How to test alternator by disconnecting Battery

how to test alternator by disconnecting battery

Many mechanics describe the alternator as the mind of the car. It plays an essential role in the proper running of a vehicle. It runs with the engine power to distribute voltage to all the electrical components of a car.  The alternator and the battery

5 Best CVT Transmission Fluid 2021

best cvt transmission fluid

Cars owners continuously face the challenge of maintaining their cars to ensure that the vehicle does not break down suddenly, resulting in unexpected repairs. As the famous saying reads, “Prevention is better than cure.” It is cheaper to maintain a car from going bad than

How to Charge a Car Battery without a Charger

how to charge a car battery without a charger

It’s not every day you charge car battery without a charger. You might not have access to a charger or your kid broke the charger. But relax, this can happen to anyone.  That’s why it’s always better to know the proper way to do this.

Craftsman vs Snap on: Which tool Brand is better?

craftsman vs snap on

If you are a DIYer, I believe you will agree that one thing that makes your work on your vehicle go smoothly is when you have strong and efficient tools. It is quite frustrating to buy tools to enable you to fix your vehicle when

Optima vs Interstate: Which car battery is better?

optima vs interstate battery

When replacing batteries, what you want is a battery to meet your needs, works seamlessly and is durable. It won’t be nice that your car suddenly comes to a halt because of a bad battery. Let’s take a look at two battery brands. Optima vs