cars with a single remote. The integration of the technology is smart enough to understand the individual needs of each car and report that to the owner, which offers a fair amount of convenience.

Finally, the SmartStart compatibility allows the user to use a mobile app to lock and unlock the vehicle without any issue. Moreover, the overall usability, security integrations, and executions are well on par with our expectations. For this reason, we see fit to name this one the best remote car starter for the money.

What We Like
  • All the basic features offer seamless performance
  • SST technology allows the user to interface with his car without issue
  • SuperCode technology offers a fair bit of flexibility
  • SmartStart feature allows the user to lock or unlock the car via a mobile app
What We Dislike!
  • Needs a professionals touch to install properly

7. Crimestopper SP-402 Best Remote Car Starter and Alarm

The SP-402 from Crimestopper is a fine choice if you are looking for the best remote car starter and alarm combo. As for the rest of the features, you will be amazed to see what it has to offer considering the price point.

Crimestopper RS4-G5 1-Way Remote Start and Keyless Entry System with Trunk Pop

SP-402 is a 2-way remote system that is capable of reaching up to 2300-feet, which is often considered as a standard in most cases. In fact, this FM-powered remote car system takes the cake as the best remote car starter due to the fact that the starter and siren combo work so well together.

As we have a 2-way system, it means that communication happens at both ends. Because of this, the LCD screen is capable of showing the stats clearly without any issue. Also, the priority-unlock and trunk-release feature work on point and provide a decent overall experience.

In the end, we would like to finish off by letting you know about the secondary remote, which has a 1000 feet range. Also, the system is capable of monitoring two vehicles at once, which is a nice little feature to have in store. Moreover, the alarm works well enough to let you know about any mishaps.

In the end, having a remote starter and alarm altogether is a convenient enough combo to ensure both safety and convenience at the same time. You should obviously check it out to learn more.

What We Like
  • Delivers the performance of a 2-way system
  • Smartphone Interface Port
  • Audible & Visual Arm & Disarm With Intrusion Alert
  • Offers a decent range and smooth operation from a distance
What We Dislike
  • Build quality of the remote is not up to the mark

8. Bulldog RS82-I Do It Yourself Remote Starter

There are very few DIY (Do-it-yourself) remote starter kits available in the market. In fact, the number is significantly less. We had to scrounge the bottom of the barrel for something like this. And, in the end, we found the Bulldog RS82-I, which is, by far, the best DIY remote car starter.

Prestige APS787Z One-Way Remote Start with Keyless Entry and Security System up to 1 Mile Range

As we mentioned earlier, we are pretty much a fan of the DIY aspect of this minimalistic remote system. But the RS82-I does have some features which put it right up there with some of the top competitors in the market.

As for the remote, you get only two buttons, which means you only get the basic necessities like starting and stopping the vehicle. The dedicated start and stop buttons work surprisingly well, considering the nature and pricing of the product.

Finally, the 400-feet range and instructions DVD is all you get with the package which is noteworthy. As you may feel that the range is not up to the mark, but for someone with minimal needs, it should work just fine.

What We Like
  • Pricing is one of the big selling points
  • It’s a DIY kit which is well-suited for beginners
  • Comes with dedicated start and stop buttons for added flexibility
  • Overall usability is decent
What We Dislike
  • Range is a prime issue with this system

9. Clifford 4706X- Adjustable with iPhone App

Clifford 4706X is a relatively new product in the market. As a matter of fact, there isn’t much to go on about the product, except for the fact that it has a decent iPhone app to go with all the features.

Clifford 7756X 2-Way LCD Remote Control

With the 4706X you get all the necessary features you require. Amongst these, and probably one of our favorites is the SmartStart smartphone app, which works nicely enough to control the vehicle. Also, the 1-mile range offers a decent amount of control to the user as well.

Apart from these, you have a 2-way remote which supports the SuperCode technology, giving you accurate information through the LCD screen. As SuperCode encryption is clearly a secure solution these days, it offers an additional layer of security to the already decent system.

Finally, the ability to control two vehicles and having 4-auxiliary channels are noteworthy features as well. Also, having a rechargeable battery with a decent capacity is also a plus point. So, if you are looking for the best remote car starter with the iPhone app, then you should consider this option.

What We Like
  • Compatible with SmartStart, making it a viable option
  • Comes with a decent amount of range for added usability
  • SuperCode technology offers an extra layer of security
  • Comes with a built-in bypass module for added convenience
What We Dislike
  • Installation requires expert personnel

10. AVITAL 5305L Security/Remote Start System – Best Universal Remote Car Starter

If you are looking for a product that is both universal and has a decent amount of multifunctions, then the makers of AVITAL have you covered. Apart from all the regular features, you are getting that 4 stars rating, which is one of our favorite features.

Avital 5305L Security System with 2-Way LCD Display Remote

First of all, the aspect that it is a universal remote starter is great. So, you can easily consider it as an upgrade path if you wish.

Another noteworthy feature here is the fact that it comes with a reach of almost 3-miles, making it a tough competitor in the existing market. Also, the 5305L Multi-level security arming allows you to select which of the inputs or sensors will be active and which will be bypassed Panic mode will sound alarmed, and flash your parking lights with a rugged case makes it the most durable option by far.

The final noteworthy feature here is 2-way communication, which is one of the most coveted features among customers. Also, the fact that it has 4 AUX outputs is also worth mentioning.

So, if you are looking for the best universal remote car starter at affordable prices, then have a look at it for good measure.

What We Like
  • A universal remote starter
  • Fail safe starter kill
  • 2-way communication offers a decent amount of usability
  • Remote Start Security System with Keyless Entry
  • Includes one LCD remote & one 4-button remote
What We Dislike
  • Expert installation is recommended

How to Buy a Best Remote Starter: A Complete Guide

We are sure that you have come across all the features a remote car starter has to offer. Moreover, we are certain by now that you want the best remote car starter because of the overall security and convenience.

