How To Remove Tar From Car – The Complete Guide

If you’ve been in a car and driven it on a regular basis, you might recall how badly tars use to take place in the car. Especially during the hot weather, it’s one of the stubborn kinds of dirt that we’ve to deal with. And when it comes to clean it off, almost every car owner seems to struggle. However, we’ve put together a complete, step-by-step guide to help you out in this regard. Below is the set of steps you need to take, and you’ll get a tar-free, shiny body of your car. Let’s Start Off!

What Is Tar & From Where It Builds up on Car? Tar is a black and sticky semi-oily substance mostly used to construct roads. While driving on roads, almost everyone has seen to build up tars on the tire wells, car body, hood, bumper, headlights, and where not! We all know that road tars are the main culprit behind the tar that builds up on your car body. They are also called bitumen or asphalt. Even if you look at your car body, there is probably to notice a small dent on the car body.

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By the way, when you drive on a newly made road made of bitumen, the tire pressure lifts some of the bitumen. And eventually, the car tire gets splashes of tar on the body.

7 Steps To Remove Tar From Car

Step 1: Smoothen Up The Tar First

You know, tars become rock-hard once you leave them in the open air. So, the first duty is to soften them up. For that, you have to use something like a wet cloth or so. The good news is, tar is sticky but not as stubborn as sap or bugs. So it will be soft by using a simple substance like peanut butter, Goo gone or any safe and commercial tar remover.

Tips: In some cases, products like peanut butter, Goo went, etc. are needed to be kept for 2-5 minutes before scrubbing.

Step 2: Wipe A Wet Cloth Over the Spots

Once you’re done with step 1, take a wet cloth or a sponge. Now, mark the points where tars are most densely located, and circulate the cloth on them. If the softener was given enough time to work on the tars, you’ll see the tars come apart. With slightly hard pressure, work on the stubborn areas. Don’t forget to alter the sides of the cloth, and don’t scrub with a dirty part of it over and over. We recommend washing it once in a while throughout the process.

Step 3: Do Spot Clean on Hard Tar

By now, you would see a good amount of tar coming out of your car’s body. But there are still some harder ones left. Spot cleaning is the treatment for them. To go along with the process, take a tar remover spray and spray it on the target points. After 30-100 seconds of scrubbing, take that wet cloth again and wipe it out.

Step 4: Deal with The Stubborn Road Tar

Road tar is another sort of hard spot, and the way of dealing with it is quite hard. That’s also the reason why we’ve brought up it to a new step. Many would say that dealing with almost permanent road tar is impossible. But tar that sticks to the body can loosen up using linseed oil. To go with the process, take a sufficient amount of linseed oil and apply it on the road tars. Allow them for 3-5 minutes to do the action. As you find the tar to soften up, take a coarse cloth and rub it well on the spot. Don’t stop until you see the clear car paint coming on. Apply some more linseed oil in the meantime, if necessary.

Step 5: Wash The Car with Car Washer Soap

We’re considering that you’re done with cleaning the whole tar off your car. Now it’s time to give your car a nice shower. Merely water won’t be enough in this case. We’d like to prefer using something like a car wash soap. With a foam cannon or electric pressure washer, wash away all of the lest over of tar on the car.

You’ve only two steps left, Cool Down!

Step 6: Check for Any Flaws

If your car was densely affected by tar build-ups, there are still some of them left. And they will only be visible right after the wash. If you figure out any residual spot, go through steps 3 and 4 once again.

Step 7: Wax The Car to Re-shine

Well, you’re almost done. Now, the final task would be to wax the car’s body paint and regain the shine that was lost under the tar. If you’re not experiencing with waxing your car alone,  you can take a professional service. It would make the car look like just what you got in its Day 1.

Some Tips Before We Finish

Alright, that was the most general process of dealing with the hard tar on your car’s body. If you look close, there can be many sub-steps and changes in actions.

So, to give you a broader capture of the process, here are some useful tips

There can be tar spatters on the car’s body. If so, use Avon Skin to soften them up. You may need to apply it for a minute or more.

If you see to build road tar on your automobile vehicle, take action immediately. You can use a WD-40 to spray on them right after the drive.

A cost-saving idea of cleaning car tar is to use homemade cleaning solutions. All you need are- peanut butter, soap, and a prayer to start the action.


How to deal with the tar at the outside of the door panel?

For such kinds of tars, you can try using kerosene.

Is there any toxicity in the cleaning solutions?

Not practically unless you start using hard chemicals like carburetor cleaner.

How to minimize permanent tar buildups?

The best practice is to clean up the tar where they’re not too permanent. You can go for daily or weekly based cleaning.

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