How to Reset GM Instrument Cluster

Not knowing how to reset GM instrument cluster in your vehicle may cause you unexpected unpleasant experiences. You could get stranded when your gas gets exhausted due to your inability to track your vehicle’s gas level as a result of an inaccurate reading of the fuel gauge.

Meanwhile, inaccurate reading of your gauges and other symptoms associated with your car’s instrument cluster are signs that you need to reset the instrument cluster or see an auto technician.

You might be able to drive around with a bad instrument cluster; however, you may be playing around with some imminent problems that may cost you time, energy, and money in the long run. Why not take your time to understand what an instrument cluster is and how to reset it?

What is an Instrument Cluster?

A vehicle’s instrument cluster is the component that houses the various indicators and displays that enables a driver to operate the vehicle efficiently. It projects with feedback the multiple operations that a driver engages while driving. The instrument cluster houses diverse gauges, such as; fuel gauge, odometer, speedometer, oil pressure gauge, tachometer, etc.

Suppose something is going wrong with any car component; the instrument cluster also projects warning signs to enable the driver to figure out what could be wrong and fix the imminent problem before it escalates. All instrument clusters have LED backlighting so that the signs are visible to the driver at night.

If you ever experience some of these common cluster malfunctioning symptoms; inaccurate readings, flickering or dim gauges, gauges reading down to point zero while driving, etc., then it is a sign that you need to reset your vehicle’s instrument cluster. The subsequent paragraphs will show you the step-by-step procedure to engage to enable you to rest the gm instrument cluster.

How to Reset GM Instrument Cluster: Step-By-Step Guide

It is typical for the 2003 – 2006 GM gauge cluster to malfunction, as it is a common problem with those of the years stated above. You may be confused about how to reset it. You don’t have to worry about it. The following steps will guide you through the procedure of the cluster reprogram.

Step 1: Remove the headlights fuses

Save your vehicle’s headlights from excessive usage. To do this, turn the headlights ON and OFF repeatedly. However, this act can affect the lifespan of the HID headlights. Therefore, it is best to remove the headlights fuses of the 15A right and left low headlights from the under-hood fuse box. Check your vehicle’s manufacturer’s manual to do it properly.

Step 2: Insert the ignition key and push Reset/Sel knob

Input the ignition key inside the ignition lock and leave the key at the 0 or 1 position. Then, find the Reset/Sel knob on the car’s instrument panel near the fuel gauge, and push/hold it.

Step 3: Turn ON the car’s headlights.

While holding the Sel/Reset knob, turn the car’s headlights ON.

Step 4: Turn ON the ignition switch

Turn ON the car’s ignition switch to the II position. Then, some of the car’s instrument lights will turn on. If you are not wearing the seatbelt, the warning chime would sound.

Step 5: Repeatedly turn headlights ON and OFF

In the space of 5 seconds, while still holding the Reset/Sel knob, turn the car’s headlights OFF, ON, and OFF once again.

Step 6: Release the Sel/Reset knob

Release the Reset/Sel knob within five (5) seconds. Then, push the Reset/Sel knob and release it repeatedly 3 times.

Step 7: End the process

To end the process, turn OFF the ignition switch, or the car speed exceeds 1.5 mph.

Step 8: Reinstall the headlights fuses

After ending the process, ensure to fix the headlights fuses you removed from step one. Take the fuses to the underhood fuse box and reinstall them.

FAQs: Reseting GM Instrument Cluster

What causes the GM instrument cluster to stop working?

Every section of the GM instrument cluster, such as the speedometer, fuel gauge, odometer, tachometer, etc., has electric connections and fuses that enable them to function correctly.

Therefore, if the instrument cluster stops working, the problem is associated with a defective/blown fuse or faulty wiring.

You can either reset the instrument cluster or take your vehicle to a professional GM auto mechanic if the problem persists.

Can you drive without the GM instrument cluster?

Yes, you can drive a GM car without the instrument cluster. The instrument cluster is only an electronic indicator of the operations you perform while you drive your vehicle. 

However, the signs displayed by the instrument cluster are essential to enable you to have a safe and convenient driving experience. Otherwise, without the instrument cluster, you could run out of gas unexpectedly and be stranded; you could drive at a speed level above the speed limit your local authority permits on the road, etc.

Therefore, it is better to fix the instrument cluster when you find out that it is faulty instead of managing it by driving around.

Where is the instrument cluster fuse located?

The instrument cluster fuse is located at the driver’s side by the steering wheel, in the car’s underhood fuse box. You can access it by opening the car’s storage compartment; then, press the compartment side inward to release the fuse out of the instrument panel.

How do I know if my GM instrument cluster is bad?

Pay attention to see if the car’s instrument cluster depicts any of the following symptoms; inaccurate readings, such as fuel gauge reading low while your gas tank is full, dimming gauge lights, sporadic display of engine warning light, blinking lights, fluctuation of dashboard warning lights, etc.

The above-listed symptoms are signs to know whether your car’s instrument cluster is bad. If you experience any of those symptoms, quickly see a GM auto technician to fix the problem.

Will a bad instrument cluster drain the battery?

A malfunctioning module could activate the vehicle’s instrument cluster when the vehicle is off, thereby draining its battery. Also, if the car’s voltage regulator burns out, it may cause the instrument cluster to draw too much power from your battery, thereby draining it while the vehicle is off.

How much does it cost to fix a GM instrument cluster?

Replacement of a GM instrument cluster costs $300 to $700. Part cost is estimated at $250 to $500 while the service fee should be around $50 to $200. However, the prices displayed here are estimated prices. The actual price may differ from the price here. 

Also, your location is a factor to be considered; while prices may reduce in some regions, they may increase in other areas due to shipping options. It is also worthy of note that replacing your vehicle’s cluster instrument will not result in a cluster change mileage.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to reset the gm instrument cluster, it would be best to perform the reset on your malfunctioning instrument cluster instead of driving your car around with a bad instrument cluster. Your vehicle’s instrument cluster plays a vital role in the entire running of the vehicle; otherwise, the manufacturer wouldn’t have included that feature.

The step-by-step guide provided above in this article is simple procedures that a DIYer can perform with ease. However, if you have never carried out this kind of operation before, and you are not sure of properly following the steps, kindly see a professional auto technician to help you out.

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