But how do you move forward with your decision?

We have had a lot of complaints regarding this manner lately. Most users tend to root for the higher-end models, even if they don’t really need them. Also, some users don’t really have any sort of expertise with such devices. For these reasons, it is very easy to make a poor buying choice.

But we are here to make life a bit easier. So, we have come up with a few tips to help you make the right choice. Later on, we will answer some of the questions regarding your purchase decisions and more.

Here are the top few tips you need to worry about.

What do you need?

Before making any sort of decision, make a decision about this, why exactly do you need a remote starter for? Do you just need the ease of access? Or do you need the full package of both safety and convenience at the same time? What type of system should you go for?

We would advise you to take a look at all the features we have talked about for each product. Compare them to your daily needs. This way, making a decision will be much easier.


Make sure to check how much range you are getting with each product. Also, check with the manufacturer as to how much obstruction will it be able to pass when you have to take control of your vehicle from a long distance. Such inquiries will help you out later on.

Alert Systems and Mobile Usability

If you are looking for the full package, then you would want to look at all the security measures you are getting with it. For instance, vendors like Viper tend to make smart alert sirens which tend to offer better security than other existing brands. Because of this, they tend to cost more.

Mobile usability is also something that you should take into consideration. Having a mobile app to take control of your car is always a bonus, which comes at a certain price premium. We would obviously recommend you to go with such an option if you have the money to spend.

Speed-sensing and Hood Safety

Getting to monitor the rpm is crucial for two reasons. One, you will be able to take the necessary steps in case of starting the engine in cold weather. Two, you will be able to get some sort of protection from Over-revving, which is a measure of how fast the shafts are spinning.

From our point of view, having a hood safety switch is a nice touch. Apparently, a hood safety switch will prevent your car engine to start when the hood is about to be opened.

These two things are crucial and you shouldn’t probably avoid them.

Installation and Warranty

We’ll be straight with you.

If the manufacturer claims that experts need to do the installation, then you should probably pay heed to their words and take your car to the authorized vendors for installation. Also, make sure to check the warranty.

There are other things to consider as well, but make sure to check these before making a purchase.

Some Common Questions And Answers

What is the difference between a 2-way and 1-way car remote starter?

A 2-way remote starter is a system where communication happens both ways. For instance, if you send a command to turn up the heat of your car, then a 2-way system will send a notification back to you that the changes have been applied. In short, a 2-way system can both send and receive information. But with a 1-way car remote starter, you don’t receive a notification once you send a command.

How important is the range?

We have emphasized the aspect of overall range in the buying guide section. In short, you should pay special attention to both the range and the way the system uses to communicate with the car.

Should you go ahead and install a remote system yourself?

We would recommend that you DON’T. The reason behind it is the complexity of the system. Also, vehicle support also comes into play when dealing with such remote starters.

How secure are these starters?

In general, there shouldn’t be any problems regarding security. Most car remote starters have sufficient security measures in place to stop any event of theft. For instance, without inserting your keys into the ignition, there won’t be any sudden movement. Even if there’s a possibility, then when the accelerator is pressed, the engine shuts down for good measure.

How long can I run my car?

This is a programmable feature for a car remote starter. Have a chat with the manufacturer for more information.

Will a car remote starter work on a push-start vehicle?

Generally, the answer is yes. But you may want to check the full specifications. Even try and get in touch with a professional if possible.

How long does it usually take?

The timing may vary from vehicle to vehicle. The authorized personnel of certain workshops can provide you with a rough estimate. Usually, a day or two should probably be enough.

What about the warranty?

You should probably check it with the manufacturer for good measure. But normally, your car warranty will remain intact as long as you use the authorized channels for installation. Now that we have all the usual stuff out of the way, let’s discuss some things which are probably better for your knowledge.

How does a remote car starter work?

YES! you do. Remote car starters are systems used to make your life easier (we mentioned this quite a few times!). It is a system that allows your car to start without your presence. In general, the ignition system gets combined with the remote system. When a command is sent from a transmitter, the receiver starts the ignition system, revving up the engine. Modern remote starters don’t just help you with the ignition, but they also contribute to the overall safety and comfort of the vehicle. But there are certain limitations. For instance, vehicles with carburetors don’t work well with remote starters. Also, vehicles that come with anti-theft measures pre-installed also face problems. But carburetor components and kits are available for purchase.

Starter-disconnect: Is it necessary?

Of course, it is. The starterdisconnect feature is essential to prevent hot-wiring, which is a typical method of thieving. Some advanced starters come with smart integrations to avoid such mishaps and completely turn off the engine for added security.

The Emergence of Mobile Connectivity

There are so many things you can do with mobile apps these days.

With that said, monitoring the overall condition of your vehicle with the help of the mobile app has become imminent. So, mobile app manufacturers have come up with options for remote system vendors. You now have the option to take advantage of mobile apps to know your car temperature, monitor engine stats, and more. GPS connectivity has become popular over the years. Drone manufacturers are taking advantage of this feature as well.


If you are indeed looking for the best remote car starter, then we hope you have got the answer.

Before we leave, we would like to discuss two crucial points: the budget and vendor.

Without planning on a budget, it is literally suicide to buy any product. So, be wise and learn about the state of your pocket. In order to make the right choice, it is crucial that you move forward in a planned way.

Also, most people don’t deem it necessary to have a word with the manufacturers. From our point of view, it is a grave mistake to make. In fact, having a word with the manufacturer will not only give you a better idea of the brand itself but will also give you a fair idea about the product itself.

With that said, we would like to bid you farewell on your journey to find the best remote starter.

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